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Comment 25 May 2018

There hasn't been much connecting OSU with Mitchell at this point.  If he ends up back on the radar it's likely because OSU has missed out on some much more talented targets.

Not sure if I missed this in another article, but OSU offered Toledo area combo guard Zeb Jackson, per his Twitter account.  He's a 2020 kid that would be an interesting fit along with Dominiq Penn (I'm assuming he pledges to the Buckeyes) in the backcourt.  Both can handle and shoot it and would add more versatility along the wing which is clearly something Holtmann is fond of so far in the type of player he's recruiting.  Definitely one to keep an eye on as a potential commit.  

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Absolutely, he's much more comfortable with the ball in his hands than Kam was.  I suspect his per game assistant numbers his sophomore year were a little inflated from playing with their center John Collins (1st Round pick by Atlanta), but he'll certainly be able to get in the lane and create for teammates as opposed to Kam who generally was looking to shoot once he was anywhere near the paint.  Woods will likely be the secondary ball handling option to CJ (assuming there isn't a true PG grad transfer pickup), but will be more frequently featured in half court sets looking to get him shots, much like Kam was. 

Regardless, important signing as we beat out UVA and Louisville to get him in a Buckeye uniform.  

Comment 24 Apr 2018

Woods hasn't been a lead guard at this level and will be in the Kam Williams role.  He's a better ball handler than Kam was so he certainly could help CJ get the ball up the court against pressure defense, but he won't be challenging for CJ's starting spot any time soon.  Solid pickup though and helps fill some of the wing scoring we lost.