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Comment 16 Sep 2019

From a casual viewer standpoint, it appeared OSU went to man-to-man defense much more often in this game, than in the previous 2, due to IU hitting a few seam routes. Was there anything schematically that differed from Schiano's scheme? Or was it simply a case of the players running it beautifully? 

I don't know, but I do know that seams are a weakness to 3 deep... 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Real Question: We're all talking about and reading articles about how good our defense is so far this year and that the Silver Bullets are back.  How challenging can it be as a player to keep up the intensity each weak when you keep hearing that over and over again through the season?  What will the coaches do to keep complacency at bay? 

If you become complacent after 3 good performances, you're actually a shitty, phony unit and I'm sure their coaches are telling them that. The reality is, they are 2 or 3 plays a game away from last years defense (like literally 2 long runs and a bomb). No shade either, because that is literally the difference between bad, good and great defenses.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Hey Joshua, this is great, thanks for doing this.

As a former player, what are your thoughts about DB's gloating over a pass break-up or contesting a catch? Did it ever annoy you when someone did it that wasn't, shall we say, consistent with pass coverage? Do you think it's done too much, too little

I'm not a huge fan of patting yourself on the back for doing basic parts of your job, but different strokes for different folx  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

The defense has looked great so far. How do you think teams down the road will try to attack this new-look (kinda) defense, and potential weaknesses might they try to expose first?

The great thing about this year is that the defense doesn't really have personnel issues, just structural issues. The pass rush is susceptible to screens. "Three through the zone" is an issue. "Levels" routes in the flat can be an issue. The "weak hook" is an issue. "4verts" is an issue. Offenses know it, but so does the defense. If you can understand where you can be hurt, you can prepare for it.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

As a player, how did you work to keep focus with a 37 points underdog coming to town after you had just dominated a decent opponent by 41 points? As a captain, how did you motivate your teammates during this week to continue to improve and be prepared?

You focus by stealing reps for later in the year, trying to stuff the stat sheet, and passing the 'eye test" for the committee. As a captain, sometimes you have to challenge a man- "If you take this shit lightly, you're a phony and it'll bite us in the ass down the line"  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

What's practice like in the week of a cupcake game (like this week)?  Do you REALLY watch film and try to act like Miami Ohio's WR is dangerous or is it more like 'we know we're going to win' type feeling?

Bad teams and bad players take these teams lightly. Bad teams and bad players don't sharpen their craft and work on their routine in weeks like these. That's how you look bad vs a lesser team and those are the lost reps that kill you at the end of the year.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Hi Josh, thanks for doing this.

The Bullet position and the SAM linebacker are competing for snaps in our current defense, with only one of the two on the field at any given time. Given that, there has been some debate on this site regarding the playing time of Brendon White vs Pete Werner. Through the first 2 games of the season, White only had 35% of the snaps that Werner was on the field for (34 for White and 95 for Werner). No snap counts have been released yet for the Indiana game, but it appeared that this trend continued. This is surprising to many of us, given how White appeared to be the best defensive player on the team towards the end of last year (he was markedly better than Werner against both the pass and the run), and was the Rose Bowl MVP.

Obviously, Werner is playing much better this year, but in your opinion, does his improved play justify limiting White, a potential defensive juggernaut, to such little playing time? Do you seeing the current snap-count ratio of 65/35 favoring Werner to continue as the Buckeyes head into the meat of their schedule?

The scheme is the scheme and the personnel is the personnel. Keep in mind that run defense was bad last year and coaches tent to believe that LBs are typically better in run D than SAF. Also note that Peter struggled a year ago partially because coaches had him covering players like Rondale Moore, who turned out to be one of the best WR in college football, M2M. This zone scheme allows you to leave LBs on the field vs more athletic personnel. Peter has been good in man coverage vs TEs this year, by the way. Although I think Brendon is a really really good player, it's hard to give away his reps if the gameplan doesn't call for it and/or he's playing well. He's stuck in a tough spot with a crowded LB room and a crowded SAF room. Reps are hard to come by this season. 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

With the lackluster performance from many Big 10 teams this weekend and throughout the season, who do you foresee being the biggest threat to Ohio State's undefeated record?

Preseason talk was about Nebraska but they haven't been all that great and Northwestern was another preseason talk of potential upset but they haven't looked very good this season either. Michigan State has no offense.

Wisconsin is the second best team in the conference behind the Bucks, in my opinion. Nebraska will struggle to block our guys up front and I'm not totally convinced their offensive skill is what we thought it was gonna be. Northwestern is solid on defense. Their offense is going through it right now. MSU is very good on defense. I think their defensive calls were too soft in their last 2 minute drive but they played well as a unit overall. Their offense actually had 400 yards so they should have had WAAAAAAYYY more points than they scored on Saturday but regardless, their OL is iffy. 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

After week three, where would you place the Buckeyes in the AP Poll?

Also after week three, which remaining game for the Buckeyes "concerns" you the most? 

My top 5 would be Clem, Bama, UGA, OU, OSU. I get LSU beat a good Texas team but that is what they were supposed to do. OSU won by like 2x the spread in week 2 and OU has looked great too. I don't like how LSU gets to jump teams like that. I also don't like how Texas drops 3 spots for losing to a team they were supposed to lose to. Honestly, I don't think rankings should come out until after week 5 or 6 because you literally are setting initial expectations on name brands and guesses. 

I don't think there are many concerns. I think that our eye control in the QB run game on defense needs to improve. 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Good Morning, Sir Perry.

If you were an opposing O coordinator, how would you attack the Buckeye's defense?

Also, do you think FAU has the best team speed of teams tOSU has faced thus far this season?

Do you think the Bucks will have a let down against Miami (O)?

If I was an opposing OC, I would hope that we were a tempo team. I would go fast and hope to catch the defense misaligned or in a situation where they can't communicate. I would also run the screen game to take advantage of the aggressive rush. If i was a team with multiple TEs that are athletes, I would line up in a heavy look and break the formation. Based on how the defense breaks, I would find the best match and try to take a shot. It's hard though because this defense is sound. I think IU probably had similar speed- It's a tough call on that one. No let down in sight!

Comment 16 Sep 2019

I know this is an offensive question but how about that RB screen game!! Do you see further development in using Dobbins more in screens or was that Wilson just abusing his former team on purpose?

It's great to see! It wasn't something Urban did and mainly because his protection and run looks didn't look like screen looks. Day is implementing some new schemes that mesh well with the RB screen game.  

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Who wins the TTUN - Wisconsin game next weekend?

Sadly, I find that game more interesting than the snoozer we have vs Miami lol.

Well, it is more interesting lol. From what I've seen out of Michigan's offense, there are going to struggle mightily if they don't get more creative, more aggressive on the OL (33 car. for Charbonnet to get 100 yards vs Army isn't good) and better ball protection out of Patterson. I think UM is solid on defense and they looked disciplined overall vs an Army offense that is tough to defend against. Wisconsin is very good defensively. Through 2 games, they haven't given up a score. They play tough and don't make a lot of mistakes. Wisconsin has maybe the top back in America, but they also have a QB who can throw the ball well and some talent outside with Cephus back from his legal troubles. That hard to defend. Traditionally you could play straight man to man with a heavy box and apply pressure, but there is a threat to be burned on the outside this year. You have to play them honest or they could go for 300-400 in the air. Both teams will be coming off a bye week, so there will be improvements and wrinkles for each team. From what I feel, Wisconsin is the better team and will win this one. 

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Hey JP! I missed the cutoff last week but still have the same question

I have a few friends that played in the Big Ten and MAC and I ask them the same question: Who was the hardest person to tackle that you can remember (if one stands out)?

To be honest, Ezekiel Elliott was the hardest person to tackle 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

First road game of the season coming up.  What is so difficult about going on the road as a college team? Got a favorite story from a road trip with the team? Just would like your thoughts on the approach/mentality needed etc.

Your routine becomes different. In the beginning of the week you have to make sure your academic schedule is in order. You have to hydrate early in the week because flying dehydrates you. Typical travel checklist, but packing your bag with everything you need is important lol. Making sure ticket request are in and your family knows what hotels to book are important. You have to speed up your pregame routine to accommodate travel time to the stadium and then once your in the stadium, getting right is hard Purdue in front of 15,000 people blows and you might sleep walk into the stadium, especially considering that is going to be an 11 am central kick most of the time. but Penn St in front of 110,000 is hard because it takes you a couple series to settle in.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Does Tuf Borland have the athleticism to stick at Mike once Big Ten play gets going in earnest, or is Browning going to steadily eat the captain's playing time?

Tuf is a better football player than he is an athlete. I don't think that Big Ten teams will out athlete him, because the scheme tries to minimize his deficiencies.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Thanks so much for your willingness to take questions.

You were a great linebacker, and you played as part of some great units. As a former backer at OSU, how do you view the current crop? Do they have the potential of the 2014/2015 units? And how do you see them progressing as the season moves ahead?

There is no doubt in my mind that this group has the potential to be a great one. I think they can be on par with what we did in '14. If you remember, the group that started out in '14 had a ton of questions. Who is Darron Lee? Curtis Grant or Raekwon McMillan? Can Joshua Perry be better than just an average LB? We turned that into a championship group and the current LBs can be great.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Josh, love seeing your body of work as a Buckeye both on and off the field and now in the broadcast world. I wish you many more years of success!

My question is twofold: 1) as a player, did you prefer home games or away games as a player given that home games seemed to welcome more distractions (eg, ticket requests,etc). And 2) would you prefer to play in the current defensive scheme vs what you played in 2014-15

There were always distractions. You love the home crowd and prefer it, unless you're away at Wisconsin or Penn State. Those atmospheres were the best. And I love both defenses. I can't really pick.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Hi! Great to see you on BTN!  How does media perception impact the Playoff Committee?  Is there a true bias?  Or are we fans just griping? THX!

 Here is how the media impacts the Playoff Committee- Nobody talks about how bad the SEC is after the top 4 teams so. Literally nobody. Nobody talks about how bad the bottom of the SEC is. Candy loses to Purdue. South Carolina loses to UNC. Mizzou loses to Wyoming. Ole Miss loses to Memphis, and then Arkansas loses to Ole Miss. Tennessee is 0-2.  Nobody talks about how the 2nd best team in the ACC can get dog walked by the 6th or 7th best teams from other conferences. Literally Maryland beat the piss out of Syracuse (the 2nd or 3rd best team in the ACC preseason) and national sports media isn't talking about how a middle of the road B1G team just embarrassed a top ACC team. Where it impacts the playoff is the fact that the committee members can't watch all of the games. They know the blue bloods. They believe the SEC is deep. The don't realize how deep the B1G is. And their perception of wins and losses is not reflective of the actual impact of the wins and losses. 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

I'm curious what your thoughts are on Tuf's, uh, lack of speed. Do you feel as if a good OC will be able to exploit it? Thanks

James Laurinaitis was a 4.88 40 yd dash guy... He played hard, he was tough and a great leader. Tuf isn't James, but he plays hard, he's a great leader and he's tough. If his coaches don't put him in bad positions we will play well. If he studies the game, he can gain a step on the offense. We are all about speed, speed, speed, but more goes into it.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

What are your thoughts on the Indiana game?  What do you think we'll have to be especially on the lookout for - both offensively and defensively? 

Indiana plays very hard. Their offense looks explosive at time, as we know them to be, and of their QBs (Penix and Ramsey) both looked good this Saturday. Their defense looked better week 2 than it did week 1, but I don't think their defense is great. This game will be a challenge because they have a few talented players, but over this team looks about as good a Cincy to me.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

So let's jump right in. Now that we have seen the defense put zone blitz on film, in your opinion, once we enter the meat of our conference schedule, do you think there is a certain percentage of snaps we are wanting to play zone and sprinkle in a little man? Or do you think those percentages could vary based on the opponent and what we are trying to attack? 

Also, will we continue a similar LB and DL rotation in the meat of our schedule(2-3 deep)?

This is all gameplan specific. Make no doubt this is a zone team. And you can have a championship caliber defense that is a zone defense. But as we play teams that have good run games and struggle throwing the ball, playing man to man is a great option. You take away the run game by being gapped up and having an extra defender to bring in the box and tell the opposing QB to throw the all into tight windows. But I think we are playing more man than people think. It looks almost the same as the 3 deep shell, but our coaches trust Pete Werner to cover a TE in the slot and if you go back and peek at the tape, you can see him doing that on Saturday.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Hey Josh:  As a Linebacker, is there anything that jumps out at you in terms of early LB play this year......vs. the challenges at that position so often described last year?   Thanks. 

Overall, the look faster in terms of how they are processing the game. If you look at the game tape from last year, the LBs were often looking around and frantically communicating late into the play clock. This year they look more deliberate and confident. There are also a lot of plays where they are attacking the LOS. A year ago the LBs looked almost too patient at times. It's hard to play LB on your heels.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

What do you think about Pete Werner playing more than Brendan White so far? 

That's a gameplan thing. I think this team feels like they can put three LBs on the field and be productive. There are personnel groupings that call for more DBs and based on gameplan, the OSU staff well implement them.  

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Hi Joshua--

There seemed to be a huge mentality jump from last week to this week.  Do you think that's a reflection of a young team?  How hard is it to make such adjustments?  Or is it really not something you can track week to week, but instead reflects the differences between opponents?

I think it comes down to two things. I think the gameplan was more extensive this week. You will also hear college coaches say that this biggest jump in improvement a team makes is typically between weeks one and two. To me, guys were in rhythm and routine, and you always feel better prepared to play a game in week two vs week one.