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Comment 11 Nov 2019

You addressed how dangerous LSU's offense is in an above answer. I also think Clemson has the skill positions to be dangerous in a similar way. Being a predominantly zone team, do you think OSU will have to switch to mostly man coverage to deal with such precise QBs and WRs?

People swear man is the better choice. I don't think it is. You have to play a mix, but switching to man makes too hard on your corners and SAFs. It's also harder for your rushers to be aggressive because it creates rush lanes and the backers don't have vision to cover them up. The reality is, also, that Joe Burrow makes some great passes. Trevor Lawrence makes some passes. But these guys will make mistakes throwing into zones. Last thing you want to do is have their coordinators scheme up man-beaters that have players running wide ass open and make it easy of them that way. I don't think man coverage is better than zone and I don't think some is better than man. My championship team was a base cover 4 team and we made it work. USC used to play 3 deep. Other teams play man. It's a preference. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Serious question, as a student-athlete, if you wanted to fly a family member or friend to the Rose Bowl, what would you have done?

Thankfully, I was never in a position to have to come up with money to get anyone to a game. But a couple of things- put the onus on my family member or friend to ask one of their friends who doesn't have anything to do with me or the school to get a loan. Like not to disparage Chase, but your people gotta know people who can help lol. But obviously, he has the better network (presumably) to get the loan, so just tell the compliance officer that you're going to a family friend to get the loan, let them vet the situation and then proceed.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

What should concern Buckeyes fans more: Losing between now and the final playoff rankings, and being compared to other 1-loss teams? Or losing Chase Young for the rest of the season because he starts NFL prep instead of serving a 4-game suspension? I don't think either is more than maybe 25% likely, but both make me a little nervous because we've been burned in those exact situations in previous years.

Out of the 1 loss teams, OSU's resume will be the point that folks challenge. People will also take the opportunity to say that Alabama is the best 1 loss, with the only loss to the best team. I don't like that convo and I don't like how late in the year the loss will be. Losing Chase would hurt, but it's not like he's a QB. You can do things to still create pressure. And I think this team is better top to bottom than, for example, last year's team that lost Bosa. Not as scary of a situation

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I know you’re not a QB but do you have any idea why Fields seems to sail those deep shots when Victor, Olave, or Wilson get open downfield? Oddly enough, Chuganov was able to hit Wilson in stride for 6 but it got called back. I feel that’s the only missing piece from this Buckeye offense.

Lol I joked with some of my Saturday crew at BTN that Chugs throws a better fade than Justin. In all reality, Justin floats some of those deep routes. Almost threw a pick down the field Saturday. Some of the deep passes sailed, albeit they were wide the f*ck open. When you look at the stats, OSU doesn't have a ton of downfield passes or downfield explosive receptions. I have no reason why that happens though. Just thinking about it, though, I'll watch and see how he steps into some of those passes because sometime strong kids rely on their arm and don't actually use the power in their lower body. I have nothing though. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Have you noticed any difference between the staffs in preparation for the game vs ttun? as someone who's in laws are all fans of ttun and I've never been a loser in the relationship, i'd like to keep it that way as long as possible

Always. There is a constant countdown clock for that game. The team practices their stuff almost daily. It's a huge deal and you preparation should be different for such a storied rivalry.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

How cool was the reception after the game for Keandre Jones? He seems like a genuinely good guy who just didn't find the field here. What were your thoughts on that?

That display said it all. Keandre is one of my favorite people. He's a hard worker and an awesome dude. There was just a really crowded LB room here, and he's really killing it at Maryland so I'm happy for that guy  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Did Minnesota win the game against Penn State or with 3 turnovers, did Penn State lose that game, I just have had a hard time deciding if Penn State is good enough to hang with us or not...seems like their pass D is suspect if they can't get the pass rush going

Minnesota won. That wasn't the number 17 team out there playing Saturday. Should have never been ranked that low considering some of the garbage teams who have actually lost games that were ahead of them. That was always a top10 match up in my mind. And Minnesota came out fast and didn't look back. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

How does the NCAA view girlfriends, best friends etc. I ask because if the friend gives the loan to the GF directly is Chase in this position at all?

They'll look at the relationship of the person loaning the money to the GF directly, in relation to Chase and the GF. So of the person if a booster or an agent loaning money to the girlfriend of a star, that's a problem. It might be harder to trace, but it's could be an issue depending on who is the lender is.

In saying that, Chase isn't in trouble for taking a loan. He's really in trouble for not getting the loan "approved" by the compliance department up front. The compliance department wants to know who is lending the money (and their relationship to the athlete), how much the loan is for, the terms if the loan (the interest rate, term...), how the athlete plans on paying it back (What money and how long). This applies to a student athlete getting an auto loan (can't have players driving BMW's paying $100/mo) or anything like that too. This is what we were always told as players and I'm sure nothing has changed. Now, if Chase is being totally honest, and I have 0 reasons to believe he should lie, this is a matter of a few people making some statements, a review of bank statements (probably) and they should have it figured out.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Does the result of the Minnesota/Penn State game day more about Minnesota or Penn State?

To me, Penn State’s looked VERY beatable all year as long as you have a passing game and DBs that can run with Hamler.

I watched that game with Minnesota as a top 10 team in my mind (like they should have been) so it looks like a bigger black eye that it actually is for PSU. Like, if this was a top 10 matchup, the game wouldn't have felt like such a big upset. If this game wasn't such a historic win for Minnesota, this game wouldn't have felt like such a big upset. Anyway, PSU has always been beatable. PSU gets tight in big games (see Pitt, Iowa and Michigan).  Hamler is the big play guy, but Friermuth is a big body TE that makes a ton of plays for them. The key is to pressure Clifford and he'll literally either throw it to you or throw it up for grabs. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Not to look ahead, but if Ohio State takes care of business, it looks like Minnesota will be the B1G championship opponent. Obviously Ohio State is the more talented team, but I'm curious if you see any specific challenges the Golden Gophers would present to this team, and how you see that game playing out.

OSU will roll. There is too much depth and talent on our side. The dangers are the fact that Minnesota's offense takes advantage of quick slants to any one of the 3 great WRs so the ball is out quick. Their QB also doesn't make a ton of mistakes (especially lately) so OSU will have to force errors. Finally, Antoine Winfield Jr. He is a ball hawk so Fields has to throw sharp passes on a rope downfield. I think OSU will be able to run the ball with success vs Minnesota and that's gonna be a big deal.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

JP,  I saw Rashod Berry play both sides of the ball this week, a testament to his athleticism...what happened to him at tight end? With his skill set he should be dominant there.

No idea what happened there. Keep in mind, he began his career at OSU playing DE. I think it might be a scheme/system reason that he hasn't gotten a ton of snaps at TE. Rashod is twitchy and explosive so having him on the field anywhere ads another great athlete 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Curious to hear what your thoughts on the LSU/Alabama game. Also, do you think that despite losing, Alabama may be in a good position since they likely won't have to play in the SEC championship game (assuming, of course, LSU and Georgia win out)? Also, what are your thoughts on Georgia's offense vs. Auburn's defense?  Obviously, OSU isn't afraid to play any team, but who do you think poses the biggest threat to OSU from the SEC (who would give us more trouble)?  

LSU has the best offense in the country- they're explosive, but I don't trust them running the ball. Their RB got some tough yards, he closed out the game but the reality is that he barely went over 100 yds, so his yards were more impactful than plentiful. Alabama is gonna be in position because they're Alabama. They aren't good on defense. They are good on offense. I don't think they are the team they have been in the past. In my mind, maybe the 6th or 7th best team. Georgia's offense isn't great. I think that Fromm is an above average college QB. I don't think he's a great player though. Auburn's defense can always keep them in games, but the reality is that Auburn's offense isn't good. Bo Nix became a name after week one, but against the three best defenses he's faced this year, he's completing 45ish% of passes. Bad ball. I think LSU truly is the most dangerous because they have the most competent offense. The teams with good defenses (UGA, Auburn) don't scare me at all because I don't think they can score on us. Alabama is not scary defensively and I don't think they could go for over 40 on OSU like they did to LSU  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Josh, I asked you this a few weeks ago but wondered if you had any additional thoughts or have gotten any more insight. Ryan Day has this team focused and dialed in like I’ve never seen before. What’s his secret?

I think Ryan is motivated by being the guy who is unproven and following one of the best coaches in the history of CFB. I also think this team is easy to keep motivated because the players on this team have experienced letdowns. We have 5th year players who felt the letdown in '15. We have a lot of guys who lost to Purdue and Iowa when they shouldn't have. We have some special players who won't have another chance (or won't be around for another one) that want to make the season special.  

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I believe that the Buckeyes have the dudes to win the Natty without Chase Young. I have been told repeatedly that I am wrong. I understand Chase is a special, special guy, but I think the talent of the others in that group is lost in comparison to him. 

I realize it's a hypothetical question, but, do you think Ohio State has enough on defense to win it all without CY? 

It'n not ideal, but I think yes. This is in no way a moment to downplay Chase. He's the most dominant player in America. I had a producer for B1G (Michigan Fan) point out the gap between Chase's sack total and the next highest player on the team. He took it as an opportunity to say  that OSU doesn't have the rushers. I told him he has no idea what it's like having a player that good. It's not the case that our other guys can't rush, it's just that Chase usually wins the race to the QB. As we saw Saturday, we got sacks a lot of ways- LBs, interior DL, DEs... The talent is there and the next guys will be hungry for as long as Chase isn't around. 

Comment 04 Nov 2019

This team seems to play loose and have fun like it appeared you guys did in 2014, what kept you guys loose and what does this team need to do to not play tight?

We were loose because we got our loss out of the way early. This team is loose because that the personality of the team.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I like Indiana to upset either PSU or Michigan because they are good enough to do so and they play both teams prior to those teams playing us. In fact I would say that Indiana is equal to PSU and better then Michigan. What say you. P. S. Nice gray suit ya have there would be awesome with a scarlet tie. 

Indiana has another upset on the schedule. I think they're a Top 25 team 

Comment 04 Nov 2019

Give a sense to how frequently you knew what was coming based on your film study and preparation. I’ve heard these stories about Alabama’s suffocating defenses calling out an offenses plays and routes based on formation, curious how much of that is embellished or if every good defense does that to some extent. 

We knew a lot based off of formation, personnel, down and distance, situation and splits. We could also dictate offensive protections by how he aligned so we could get a favorable blitz pattern. I sit back during the games and call plays out all of the time because offenses and defenses aren't all that different from team to team. When you see enough football, you just know.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

How is Ohio State going to manage getting better over these next two weeks while not looking ahead to PSU? 

I don't think it't that hard. These guys are so close to a playoff appearance. Not getting better and looking ahead does nothing or this team, especially since most of the impact players were here for the Iowa and Purdue games. I think they understand the gravity of what they're up against.  

Comment 04 Nov 2019

I am so proud of the Offensive Line play with all the newcomers, but we have given up way to many sacks in my opinion. I know JF holds on to the ball sometimes a little to long, but do you see a need to improve our pass blocking before PSU and TTUN games?  Go Bucks

I think they'll be prepared! They will understand the gravity of the game and coach Stud is a warrior. He coaches his guys hard.