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Comment 13 Feb 2020

For the more experienced legal people, do defendants normally get represented by different attorneys in situations like this?  

Obligatory mention that I'm not a lawyer and that I also understand it is a defense attorneys job to take their clients side but the difference in statements from both attorneys stood out to me.  I'm not sure if it should have stood out, but it did.  

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I really like how this was communicated. “I have dismissed...” shows Coach day is willing take full responsibility for this decision. 

Day is setting a firm line and a strong precedent for failing to live up to standards in the future. They are not just OSU standards, but his standards. This was not just an OSU decision, this was his decision. I have a ton of respect for the way he did this. 

Comment 07 Feb 2020

I finally get to see one of my favorite musicians, John Craigie, do one of his own shows instead of opening or doing a tandem show.  I am pumped 

Comment 05 Feb 2020

That guy would lose an IQ contest to a bag of hammers

This is perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever read

Comment 31 Jan 2020

Man.  I was reading through these comments generally unsurprised at some of the asshattery going on because at least some of it was to be expected, but this comment absolutely set me off.

Kobe hasn't been gone for a week yet and you think this is the time or place to bring him up to make a point?  You think he's up there shaking his head at this soft ass generation?  He's probably up there shaking his head at your insane lack of grace and empathy. 

DJ stepping away from the program to get his mind right isn't soft, it's the opposite.  Admitting it publicly is anything but soft.  

This was a disgraceful comment.  It's only a matter of time before it gets grayed out and deservedly so.  I hope that writing it helped you compensate for whatever shortcomings you're dealing with in life, but in the future maybe you should try and figure out a different way to make yourself feel better.  

Comment 22 Jan 2020

I know it was a typo, but I'm adding "pack 12" to my repertoire of sports words I intentionally misspell in an insulting manner.  It fits nicely with Red Socks.  

Comment 15 Jan 2020

About halfway through the 1Q the other night i switched to the ESPN2 field pass broadcast which was Pat McAfee, Orlovsky, Adam Amin, and Steve Levy and it was so much better.  Even though they literally had no clue what was going on most of the game it was better than Herbstreit, who at one point in the first quarter said "LSUs offense vs Clemsons defense is going to be one of the games within this game that decides who wins the football game"