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Comment 29 May 2017
Although I highly doubt Stoops will suspend Mayfield for the OSU game, it is a possibility. The video of him running from police does not bode well for the Sooner QB. If he gets off, it's only because he bought his way off a guilty conviction because he's guilty, period. It's all on video. However, I don't think it will matter. OSU - 41 OU - 27
Comment 20 May 2017
To me, Dobbins is the real deal. His highlight video is incredible and lets not forget his video was from his junior season. (KJ got hurt on the first snap of his senior season) This kid looks so much like Barry Sanders and I can't wait to see him in the backfield at OSU.
Comment 30 Apr 2017
This years defense is going to be fun to watch. It might be the best defense we've seen in Meyers tenure and could be as good as we've ever seen. DL - Incredible (Maybe best ever, for sure deepest ever) LB - Very solid (Good depth) CB - Unproven, but talented and let's not forget Kerry turns out 1st round picks year in year out (Young, but extremely talented depth) S - On the fence with Webb, but Smith and Fuller might be the real deal (Depth is a concern, but a lot of young talent is lurking) I expect a great deal of the defense to land in the NFL in the next draft because it's stacked.
Comment 22 Apr 2017
Okay, so the two units that aren't up to par right now are either the RB's, WR's or O-Linemen. If I had to bet my life on which two it would be the wide receivers and the offensive linemen. I hope Smith and Stud can get these two very important units playing at a championship level or winning titles this year won't happen. I think our RB room will shine, so I can't see them being one of the two.
Comment 19 Feb 2017
I am going with Smith and Fuller at the two safety spots (Sorry Damon) and Sheffield and Okudah at the two corners. Ward and Webb at nickle. Come November, this secondary will be bruttle to pass against, especially with the pressure our defensive line is going to put on opposing quarterbacks