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Western New York native born to two Buckeye grads (they saw every one of Archie's home games). Bleeding scarlet since birth!


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2OT Natty at the Fiesta Bowl, of course!
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Comment 24 Nov 2018
First and foremost, what an amazing win by Urban and the gang. But if I can pick nits, how on Earth was the head shot v a sliding Haskins in the first half not a targeting ejection??? Felt like the most egregious of several terrible calls ...
Comment 16 Sep 2018
Plenty to work on (LB crew and secondary was gross, Mack's drops) but lots to like too. Dwayne seems legit and the D line is beastly. Went on the road, got punched in the face, and came out on top. I'll take it!
Comment 11 Jul 2018

apologies in advance:
(1) I actively cheer for all B1G teams in the post-season (including Michigan)
(2) I don't get many (most?) of the DVs I see on this site.  "I don't agree with you" doesn't equal DV in my book
(3) I think both that: (i) JT is the most accomplished QB in school history and was a great leader and teammate, and also (ii) JT was not a complete QB and did not have what it takes to consistently win on the biggest stage against the toughest teams. I believe both of these things even though they are in many ways directly contradictory of one another.  I am OK with this.

Comment 13 Nov 2017

(a) hot dog is not a sandwich

(b) was hoping for a 7th floor crew reference.  Inappropriate content notwithstanding, it is actually a pretty good song

(c) because hypothetical prognostication and pointless debates are fun - Buckeyes are not for sure out of the playoff picture.  Consider:

  • IF Buckeyes win out in convincing fashion to win the B1G and
  • IF Miami beats Clemson and
  • IF Alabama beats Auburn AND Georgia
  • THEN there is a raft of 2-loss teams competing for that 4th playoff spot - and Ohio State / USC the only conference champs

odds are against all of those things happening precisely that way, but not crazy.  My view is if you lose 2 games you don't get to complain if you're left out - but there is for sure a path where they could get in.