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Comment 5 hours ago

i see him as a borderline 2nd/3rd rounder.  i think he's kinda got a ted ginn jr like game with a strong short game with the ability to break a long one every so often.  with him being a bit taller than ginn (6'1" compared to 5'11"), he has a better chance of going over the top more.

i can see him being drafted around the same area as terry mclaurin since he should have a better college resume than mclaurin.  depending on his combine numbers (40 times are overrated, ie michael thomas was "slow" at 4.57), i think his ceiling would be later 2nd rounder.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

i mean yes, he did well on a one running play and some special teams.  i'd assume that he's athletic enough to move well given his background in basketball, but we'll see how well he moves on pass pro and against real D-linemen cause he's only played against backups at this point.

also, props to walk-on mitch rossi on that play as well.  had no idea that he was a RB coming out of HS, he's listed only as 6'0".  although, he makes up for it by being 240 lbs

Comment 19 Sep 2019

obviously you like the team-first mindset, but you'd hope that if the TE's are doing a good job blocking, then they'd be rewarded on the field, besides being graded as a champion.

it doesn't have to be a multitude of targets/catches, but at least a few here and there because it's natural to feel somewhat excluded when you don't get thrown to consistently; thus, not run routes as crisp because you're assuming you most likely won't get it.

in terms of not showing too much because of the competition, that can go both ways since it causes our future opponents to have to game plan for those plays and should open up the field for WRs/RBs since the defense has to treat the TEs as credible catching threats.