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Western New York native born to two Buckeye grads (they saw every one of Archie's home games). Bleeding scarlet since birth!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2OT Natty at the Fiesta Bowl, of course!
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Comment 13 Nov 2017

(a) hot dog is not a sandwich

(b) was hoping for a 7th floor crew reference.  Inappropriate content notwithstanding, it is actually a pretty good song

(c) because hypothetical prognostication and pointless debates are fun - Buckeyes are not for sure out of the playoff picture.  Consider:

  • IF Buckeyes win out in convincing fashion to win the B1G and
  • IF Miami beats Clemson and
  • IF Alabama beats Auburn AND Georgia
  • THEN there is a raft of 2-loss teams competing for that 4th playoff spot - and Ohio State / USC the only conference champs

odds are against all of those things happening precisely that way, but not crazy.  My view is if you lose 2 games you don't get to complain if you're left out - but there is for sure a path where they could get in.

Comment 12 Nov 2017
(a) Billy Price for president (b) is Weber healthy for the first time ever? Zeke-like breakaway speed was a revelation!!
Comment 04 Nov 2017
Remember when Marshon Lynch did the"I'm just here so I don't get fined" press conference? UFM's press conference after this one should be "I'm sorry we put this product on the field."
Comment 28 Oct 2017
Next hot dry goods item: (scarlet text on gray background) 4Q 13/13 170 3TD