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Comment 13 Jun 2017
Though it lists as number three, the Hasty Tasty is number one in my book. One little known fact is that Columbus once had our own Hasty Tasty in Parsons Avenue at the site of the current Tee Jayes restaurant. In its hey day it had drive up menus with awnings ala Sonic, curb service, and window trays. I would say they were most definitely affiliated, although I know not the history or details.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
My one hope is that Coach Wilson, no doubt privileged to special top secret Indiana info, can tell us what a Hoosier really is.
Comment 01 Jan 2017
That was a very frustrating game to watch, and not just because we were losing. It was frustrating because I knew that we had all of the players we needed to be competitive on offense--but no one knew how to use them. For most of the game our offense was put in a position where it was very difficult for them to be successful. Urban was out-urbaned by Dabo and his staff. I think we will have a coach Withers-type exit very soon. Congratulations on your new job--here's your hat, what's your hurry?
Comment 22 Dec 2016

Remember there was more than what you see on the video.  There is all that went down before outside.  He should have stayed clear--and not continued in that situation.  I was visiting a family one time back in my preaching days.  Their dog appeared around the corner of the house--and he had this big gash about 6" long and a 1/2" thick going down his back.  I asked the guy, "Man, what happened to your dog?"  He explained that the dog had been bitten by the dog down the road and barely got away with his life.  I commented that the attacking dog should not be allowed to run around loose.  The guy said, "Oh it wasn't running around loose, it was on a chain."  Changed my opinion of the situation.  

Comment 22 Dec 2016

This wasn't his girlfriend.  She didn't do this multiple times.  You back off, you get away, you say, "Thank God she's not my girlfriend."  For those who choose to have a relationship and stay with someone with those tendencies, then realize that if you buy a jar of mustard, you shouldn't be disappointed when you get it home that it's not a jar of miracle whip.  

Comment 22 Dec 2016

He is not just a competitor caught up in the heat of the moment--that is someone who pushes, elbows, etc.  A trip is somehow cowardly, dastardly, and not worthy of an opponent.  It is a calculated, premeditated choice that says I want to inflict damage on someone, but I know I won't get the same punishment as just punching a guy in the face or even in the groin.  It is a conscious decision to be a lowlife, and this is a personality that is capable of doing almost anything if he thinks he can get away with it--but there is also an uncontrollable nature to this guy--look at his reaction on the bench and people having to surround him and try to talk him down.  Looks like a road rage waiting to happen.  Just another guy who won't take his meds for one reason or another.  If he wasn't a basketball player he would just terrorize his girlfriend or his family, without "keepers" to hold his hand or pet him--or make excuses for him.  

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Well, I just hope Luke Fickell took good notes all the years he spanned at OSU.  His insight on the Pryor debacle is probably second to none, save Tressel himself, and he had to decide what to do with TP at the time.  I did hear that he forcefully told TP, "You'll never play another down here at Ohio State,"  very soon after getting the interim position.  It was a troubled time, and looks like some haven't been able to make their way clear of it.  Looks like Terrell Pryor has, and good for him.  

Comment 14 Dec 2016

A very timely article written about one of the greatest coaches and one of the greatest people of all time.

Comment 09 Dec 2016

You have to promote Larry Johnson--to not do so would be a mistake, I believe. Coach Meyer will be able to cherry pick almost whoever he desires--this is the Ohio State University and he is Urban Meyer after all. No worries.