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Comment 15 hours ago

they've been poorly run, but i don't think you can compare today's bengals to when we had carson.  yes, we still have the same owner, but we just spent money on good free agents, not players past their prime like aj hawk.

also, we have an offensive minded coach in taylor compared to a defensive one in lewis and the fact that the league is much more QB-friendly now.

i don't think you can say palmer (imo, better than dalton) was elite unless he can lead the team to more wins.  i guess it depends on what your definition of 'elite' is, but elite to me is brady, rodgers, brees, who can will their teams to wins, which palmer wasn't able to do. 

Comment 06 Mar 2020

"...stuff like that" should never be in a question posed from a PROFESSIONAL just shows how unprepared you are for having asked the question.

how many times have you heard a professional ask a question with "stuff like that"?

"when you took the last shot to win the game, what was going through your mind and stuff like that?"

"how does it feel to clinch the series at home and stuff like that?"