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A born and raised Buckeye, from Youngstown, went to school at Tiffin University, and now work for Wendy's International in Dublin.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Running at Indoor GLIAC Conference my Senior year of college in the DMR. All 16 teams, surrounding the track, with two lanes to spare.. one of the most fun and most intense sports moments of my life.
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Comment 17 Apr 2019

See I get what the OPs saying. The team doesn't feel at all different then the last few years and short of name and certain tweaks, the team definitely feels like it hasn't changed. That was not the case when Tressel came around and when Urban came around as well. I think the aura of the HC is still hanging over the program, not in a bad way at all either. I just don't think Day has had a chance to make a LOUD impact on the team in terms of making it his own. Of course, he's been HBC for what.. 4 months? Once the season starts is when you'll truly feel it. Hell, you'll probably feel it during training camp.  

We are used to a certain team and that team has continued to feel the same IMO, especially as someone who doesn't watch every new conference or read every story. 

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Yeah.. I wasn't aware Jerry was very animated on the sidelines. The only distraction is of course his seizures. Being that I have them.. not exactly something you can control or want someone to think is an attempt at a distraction. 

Comment 04 Jun 2018

It is now. :)

And yeah, that is a gap but considering this is Tiffin University compared to Ohio State, the gap isn't enormous. We see bigger gaps between nations in the Olympics compared to these two Ohio schools. Shame they didn't go head to head this year, would have loved to seen my Alma Mater vs my favorite schools team. :)

Comment 27 May 2018

Solid speed! Great job Bucks!

Funny to see the small disparity between divisions however. My alma mater, Tiffin University, ran 39.71, at Nationals over this weekend, finishing 2nd overall. I definitely would have thought it would have been a broader disparity. Of course, anyone below 40 seconds is insane so I'm just kinda comparing apples to apples. :)

Comment 19 Apr 2018

You obviously don't follow track and field. I've seen kids in middle school run 11.03. Zekes numbers weren't incredible on the track by any stretch, and neither is Zachs. Now by no means am I calling these kids slow, those times are still very fast, but football speed and track speed are two different things to compare and we're really grasping at straws hoping this kid is good based on time which has no relevance to his speed or position. 

And while he may be 'big', is he really? The kid is tall but thick with enormous leg muscles. Seeing him run, I'm not at all surprised he ran a 10.8. But as I've said before, I've seen kids his size do that at many levels. 

Comment 19 Apr 2018

I was. I don't think it was posted stating that either but many seem obsessed with numbers, especially in regards to track and field. I try and set the record straight where I can as track doesn't always translate to the field. Zeke is the big one as he ran 11 flat to win Missouri. Just look at the state championships over the last few years from Ohio, let alone the state record and numbers of the like, to see how unremarkable that number is. That is also why I praised Kendall as that is a feat what he did during indoor. 

Remember folks, numbers only get you so far. I'm more concerned with his technique, quickness off the ball and ability to get around big O-Lineman. Most, if not all of relevant football skill can be found on grass and not a rubberized surface. 

And a downvote? Get out of here. 

Comment 19 Apr 2018

Hate to throw some water on the heat of these takes, but his time is not that truly that amazing, even with his size. Hand timed in a dual meet and most likely wind aided helped pad both of those times. Fast-ish, yes, but compared to other sprinters I've known over the years in all levels, especially with similar size, who were or became football stars, he is decent at best. And I cannot emphasize how track speed does not always translate to football speed. When I was in high school, I would regular beat our running back in the 100 and 200. He went to Wisconsin on a full scholarship (Lance Smith from Howland for those wondering). Meanwhile, my specialty was the 800m. 

If he starts popping low 10's and into the 20's in the big meets with electronic timing, be damn impressed. For now? Those are simply decent numbers for a football kid throwing on some track spikes. 

Now Kendall Sheffield, what HE did is amazing. THAT is track speed. If he applied himself, he could have a future in track and field should he wish. 

Comment 05 Mar 2018

I think he made the right choice and I feel that his teammates and coaches agree AND support his decision because a number of them will face the same decision. 

And his opinion is 100% on point with the value of 95% of the bowl games. They HAVE become meaningless and short of playing for an actual something, they are worthless. A lot of people seem to care when kids make life decisions for their own benefit but never care to think why they made that decision.

Good for you Denzel. Go make your money in the short period you can for those of us who never could live that dream.