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Comment 06 Jun 2015

Good Q&A, I really enjoy these inter-blog collaborations. I'm not sure I share Pierson's outllook on RB depth, especially for week 1. I would be surprised if either of our stud freshmen RBs from last year (Marshawn Williams and Shai Mckenzie) played. Both are recovering from ACL injuries. I am very high on Trey Edmunds, and RS-Freshmen Travon McMillan earned quite a bit of praise during Spring practice, but it's not a position I see as being abundant with depth. Still, I think there's a lot of reasons to be excited about this team. "Cautiously optimistic" is a good way to put it. Defensively, if CB Brandon Facyson is 100% and back to his 2013 form, this should be one of the best defenses Foster has ever coached. Can't wait for this game!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Just wanted to stop by and say a few words from the enemy perspective. I hope the grief is not still too near.

1. We knew we needed a few breaks to pull the off the upset, and we got them. The fumble call was definitely botched, we lucked out with some of the dropped passes, and I'm not sure what the deal is with your kicker. Also, I'm not at X's and O's guy, so I won't comment too much on your offensive game plan, but if I feel like if I was an OC with your RB's, they would have had more than 15 carries.

2. Your defensive line is for real. Thought they looked like men among boys for the most of the game. Brewer took a pounding, and our run game, outside of some jet-sweeps and gadget plays, was virtually non-existent.

3. I wasn't able to attend the game, but by all accounts, the Hokies who were there left impressed with the atmosphere and the hospitality of the Buckeye fan base. It was an exciting game and I'm looking forward to the game next year in Blacksburg. Best of luck with the rest of your season. Go Hokies.


Comment 06 Sep 2014

On behalf of Hokie Nation, sorry about Ben. He was an asshat.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

I know the OP was joking, but yes, this one of the fastest defenses VT has put on the field in quite some time. To put it into perspective, Dadi Nicolas, a 230 lb defensive end, runs a 4.4 40 (and has a 41" vert). He was the second fastest guy on the team according to winter testing numbers. The only guy that beat him is a back-up LB. Dadi is definitely someone to keep an eye on, his athleticism is just absurd.

My biggest concern is with the apparent lack of size, we may be susceptible to a power-rushing attack (Andre Williams tore us a new one last year). We're all very thankful that Hyde graduated.

I'm hoping Foster will have the defense prepared for mis-direction, but that will definitely be something to watch. Foster's scheme is an aggressive one and often times it only takes one missed tackle to break a big play.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Hello, Buckeye fans. I've been lurking for a few days absorbing the great content here in preparation for the game Saturday, and I thought I'd drop in as a bonafide member of your esteemed community and talk football, if you'll have me.

If y'all are interested in a fairly nuanced examination of what the Hokies will likely try to do, I highly recommend the work of Frech and 3rd&31 from The Key Play. They both do excellent work, and I think you'll find it a worthwhile read.

I'm anxious to see how we look against a quality opponent such as yourselves. Hoping it's a great game. Go Hokies!

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Indeed. It's a homer pick, for sure. For what it's worth, two years ago we did hold a pretty good FSU team to -15 yards rushing (and still lost). Having said that, I do not expect to win this contest.