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Lifelong Buckeye fan! Born in Marion. Raised in KC. Played D1AA football at Drake University. Now live in New Jersey and enjoy watching the Bucks stomp Rutgers or Maryland in-person, every year.

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Comment 08 Oct 2019

Genuinely surprised by Josh Alabi's performance.

After filling in and being champion against Neb...he has 6 straight plays of negative grades.

Every play is graded, you get a +, - or neutral when "grading out" and literally he has 6 negatives then they pull the first two series here and focus on him.

Don't know what happened but he looked completely lost out there.

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Baron Browning's tip that lead to pick 6 (blind side block penalty was garbage call) was actually a beautiful adjustment that was being worked on all game.

Lewerke hit a middle curl route multiple times by dropping the ball in over Browning but infront of Fuller.

Browning wasn't getting deep enough in his drops (5-7 yards instead of 10-12) so the ball kept going over his head:

Until he made the adjust, got the tip and the pick:

That is something Bill Davis could never have done. Al Washington earning the paycheck right there...

Comment 02 Oct 2019

There's two realities here: the principle and the money.

On principle, yes, adults should be able to monetize their likeness...if you can start a youtube channel and get paid, certainly your athletic ability should be able to be monetized.


If the university is on the hook for "paying the players" then it will be the end of college sports as we know's why:

There are only about 25 programs that bring in enough money to be "self sufficient" (source: out of more than 1,000 member schools at all three levels (D.1,2.3 source:

Now with title 9 in're basically telling universities that they have to pay all of the athletes...where does the money come from? How do you pay footballers and women's field hockey players when your program doesn't generate enough revenue to even be self sufficient?

They should look to monetize endorsements, memorabilia and the like...let each player do what they want in that regard...but forcing the schools to pay will be a fatal blow for all but the very top of the top.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Anyone else feeling like we had Urban Meyer, multiple B1G Championships, National Championship, Rose Bowl win, 7-0 vs TTUN walk away and immediately get replaced by an even better version of himself. All of the juice and elite coaching with none of the "loyal to a fault" issues (Bill Davis, Schiano, WR coach who won't be named, etc.)?

Is it just me, or is it possible that Day could be much better than Urban at an even younger age?

Comment 30 Sep 2019

In the first clip - Dobbins missed the first cut up which would have been a touchdown. #71 combo blocks with #52 then goes up to linebacker and pancakes him, the single deep safety rotates away from the play towards the middle of the field so it would have been a footrace.

Amazing to see how unbelievably well our lineman maintained second level blocks...just *chefs kiss* beautiful.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

Logged in just to comment that as a former college player - these scheme breakdowns are my favorite feature of this site. I would love to see these breakdowns for more situations too - both on offense and defense.

Maybe 3rd downs, red zone, big plays, turnovers, etc...just can't get enough of watching the pre-snap, post-snap graphics and seeing how it all fits together.

Specific to this one on the silver bullets - makes you wonder what the hell our defensive scheme/coaches were doing the last couple of that Day and the team have bought into a simple scheme that allows our athletes to play fast instead of be caught thinking/out of position.

Love it!


Comment 10 Jan 2019

"Q: Can an athlete remove himself from the transfer portal? If so, are there consequences to removing yourself from the portal?

A: Yes, an athlete can remove himself or herself from the portal. However, once an athlete puts his or her name in the portal, their current school is not obligated to take them back if they decide not to transfer. It is up to the school to accept the athlete back on the team. If a player decided not to transfer after putting their name in the portal, their scholarship or financial aid could be pulled after the end of the academic term."

How about that? You go in the portal and you better be DAMNED sure you are leaving because your current school doesn't have to take you


Comment 23 Oct 2018

That's why I'm convinced it was pre-planned - it was literally the first exchange in the match...Snyder did what all wrestlers do when someone shoots in on you - sprawl out and pressure the head and neck of the shooter - once Sadulaev realized the shot wasn't going anywhere he just pulled this move and it hit perfectly. That is the definition of getting "caught." It's not cheap - but it feels cheap.

Comment 23 Oct 2018

Peterson Roll here:

It's a reversal technique from a sit-out position - very low risk, as you post with your head and maintain belly to the mat.

Sadulaev roll:

Literally reaching behind his back, trapping the arm - then rolling to your own back while maintaining control of your opponent.

Snyder never saw it coming because he didn't change his body at all once his arm was trapped - no reaction from Snyder - he literally didn't know what was happening. Watch the youtube clip at 0.25 speed and you'll see - all he had to do was limp arm and stand up.

Comment 23 Oct 2018

The sadulaev move is truly brilliant...he's in on the shot, snyder sprawls hips down and then grasps over Sadulaev's back to keep from getting driven's a common defensive technique when someone is in on your legs. Normally snyder can then pivot and spin round back for 2 points...obviously Sadulaev has been watching that situation and they developed that move and planned it ahead of time...snyder never saw it coming because it's extremely dangerous...Sadulaev gives up on the shot - reaches behind himself (huge no no in wrestling) and traps snyders arms around himself - then just rolls and is now in control, on top and scoring back points....unbelievably well planned attack - probably why the coach said Snyder wasn't going to score a point ( was their plan from the beginning and snyder never saw it coming.

See video here:

Comment 22 Oct 2018

Had to login just to comment on this.

Last year we got beat at home by OU and blown out on the road at Iowa...then finished the year by CRUSHING MSU, beating TTUN on the road with a backup QB who never saw meaningful minutes until that moment, won the B1G Championship against an UNDEFEATED Wisky team, and beat a good USC team in the cotton bowl.

It was the second-most successful season of the Urban Meyer era (only 2014 was better). us all the concern-trolling and just have fun watching the Buckeyes grow, get better, and win another conference title.