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Comment 17 Jan 2020 his team is bad...he keeps the dlsame bad coaches around...he lied on a coach and got him fired...the player he lied on the coach about assaulted women on campus and now he is in jail even though every coach said not to bring him on to the team..but Dantonio gets a bonus? Am I missing something? Why can't teams in that state get rid of their toxic coaches?
Comment 30 Dec 2019
So if Clemson picks that ball up somehow and takes it to the house for 6...does it get reviewed? It's not a they stop play and say because he scored we are going to go back and check to make sure it was a completed pass? Do you think they over turn it and say it was incomplete or do they let it stand. The issue I have is that it was about making a football move in their eyes...they said after the game "the ball was coming loose" please bring the booth ref on and show us when and where the ball was coming loose before Jefe knocked it free....
Comment 20 Dec 2019
For flat does the sun work? Like how does it rise and set on a flat Earth? If the Earth is every other planet? Is the sun flat? If so how do you explain it being night one place and day in many questions
Comment 18 Dec 2019
I get too guys aren't going to "wait their turn" but do you think someone like Bijan would have had to wait his turn if he signed with us? I mean I get that we can't get everyone we want but I always wonder how top recruits can go to programs with such turmoil while passing on programs who have a record of winning
Comment 18 Dec 2019
With the weapons we have on the outsides and a QB who will also help free up the run game and how well JK and Master have ran this year....does anyone else think that the tip RBs that burned us this year made a big mistake choosing to go elsewhere?
Comment 17 Dec 2019
I know Day is calling plays but let's not sleep on Kevin Wilson's hands being on this offense either. The man can draw up plays to break down defenses with the best of them. He should definitely get more credit then what's given. Also our D needs to be ready for the quick passes because that has killed us the past 2 games. Chase needs to get home more then he has and our Lbs need to spy because TL is going to try and take off if those quick passes arnt there. I fully believe that given the take off out staff will have everything game planned for the tigers. tOSU 42 tigers 24
Comment 09 Dec 2019
I'm curious why didn't we go back to using Reip instead of Brown. He struggled at first but then turned it on against ttun
Comment 20 Nov 2019
Does anyone think we attack them defensively like we did Nebraska? They have a QB that can make some plays with his legs so we have someone spy him? Play more zone so they can't get deep on us? ttun played all man...cause you know they know nothing else...and PSU burned them deep way too many times. Also we hear about how they are good at stopping the run but I feel like when tOSU hears things like that we make a point to prove that stat wrong.
Comment 07 Nov 2019
LL Cool J- Momma Said Knock You Out Don't call it a comeback I've been here for years I'm rocking my peers Puttin' suckers in fear Explosions, overpowerin' Over the competition I'm towerin' Wrecking shop Don't ever compare Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced Competition's payin' the price I'm gonna rock this land I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm And I'm just gettin' warm
Comment 12 Sep 2019
It jus sucks too cause for those who cut cable and don't have a DVR we have no where to rewatch the games. I'm not paying to.become a btnplus member either.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
I feel it's the world we live in now. Clemson jus whooped up on GT and every team now has to do the same to who they are playing. We don't wanna be the team that they go well they only beat FAU by 14 at home. I agree that starters should be taken out when game is in hand but I don't believe that the game plan changes cause later in the year if we need that backup to play meaningful minutes they can't be accustomed to running the clock out. We play these teams tons of money to come play us if they had a big lead u think they slow down?