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Comment 19 Nov 2015

I went back and looked it up for OSU at least and the last time we played an OOC game in November was in 1964 when we played Penn St in Columbus on 11/7

back then for a couple years at least we actually did it fairly consistently. We played PSU in 64, 63, Oregon in 62 and 61, all in November

We played Pitt in 54 on 11/6 and in 52 on 11/8 and in 51 in 11/10

Those would be the last 7 times we did it and only 1 of them, (the PItt game in 51) was on the road

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Frankly the hiring of Bo by Tressel seemed a bit odd to begin with. They are such polar opposites. Even though Bo was coming home, a pattern of behavior is just that, a pattern and honestly they should have expect this would happen if anything went south on his team

As for the Bo firing Riley hiring I think most people thought Bo had long enough to get over the hump and that he had certainly burnt bridges and needed to go, but that the Riley hire seemed a poor replacement

I know they have lost several games by just a few points but those are games Bo won. and they also have a 8 point win over Southern Miss and 1 point questionable win over MSU. They are 2 scores away from being 3-8 as much as they are a couple scores away from being 9-1.

Yes firing Riley now would be a mistake, but I have never been impressed with Riley and don't suspect he will be their savior

My guess is Riley after 4 years will be something like 28-22 ie a couple games over .500 and then be fired and never really vie for a conference title

Comment 17 Nov 2015

Being highly ranked and coming out of the box 0-2, even if the losses were to good teas can sometimes play with a teams psyche, how they rebound or this could spiral into a very disappointing year for them

Comment 16 Nov 2015

I agree this is plain silly, Okie won 44 straight Big 7 Conference Games between 1952 and 1958, OSU's current streak as great as it is, is not even close to this "real" record. The losses and ties they had between were all OOC ie Pitt, ND

In fact OSU's current 30 game streak still ranks 4th all time if they stopped ignoring these older conferences

Oklahoma won 44, they also won 31 from 1984-88 and Boise won 31 from 2001-05 in now "defunct" conferences, rather silly to award us for something that is realistically 4th best all time

Comment 12 Nov 2015

"weren't going to get a "better" coach for what they wanted to pay"

That's statement sums up why schools like Minny never get any better

as I noted in the post above, Minny raks in the top 20 in revenue but will now have the 5th lowest paid Big 5 program HC ahead of only Illinois, Rutgers, Syracuse and Indiana.

Minny ranks 15th in revenue, Indiana ranks 30th, Illinois 34th and Rutgers 37th, but the 4of them rank 63rd thru 74th in coaches pay

If Minny was willing to pay what their 15th ranked revenue dictated they would be closer to paying someone $4 not $1.4, the other 3 would be around the $3 million make instead of 1.3 million or less,,,as bad as I slag Purdue on here they at least pay Hazell about he going rate for their size program. They rank 45th in revenue and 51st in salary ie about couple hundred thousand difference

But this issue is an epidemic in our conference

Wisky ranks 8th in revenue and 46th is HC salary, Nebraska is 26th in revenue and 39th in salary, MD is 41st in revenue and 52nd in salary

There are 8 non Big 5 schools that will pay more than Claey's will make next year and he ranks 4th from the bottom in the conference

Even ignoring Illinois interim pay status being last, Rutgers is paying just 1.25 million this year, the following non Big 5 schools a re paying more than that: UC, Navy, U Conn, Fresno St, Houston, ECU, Memphis and Colorado St, with S Florida, Boise St and La-Lafayette right behind them

And that even though some on like Minnesota has $106 million in revenue compared to Houston's $40 million,, ie these teams don't even attempt to compete, so who knows what their respective "ceilings" are if they artificially put one on so low themselves

Comment 11 Nov 2015

Urban's track record with kickers has been very hit and miss. When you go back and look at his UF teams they were all over the map in terms of accuracy, but his first 2 years here when we had Basil we were fine making 16 of 21 which although not spectacular is solid

but this year Willoughby ranks 101st nationally in accuracy and Sean last year was no better

Meyer does not fear kicking FG as he attempted 31 one year at UF, but I think his lack of confidence in either guy to make anything beyond 40 makes it tough to not say "go for it" every time

we have only made 5 of our last 13 attempts beyond and even missed 3 more inside 40 going 15 of 18 or 83% inside 40, when there are 35 D1A kickers with a better percentage beyond 40, sorry but that gawd awful

I don't think it is asking too much of a kicker to be at 75% or better overall, so in Jack's case that would be 9 of 11 instead of 7 ie don't miss the one last week and make one of 3 beyond 40,,,

Comment 11 Nov 2015

On paper there is zero reason Minny cant be as competitive as Wisky and if you go back far enough they were.

Minny ranks 15th in athletic department revenue, but ranked 43rd in terms of Kill's salary at 2.5 million, so Claey's 1.4 millions is ridiculously low considering their revenues. To rank even 38th they would have paid around 2.75 million,, or what Mike Leach makes at Washington St

Sorry but if the hapless Cougars can find a way to pay that much why cant Minny???

This is what our lower tier brethren in the B1G do. They collect the revenue that is frankly generated by the top half of the conference and then don't even attempt to compete in terms of pay.

Houston is currently paying Herman more than 4 B1G schools are currently paying their guys to run their programs (Rutgers, Indiana and interim Cubit and Claeys will be in the same boat as Herman makes 1.45 Million ie 50K more than Claeys will.

And Houston ranks 40% lower in revenue than the B1G's lowest ie Purdue. Every B1G team ranks in the top 48 in revenue but now 6 of them will be paying their HC below 48th in salary

Here is a list of the 10 lowest paying Big 5 coaches jobs right now starting with the lowest

Illinois, Rutgers, Syracuse, Indiana, Minnesota, Cal, Colorado, Duke, Maryland, Purdue

6 of them are B1G jobs with only 4 representing the other 4 conferences combined!!! Sometimes you get what you pay for

Comment 11 Nov 2015

I hope this works out for him as he was a loyal staffer to Kill gong back years and has had decent defenses while at MInny for the most part.

I know this is not true all the time, but I am always concerned about hiring a guy to the HC of a Big %program with no previous HC experience and I don't mean from and X's and O's stand point but more the off field stuff

The demands for interviews, time, banquets, camps and on and on, even at Minny for the HC is far more demanding than it is to be the DC for a  relatively unknown DC

I get continuity etc and who knows this may work out fine for them, but I don't see recruits getting fired up to go to snowy St Paul to play for this guy. I think you lock yourself into mediocrity here

Things like failing to remember to assign someone to manage the clock for you is something you should be learning (assuming you even have to) at a MAC school where you make less than $1.0 million per year and not on a big stage like playing UM, ie the stakes are lower for hat learning curve to be played out in public

Again I would prefer Minny be competitive than not so I hope this works out

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Illinois may only be around $80-90 million in total sports revenue but they have still nearly doubled in the last decade from just $48+ million in 2005, which means they still rank in the top 35 in revenue. No excuse to not pay for a top shelf guy

Instead they had a Slightly better than average MAC coach and was paying him $1.6 million or 59th in D1A ie behind Navy, UCF and UC

As much as I slag Purdue and Hazell they have less revenue than Illinois and paid Hazell almost 50% more than Beckman was getting at 2.2 million

To some degree you get what you pay for.

Illinois should be paying around 2.5 million plus for a HC maybe even $3.0 million plus. If Clemson who has about the same revenue as Illinois can find a way to pay Dabo $3.3 Million I think Illinois can too,,,they simply choose not to and hence they get what you have here,,,to paraphrase Cool Hand Luke

Comment 09 Nov 2015

The rule as noted above says only that the player went out of bounds due to contact. The word forced does not exist in the rule but it is somewhat implied that the contact caused the player to go OOB

So on the field the official saw contact and believed the player went OOB due to that contact. So the review becomes straight forward enough,

was there in fact contact? - not enough evidence to overturn as it appears there may have been contact but no close up to be certain one way or another

did the player after being forced out re-establish himself on the field - absolutely yes

hence play stands as called

that part of the call is not reviewable though so plays stands as called

Sorry no sympathy from me for MSU, they gave up 3 scoring drives in the last 13 minutes and after getting the on side kick back were unable, in part to their own stupid holding penalty on 3rd down were unable to run out the clock and then gave up 61 yards in 2 plays to put Nebby and themselves in  that position

Comment 06 Nov 2015

I have always found that calling this contest the first college football game to be ridiculous. read the following description and tell me how that should constitute being the first game

"Two teams of 25 players attempted to score by kicking the ball into the opposing team's goal. Throwing or carrying the ball was not allowed, but there was plenty of physical contact between players. The first team to reach six goals was declared the winner. Rutgers won by a score of six to four"

sorry but that is far closer to soccer than it even is to rugby let alone anything close to what we would call football in a relatively modern sense.

To me this game below is a far closer description of something resembling football rather than soccer and aught rightly to be considered the first game

On June 4, 1875, Harvard faced Tufts University in the first game between two American colleges played under rules similar to the McGill/Harvard contest in 1874, which was won by Tufts. The rules included each side fielding 11 men at any given time, the ball was advanced by kicking or carrying it, and tackles of the ball carrier stopped play. It also allowed for teams to score "tries" similar to rugby ie a player would carry the ball across the other teams goal line for a score and not just by kicking a ball into a goal

If this game would be considered the first then this past summer we would have seen college football's 130th birthday

Comment 06 Nov 2015

I think the offense is sluggish but just effective enough to score a reasonable amount and I think because we have them at home at night we could pitch a shutout on defense, but that is hard to predict

My guess in something closer to 31-10, although we could see a 14-7 half time score

Minny offensively played about as inspired as they have all year last week and even with UM giving away 2 TO's they still put up only 26 at home scoring only 2 TDs and 4 FGs, 3 of those scores came after a UM TO or a bad put compounded by a UM penalty that gave them the ball at the UM 33

Otherwise their offense has been pretty pathetic all year and our D has normally dominated those kinds of teams in terms of points allowed (see Rutgers just 2 weeks ago as an example)

Assuming Cardale et al take care of the ball, we will make enough plays to score 4 TDs and a FG, but I just don't see Minny moving the ball well at all

Comment 06 Nov 2015

Claeys has certainly paid his dues and has been super loyal to Kill, but to say that Minny cant get anyone better than him is ridiculous.

Invest in your program and go get a guy with some track record of success. Claeys will struggle to recruit because no one knows who he is. You shouldn't become the head of a D1 Big % team based on being a loyal but mediocre Coodinator

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Mason went 8-5 in 2002 and 10-3 in 2003 including 5-3 in the B1Gm how does that qualify as "giving up"

His record from 2002 until he was fired was  38-27 or nearly a 60% winning percentage (58.5%)

Kill was 22-17 from 2006 to the end in gams he actually coached or 56.4%

Both to me are about equal ie around .500 in the big ten and a bit over that overall

besides Kill played plenty of OOC cupcakes too

New Mexico St twice, ND ST, MIami O, UNLV Twice, New Hampshire, WMU, Syracuse, Western Ill, San Jose St (twice), Eastern Ill, Mid Tenn St, Colorado St, Kent St and Ohio U were 17 of his 20 OOC games. He played 4 games against FCS teams in just 5 years

Mason played 3 in 10 years

Comment 04 Nov 2015

as was noted by another poster FSU was never #1 in the CFP Polls last year and finished ranked #3.

To date we have played a fairly weak schedule

The 3 best teams we have played so far are N Ill, WMU and PSU, none of which would qualify as juggernauts although they will each play in a bowl and NIU and WMU may win the MAC

None of the other teams we have played are better than 4-4 (Indiana), with Hawaii at 2-7, Va Tech at 4-5, Rutgers is 3-5 and MD is 2-6

assuming we beat Illinois and Minny they will both be 5-5 at best in the next 2 weeks, so not until the last 3 games (MSU, UM and Iowa) will our schedule prove whether we belong

Comment 03 Nov 2015

I know he is young and unproven so far in a real game, and making judgments from a spring game is often speculative at best, that said, I was at the spring game and Collier looked gawd awful that day.

Of course I don't see him in practice etc, but I would have to think that if the coaches had any faith in him leading the team successfully he would be named #2 and not Braxton.

I just recall these comments after the game about his play and in person it looked even worse, "Collier threw behind his receivers, or showed questionable decision making. Collier was 7-19 for 81 yards, a touchdown, three picks and a lost fumble in the first half."

He was the obvious #4 and not close to anyone else based on that performance and with Burrows and Gibson he may actually be technically 6th on the depth chart

My guess is barring a catastrophe that Cardale goes the entire way. If we have blown out Minny then Collier will get some garbage snaps

Miller may get used like JT did for a couple weeks, ie a red zone only kind of player

Comment 29 Oct 2015

I think the Minny job is about the exact right level for Ed W. He is a 55 year old OC/OL coach and has been at that level now for the better part of 15 years and although he has interviewed for a few HC positions he has not been able to get anyone to bite.

I just wonder what is missing to make people so hesitant.

Not to compare his talent or personality, but I recall how long it took Pelini to get a HC job even though he had a stellar DC resume. Pelini had experience playing for Bruce and Cooper, where some of his asst coaches included Urban Meyer, Gary Blackney, Chuck Heater, Ron Zook, Bill Young, Fred Pagac, etc and working for Haden Fry, Frank Solich, Bob Stoops and Les Miles to go with 9 years of NFL experience including working for George Seifert, Pete Carrol and Mike Sherman before he finally got the job at Nebby. IE he was very well connected and had great results to show for his work as an asst before anyone would hire him

Turns out that some of the hesitation to make him a HC was personality, so I wonder what teams do or fail to see in Ed that makes  place like Army or Kansas pass him up?

Comment 28 Oct 2015

Technically accurate in that he resigned but he did it will being pressured to leave