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Comment 13 Jun 2015

I don't mind the OH-IO chant. But I prefer a "Go Bucks."

As each year passes I care less and less about recruiting of the kids we get as we usually have plenty of talent and put kids into the league.

I think many fans in our fan base are terrible spoiled brats. I think Ohio State will drop off into a Earle Bruce-John Cooper like period after Meyer is finished and the people that complained under Tressel and through out the past few years will understand how good we have it.

I always thought Tressel was extremely loyal to coaches and players.

I think that anyone that paints themselves like this for a game should be slapped.

Comment 24 Feb 2014

The results won't hurt him that much.  He will run again at Pro day and they already know that he is capable of getting 20 carries without putting the ball on the ground and staying relatively injury free.

Comment 21 Jun 2013

Great story Birm...glad you got to break it and had his permission. Couldn't of happened to a better guy! Also glad that you kept the riff raff posts out of this thread. Looking forward to his intelligence and coachability.

Comment 09 Jan 2012

If he is as bad as you say then why would Boston College hire him? They have produced a number of NFL OL and love to run the football. BTW I am speaking about him as an OL coach and not Offensive Coordinator. Believing that he doesn't know how to instruct or coach the OL is far fetched in my mind.

Comment 14 Aug 2011

Moderation is key. Getting a ton of "realists" that want to dump on players and coaches gets old really quickly. Be quick to ban or suspend people that claim to be Ohio State fans, but with every post show that they have nothing decent to say about Ohio State.