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Comment 28 Jul 2020

do you think the COVID situation will affect the BIG10 championship game in terms of even having it?  i realize it determines East vs. West, but also it's another game and off campus.

pro or anti crowd noise at stadium(are other sports doing this?)?

at home? (i'm pro for both, but my brother-in-law is anti at home)

Comment 14 Jul 2020

seriously don't know what the hold up is for saunders given gill entered the transfer portal in April and announced in May, he was transferring to BC.  saunders had already started the process in December...

“We’re trying to get the sixth, and it’s a tricky process, I don’t really know exactly the details with that,” Saunders said in December. “But we’re going through that process, the appeal and whatever needs to be done. I think it’s clear, and I’ll be back in a uniform."

Comment 22 Jun 2020

what is the likelihood that saban is still at bama in 2027? and kirby smart at georgia in 2030?

what other non-conference teams would you like to see during the regular season in the future and why (be it name recognition, revenge, tOSU ties, playing styles, locale)?

Comment 07 Apr 2020
If you had to be a fan of one Big 10 football team, besides OSU, which team would you pick based on the football team's history and traditions, recent football success, academics, location, mascot, stadium, current head coach, uniforms?
Comment 31 Mar 2020

they've been poorly run, but i don't think you can compare today's bengals to when we had carson.  yes, we still have the same owner, but we just spent money on good free agents, not players past their prime like aj hawk.

also, we have an offensive minded coach in taylor compared to a defensive one in lewis and the fact that the league is much more QB-friendly now.

i don't think you can say palmer (imo, better than dalton) was elite unless he can lead the team to more wins.  i guess it depends on what your definition of 'elite' is, but elite to me is brady, rodgers, brees, who can will their teams to wins, which palmer wasn't able to do.