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Born and raised a Buckeye fan out in California. Love everything about Ohio State and this website is awesome! I've been following 11warriors for about three years now. Excited to be a part of the team now. Go Bucks!!!


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Comment 27 Jan 2017

Here's a replacement for missing on Cam Akers. He's already got big time college football experience. I say it would be a win. 

Side note: Anyone know if being a grad transfer would count towards the scholarship total? Or would he still be given a scholarship to cover housing and things like that?

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Perhaps, in some roundabout way this sheds light on what Curtis Samuel's decision might be? He doesn't want to complete with #4 for touches anymore? I have no idea. Wishful thinking and grasping at straws. Either way, good luck NB, and we got some good guys coming in. Just praying Zach Smith gets our WRs ready for next season. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

One thing to point out here. I believe that this season we are seeing that the B1G conference is getting better. the gap between the top and bottom is closing. Maybe more like top to middle, but still. This year's schedule has the Buckeyes playing about 5-6 ranked teams. Where in years past there was only like one, MAYBE two on the schedule. This is what we wanted folks. To stop the cries of weak SOS in the B1G. Buckeyes gotta step up to the challenge. They have already had a tremendous season considering the youth on the team. Now let's settle down and kick some ass!

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Right before Samuel had his long TD run, I said out loud, "Why is Curtis Samuel not getting the ball?!" I thought for a moment that we were finally going to put them away after his TD. Young team, finally acting like one. This team badly needs a confidence boost. The path to the playoff is still there. Wins against top 10 Nebraska, TSUN, and a rematch with a high ranked Nebraska Or Wisconsin will get them in. The boys just need to start believing in themselves again. The Defense can't do it all. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 11 Dec 2015
Anyone have any insight about Meyer's 2yr agreement being a two way street? He asks assistants to commit two years to the program before leaving, but does Urban also commit that he will keep them on for two years before he decides to let them go? Just curious. I mainly ask this in reference to Tim Beck. I am so unfamiliar with him even after a season of football. Many seem to point the finger at him concerning some of the offensive struggles... I still just feel like, "Who is this guy?" Doesn't seem to get much exposure to the media.
Comment 07 Jun 2015
I'll admit, I am hoping that the team doesn't let recent success get to their heads. There's no reason for them to allow any team in the regular season to hang with them. However, most of all, I'm excited to see this team claim vengeance on VT. I suspect Urban will have them foaming at the mouth. Especially after what Beamer said towards the end of the season. Claiming his team deserved more recognition having beaten the champions. Oh boy I cannot wait!