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Comment 04 Dec 2018

Ok, so nothing then. Just throw out more vague, baseless accusations. Who's "we" you keep referring to...? 

Doesn't matter...I don't need this shit. You win, man. I'll delete my account tonight. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I don't understand what it means that you've "been waiting for me to go racial for weeks". What are you talking about? If you're going to accuse me of something, let's have it. Don't throw out some vague insinuation crap about race and leave. I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. Seriously. An example. Something. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I don't understand why ESPN allows stuff like that? I'm quite certain I saw him working for ESPN briefly before he was named coach of the Buckeyes. It just seems odd. I'm mean, for the sake of conversation - we're sitting here other times saying that ESPN has no agenda, they just want eyeballs and ears, so assuming that's true, he could hypothetically work for them again. (Because he'd bring that) I guess that bridge is burnt because that would make for a pretty uncomfortable or hostile work environment. 

I'm not suggesting Meyer would go work there, I'm just trying to fathom... It just seems pretty unprofessional (at the least) for that to go on over and over towards a former employee like that with the way coaches and players often wind up at gigs like that when their coaching/playing days are over. It's just odd to me. If he were directly guilty of something, I could see maybe, but... That's not even the case here. Just seems like character assassination. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

There's actually a woman that posted about this very thing a little up above here... Just scroll up a bit. She seems to share the same opinion as some of the rest of us. I guess she's also an ignorant hater, then, right?

I'm nearly convinced, but I'd be a lot more convinced and I'd appreciate it if someone more enlightened than I, could go up and re-educate her on what her opinion on the matter should be. I would myself, but... I fear I'm a lost cause. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Did anyone besides me hear him nearly drop an F bomb when talking about the standards that the players raised? I giggled. 

Good luck, Coach Day, now let's roll

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I doubt Gene scratched out a contract on a napkin and just handed it to Day without making sure it meets all bureaucratic requirements.

That is how it's done in Tennessee though, isn't it? Or did that stop with Schiano?

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I'm with ya.

So far, here's what I've learned at 11W today - Ryan Day might be fine, but Ryan Day is not the answer because he doesn't have enough experience to lead Ohio State and we will lose recruits, but we should have looked at hiring Mike McCarthy instead or bring in a female coach or minority coach just for diversity.

You clowns.... I see you all beat me to the bottle today. Ryan Day... Shouldn't be coach because he's not qualified... But bring in Mike McCarthy and some women to coach the team. I'm done making Mgoblog jokes. Seriously. No more.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Well, Garrett Wilson already re-affirmed his commitment today so you're 0 for 1.

If anything, this move prevents assholes like Dabo Sweeney or Jim Harbaugh or James Franklin from negative recruiting Urban and trying to raise doubts about how long he'll stick around. To the offensive recruits, Day is already a known factor. There's no mystery. There's no doubt, there's no period of uncertainty because the future is already here.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I'm good with the decision. Some people scratch their heads due to the speed of the decision, no search for other candidates, etc. I don't see it that way. This was a tactical withdrawal, well-thought out for some time and I'm sure this was done this way to keep the highest level of stability and continuity in the program and with recruiting process.

I'm also sure Day had Meyer's personal endorsement. I know previously I read that some of our biggest recruits have stated that they wouldn't waver on their commitment so long as either Meyer or Day were coaching, I think we're in good hands.

I don't buy into "Well he's never been a head coach anywhere..." Who cares? How many re-treads keep cycling around in sports with lots of experience and proven mediocre results? Get on board, let's roll. Go Buckeyes

Comment 03 Dec 2018
With all due respect, I remember 2007 differently. Seemed like it was more other teams losing that brought us to the championship game. You don't think? I only had 4 vodkas tonight, I can still carry a conversation. No offense to Todd, just seems like a disservice to Dwayne.
Comment 03 Dec 2018
Not to nitpick your reasonable post, but... it wasn't to become champions. It was to defend the championship. I make the distinction simply because that's what irked me the most about that season. I feel there is or should be a distinction in that this was a known squad with proven results against the best. I guess, without digging stats on my phone, I feel like Alabama got that benefit of doubt last year and it doesn't get much closer than a walk off field goal to the conference champs. Instead, we dropped behind Iowa and out of the playoff race.
Comment 03 Dec 2018

Actually, JD, I think you make a very valid point also in regards to 12-0 vs 12-1 (and I know you weren't replying to me). That's why I don't buy into the "quality loss, good loss, bad loss" thing. I think I've said similar things, or at least I started to a little bit ago and then I backed off and deleted before clicking send because I found myself going down a rabbit hole. 

But, I'm not in a place where I would disqualify Notre Dame this year, but at the same time, that's exactly why I'm a big supporter of UCF being in the playoff. The consensus is that they don't belong because even though they're undefeated, they don't qualify for the playoff because they're not really good enough. Well, then what the hell is the point of a fricken playoff??? I thought that's why sports have playoffs?

I talk myself into a circle, but I guess I don't feel the committee is wrong this year with the top 4 selection (other than, I'd take the unpopular opinion and give UCF the 4th spot, honestly). My problem is that if Ohio State is out due to bad defense or inconsistent play, how do you turn around and promote Oklahoma on the same logic? And if losses and conference championships matter, how is it better to have two losses and no conference championship than 1 loss with conference championship? It's all a moot point now, but I'm looking at this as if Texas would have won, Georgia would be in the playoffs.

I guess I just don't like the fact that pretty much every other sport has a black and white criteria for qualifying for the playoffs, including tie-breaker formulas, but D1A college football seems to be a subjective discussion every year. Unless you go undefeated which is more rare than people act like.

Comment 03 Dec 2018
I'm honestly a bit surprised only because the dominating storyline nearly every week on here was that we suck and our players need benched and our coaches need fired and urban has lost it. I got tired of trying to stay positive and stepped away from the internet a few weeks. I come back and suddenly the same team is being screwed out of the playoffs somehow...
Comment 03 Dec 2018

I've tried to avoid the conversation for the most part because nothing's going to change anyways, but one thing that does frustrate me about college football is "quality loss, good loss, bad loss, etc". WTF even is that? It's made up crap. But, I can see it's become real. A loss to Alabama is apparently worth more than a victory over Northwestern.

To me, seemingly overnight, we've decided to completely dismiss great wins and only see how a team looked in a loss. Why? They say "Handle your business..." The problem with that statement is that in all but one game, they did handle their business, but that apparently says that a blowout win against #4 in the nation with #1 defense is no more meaningful than beating Nebraska. And (if) that's gonna be the case then why is one loss worse than another?

I can't think of another sport where how you lost matters more than how many times you lost. I don't have a problem with Oklahoma making the playoffs except that it seems as though we're left out for bad defense, but they get a pass. The Georgia pick sucks.

There was evidently zero point to the Buckeyes lacing up their cleats Saturday night. Because apparently even if Texas won, Georgia was going in. I feel like after the Purdue game, there was no point to the Buckeyes suiting up for the rest of the season in the eyes of the committee.