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Lifelong Buckeye fan! Born in Marion. Raised in KC. Played D1AA football at Drake University. Now live in New Jersey and enjoy watching the Bucks stomp Rutgers or Maryland in-person, every year.

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Comment 26 Dec 2019

Everyone is commenting on Borland and our linebackers...ok - fine.

But have you seen THEIR linebackers?

They play to big, fat, slow backers in the middle of the field...there is no Werner or Harrison they have at that position. Simmons is fast...but Smith and Skalaski (or whatever) are throwbacks...big and physical but not athletic.

Yes - Borland isn't super fast...but I'd take our group over theirs any day.

Go watch Clemson tape, dobbins in space, or match up on a slot (KJ hill) will be a disaster for their defense.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Go watch their film vs Virgina from the ACC Champ. game.

Vir. threw vertical routes easily and has no run game...our running/passing/play action attack will be something they've never seen before.

Also to note - Vir. got pressure with four man rush and simple blitz schemes...#9 Eitenne doesn't like to block...he's fast and can catch/make plays but he shies away from blocking contact...pressure Lawrence, lean on Dobbins and play action vertical passing game, and let the D-Line loose rushing the QB and we will be in great spot to dominate.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

The "spun" coverage look from the secondary is something that still confuses me....if that is the coverage plan for motion wideouts when we are in man - then that other safety needs to come screaming towards the line and get on the wideout immediately...this obviously creates a problem if that wideout heads vertical for a pass instead of blocking or getting the ball on a jet sweep.

I think this technique of spinning or rotating the safeties down when motion happens leaves us really vulnerable...I'd rather the DB just trail the guy across the field.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Hindsight is 20/20 but choosing Haskins was a mistake. Only got 1 season with him...obviously Joe is much more physical and a running threat which haskins never was...also seems the leadership with Burrow is there and with Haskins that was a problem...just my two cents.

Comment 29 Oct 2019

If colleges are allowed to directly pay the players, it will be the end of college sports...only about 20 athletic programs across the nation (there are hundreds) are profitable as standalone entities.

If you think college sports is haves and havenots now...wait until they can straight up pay the players.

My take is players should be able to profit from their likeness, but can't be paid by schools. Meaning they can host summer workout camps, do autograph signings, sell jerseys, etc...but not a "salary" from the school.

This will also create an entire new marketing division for programs that want to stay at the top. Ohio State will open a marketing department dedicated to getting their athletes as much exposure as possible to help recruiting...imagine a Krogers sponsorship with top male and female OSU athletes on a billboard...the talent will now get a cut, etc.

Thats the future and its here now.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

To be honest, I just don't see the value of punt returning. It comes as a huge risk vs reward.

Here's all you have to do to test it:

How many "big returns" that absolutely changed games can you remember?

Now do the muffed punts/huge yardage losses/fumbles/block in the back penalties/etc?

To me it's a no-brainer. If you want to reduce punt distance and get better field position, pressure the punter and affect the play that way. Every punt return is a hold your breath moment and in a game where Wisconsin needs a special teams/turnover type play to stay alive, why even give them the opportunity?

Just my two cents.

Comment 18 Oct 2019

Dot the i video got me all dusty...just something about the song, tradition, the pure joy in the band members's almost like a spiritual experience...very emotional and gets me every time.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Genuinely surprised by Josh Alabi's performance.

After filling in and being champion against Neb...he has 6 straight plays of negative grades.

Every play is graded, you get a +, - or neutral when "grading out" and literally he has 6 negatives then they pull the first two series here and focus on him.

Don't know what happened but he looked completely lost out there.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Baron Browning's tip that lead to pick 6 (blind side block penalty was garbage call) was actually a beautiful adjustment that was being worked on all game.

Lewerke hit a middle curl route multiple times by dropping the ball in over Browning but infront of Fuller.

Browning wasn't getting deep enough in his drops (5-7 yards instead of 10-12) so the ball kept going over his head:

Until he made the adjust, got the tip and the pick:

That is something Bill Davis could never have done. Al Washington earning the paycheck right there...

Comment 02 Oct 2019

There's two realities here: the principle and the money.

On principle, yes, adults should be able to monetize their likeness...if you can start a youtube channel and get paid, certainly your athletic ability should be able to be monetized.


If the university is on the hook for "paying the players" then it will be the end of college sports as we know's why:

There are only about 25 programs that bring in enough money to be "self sufficient" (source: out of more than 1,000 member schools at all three levels (D.1,2.3 source:

Now with title 9 in're basically telling universities that they have to pay all of the athletes...where does the money come from? How do you pay footballers and women's field hockey players when your program doesn't generate enough revenue to even be self sufficient?

They should look to monetize endorsements, memorabilia and the like...let each player do what they want in that regard...but forcing the schools to pay will be a fatal blow for all but the very top of the top.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Anyone else feeling like we had Urban Meyer, multiple B1G Championships, National Championship, Rose Bowl win, 7-0 vs TTUN walk away and immediately get replaced by an even better version of himself. All of the juice and elite coaching with none of the "loyal to a fault" issues (Bill Davis, Schiano, WR coach who won't be named, etc.)?

Is it just me, or is it possible that Day could be much better than Urban at an even younger age?

Comment 30 Sep 2019

In the first clip - Dobbins missed the first cut up which would have been a touchdown. #71 combo blocks with #52 then goes up to linebacker and pancakes him, the single deep safety rotates away from the play towards the middle of the field so it would have been a footrace.

Amazing to see how unbelievably well our lineman maintained second level blocks...just *chefs kiss* beautiful.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Logged in just to comment that as a former college player - these scheme breakdowns are my favorite feature of this site. I would love to see these breakdowns for more situations too - both on offense and defense.

Maybe 3rd downs, red zone, big plays, turnovers, etc...just can't get enough of watching the pre-snap, post-snap graphics and seeing how it all fits together.

Specific to this one on the silver bullets - makes you wonder what the hell our defensive scheme/coaches were doing the last couple of that Day and the team have bought into a simple scheme that allows our athletes to play fast instead of be caught thinking/out of position.

Love it!


Comment 10 Jan 2019

"Q: Can an athlete remove himself from the transfer portal? If so, are there consequences to removing yourself from the portal?

A: Yes, an athlete can remove himself or herself from the portal. However, once an athlete puts his or her name in the portal, their current school is not obligated to take them back if they decide not to transfer. It is up to the school to accept the athlete back on the team. If a player decided not to transfer after putting their name in the portal, their scholarship or financial aid could be pulled after the end of the academic term."

How about that? You go in the portal and you better be DAMNED sure you are leaving because your current school doesn't have to take you