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Comment 11 May 2019

C'mon man. Yes the two BCS championship game losses were severe disappointments. But he was 5-3 in BCS bowls and won a boatload of big time games.

But I do think the game was getting away from him at the end.

Comment 22 Jan 2019

It was interesting to hear them talk about Tatgate.

Honestly I couldn't name anyone that was involved besides Pryor.

Comment 20 Jan 2019

OSU's losses have tended to be poorly timed (especially in the poll era), coming late in the season or in a bowl game. Looking at the last 50 seasons (1969-2018):

1969 (8-1) - Lost last game to Michigan (no bowl), finished #4

1970 (9-1) - Lost Rose Bowl against UCLA, finished #2 (I know OSU claims a championship, but they were not #1 in either of the final polls)

1973 (10-0-1) - Tied Michigan, finished #2

1975 (11-1) - Lost Rose Bowl against UCLA, finished #4

1979 (11-1) - Lost Rose Bowl against USC, finished #4

1996 (11-1) - Lost to Michigan, finished #2

1998 (11-1) - Lost to Michigan State in 9th game of season, finished #2

2006 (12-1) - Lost BCS Championship game against Florida, finished #2

2007 (11-2) - Lost BCS Championship game against LSU, finished #4, this isn't a 1 loss season but since the last game was for the championship I included it

2010 (12-1) - lost to Wisconsin in 7th game of season, finished #5

2015 (12-1) - lost to Michigan State in 11th game of season, finished #4

2018 (13-1) - Lost to Purdue in 8th game of season, finished #3

That's 6 seasons where they would have won a championship if they won their last game, and 6 more where the stars just didn't align for them.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

College football is head and shoulders better, for me, even though the Alabam/Clemson show has made the postseason a joke. 

There is no passion and no creativity in the NFL. No chance for huge upsets that really matter, little sense of history and pageantry. It’s just a boring game. 

Yes, the skill level of players is far higher. That’s what makes it boring. Think of Ben Victor’s touchdown catch and run against Penn State. That sort of play is rare in the NFL but it makes CFB what it is. 

And don’t even get me started on the rules that make it illegal to tackle the quarterback and turn catches into incompletions. 

Comment 29 Dec 2018

In retrospect, the 49ers doing everything they could to get rid of him after he took them to a Super Bowl should’ve been a giant red flag. 

Comment 29 Dec 2018

I don't know if they are fixable. Why have they been down for so long? You could blame Dantonio's success at MIchigan State, and him poaching players the Wolverines would usually get. 

But at the same time, OSU has been recruiting nationally at a historic level and taking way fewer Ohio players than normal. You'd think there'd be an opportunity there, but Michigan hasn't capitalized. 

I'm sure things will align for them again at some point.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

This feels like one of those games where Clemson is going to keep pounding and pounding and pounding, and pull away slowly, then rapidly towards the end.

Like 16-3 at half, 30-10 at the end of the 3rd, 51-17 final

Comment 29 Dec 2018

I'd like to think so, but I don't know. OSU has looked iffy at best in every game since TCU, with the exception of Michigan, and they get beat like a rented mule by any decent team.