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Comment 08 Jan 2019

I think Day just has to make this his own staff.   Smart to keep Larry Johnson and Mickey on staff.   Would be a fool to let those two go.  Probably there is a mix of just wanting to bring in his own guys and maybe he just doesn't get along with some as well as others.   I have no problem with the coaching changes so far.   

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Yep they got it wrong.  But I was sort of glad OSU wasn't in it.   I don't think they would have beaten either Clemson or Alabama this year.  OSU's defense could not have handled either of those two teams.   

Tired of all the bitching about coaching though.  Urban was a great coach.  OSU's never had a better one.  Stop the bitching.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I like Weber's patience when he runs.  He is good at finding the holes.   The run blocking was not good this year but he would find the spots.   The only thing that bugged me sometimes was that as plays were winding down he would often sacrifice a yard or two trying to make that one last cut.   Call it one cut too many.   You see it with a lot of running backs actually.   But with him being like someone else said good but not great at everything he needs to be that guy that near the end of the play grabs the yards that are there.   Sort of like how a seasoned QB will take that five yard pass if it is there.    If the yards are there take them.   If Weber would have done that he would have had about an extra yard per carry.   

I've been very impressed though with his ability to NOT run himself out of plays when the holes to run through aren't there right away.  In my opinion he is very very underated because so few running backs are actually good at this.   In the pros this will be essential.  And if you don't have it already when you get to the pros you aren't going to develop it there.   They don't have time to develop running backs in the pros.    So if he gets with the right team with blockers that aren't going to force him to have to be that guy that makes the devestating cut he could be a really good back.   He catches well also in my opinion.    

I think he can make it.   It is just really hard for NFL running backs.  They value the position so little.   Plug a guy in and then replace when he gets hurt.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I think Saban should def. take some of the blame today.   The game was still close.  Clemson is in an obvious prevent fake formation.   And you don't give the team the option to just take the three points.    I think he was successful on that one 4th down conversion on his own 35 early in the game and it rolling the dice went to his head.   It was over at half time in my opinion.   

Clemson used a lot of the same strategies that Urban and Herman used against them.   They ran wide a lot forcing those big defensive linemen to run and they got tired.  

I think Alabama's main problem is that they simply weren't challenged by anyone all year long.  They haven't had to deal with any adversity or uncertainty.   And neither the players or the coaches new how to deal with it.  

I've always felt like a big part of Saban's success has simply been the fact that when you are #1 in recruiting year after year it makes your team exponentially stronger than all the other teams.   They usually don't have to play smarter.   The sum of having the best player at every position usually means they just wear down their opponents.   When the other team hadn't folded by midway through the second quarter they didn't know what to do.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I do think a big part of Clemson and Alabama's success is that they convince more of their kids to stick out three to four years.   OSU's problem lately is all these guys leaving early for the NFL.  Sure you can pitch it on the recruiting trail that you'll get to play early.   But it is hard to keep striking it rich with every recruit.  That is a big reason our secondary ran out of gas.  Nobody stayed long enough to bring cohesion.    

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I really have no opinion of Grinch.  Being totally honest I don't even know what the guy looks like.   I think that says a lot also.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Just wish Coombs had been offered enough money not to want to go to the pros.   That guy was way way better than people realize.  Motivation, fire, attitude breed confidence that defensive players need.   Lets face it this years defense was sitting back and reacting.   They were not decisive and that is a big part of why they looked slow.   

Comment 08 Jan 2019

That might be true.   But I don't think the line was the only problem in the fourth quarter.  The run blocking was pretty bad all around by everyone.  Even Haskins was off for most of that game in my opinion.  In fact that game convinced me that Haskins isn't really ready yet for the pros.   He was slower to release in that game and often through off target.  Maybe it was nerves.   Maybe Washington's DBs at covering or causing confusion.   Either way Haskins didn't have a very good game.   A few big passes yes.   But a lot of three and outs.   Never felt like OSU would lose but boy...the forth quarter was bad bad bad.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

I can't blame him for going for the money while he is a hot item.  Can't blame him at all.   I still don't think he has faced enough good defenses yet though in college and I suspect he will struggle his first few seasons.   If he finds a place willing to let him grow he will do very very well in the NFL.  If he ends up with a crap team which is usually looking for a guy to turn things around for a crap team immediately he may fall flat on his face and wish he had stayed another year in college.   I really think it would have been good for him.  At his QB position you don't see many career ending injuries.  I personally think he should have stayed. 

I'll definitely be pulling for him at the next level.   So much about going pro seems to be half luck.   Here is hoping he lands into the right situation.  

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I'm sure it has been pretty easy to negative recruit Ohio State this year.

1) Zach....
2) Urban looking stressed all year and then of course retiring

3) The defense looking weak this year.  

Other than the defensive line it just seems like nobody at the second level is very aggressive.   More like they are waiting, then reacting, and it is just too late by then.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I don't think it was Urban.  In fact late in the game, after like three or four three and outs in a row I was screaming at the TV.  Don't rush to the line and snap but they still did.   I don't think Washington even scores their last TD if Urban slow plays the play calling near the end.    As for the three and outs I don't think it was play calling.   The offense just wasn't executing.  It is like after the first half they just got bored of the game.   Not sure but in general the team didn't seem too hyped to play today.   Very rare, but I think the coach was more excited about the win than the kids were.   

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Naw he was just missing some throws tonight.   He looked shaky (for him that is) all game long.   I don't think Washington was making his reads as easy as he is used to.   His release was a bit slower and at times he just missed on his throws.    

I agree he should play another year.   This isn't the NBA.   QBs need time to develop.  

Comment 02 Jan 2019

All good points Jvillebuck....    I still think he would be better served getting another year of reps in college.   The thing about the Pros is that they really don't like taking on projects.   And when they do it is rare the projects ever see anything more than backup QB.   He had a great year and probably be the best of any Ohio State QB ever.   But as we saw tonight he was shaky when the defense didn't yield the easy go to throw right away.    I think another year would serve him well.   And I'm the guy that says, "Go get that money when you can".    But I think he will have a longer career if he stays in college longer.   Maybe having a new line and a lot of new receivers would even do him good.   The best passers didn't necessarily have a lot to work with in college.  Don't forget Mack he will be back next year.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

LCT you are so right.  Tear down heros.  Build up those who want to tear everything down.   Lie lie lie to sell a story.  On and on.   Personally I think the press is the toilet bowl of professions.   Sorry to those who are trying to make a respectable living doing it including those on this site.    But journalism is dead.   

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Ed Oliver went to Houston.   It is more about developing than it is where you play.  If you are a stud they will want you.   It might be better if you go to an elite program however to get used to the pressure and be more motivated.  

Comment 04 Dec 2018

After all the crap last year I've sworn off ESPN and most of those sport talk shows.   All of them are full of crap and quite frankly all of them are much worst human beings than Meyer in almost every respect.    So will not be renewing my ESPN+ when it expires.  ESPN has lost me as a customer.   Also if I can ever purchase channels individually ESPN will not be one of them.  Plenty of sports on Fox and other networks.    

ESPN - CNN - NBC all blow

Comment 04 Dec 2018

To judge a recruiting class simply add up how many players they have in the top 50 and then how many they have in the top 100.    This will be Meyer's worst recruiting class if this holds as is.   I think the bad press made things hard to recruit this year.   But with the momentum at the end of the season I'm thinking they could have picked up another linemen or elite defensive back or two.   

Still would fall short of other classes

Comment 04 Dec 2018

If he were to return to coaching somewhere else I'd be OK with it.    If he does he'll do great wherever he lands.  I know his health is playing a large part in this.   But could his health be better?     I'm guessing the answer is yes.   As an FSU - Ohio State fan and one who lives in Gainesville, Florida I can only say that the Ohio State fan base was very much starting to resemble the spoiled UF fan base.    I actually listened to a lot of people even complain about this years offense.   I mean honestly it will never get better than this.   

Be glad he is leaving his staff in place this time.  In my mind that means he really cares about the program and that this is where his heart is.    

I look at all the great work he has done for the players, the guidance and wisdom he has given them.    That is worth way more than winning a single football game to be honest.   As fans yes we want OSU to win and win a lot.    

I personally think Ohio State is in a very good position to make a national championship run next year if Haskins returns.   I don't think Urban Meyer would walk away from that easily.   I think he is doing what is right for both him and his family at the moment.  

It sucks for OSU but then again the fans, the school, and the media SHOULD have made this a MUCH HARDER decision for him.    All three failed in my mind.   All three did what was best only for them not considering the man much at all to be honest.    I don't think we should expect more out of him.   But yet he gave us more.  Like I said he left his staff in place.

He could easily have taken another job somewhere else and taken most of his coaches with him.  That is the reality.   He probably could have found some to pay his buy out also.  

Comment 04 Dec 2018

To be frank...  I don't think Urban did anything wrong at all.   Not in the slightest.   Zack was getting divorced.   She didn't file charges.  Problem solved.   Not his fault she decided to call the cops years later as the guy is just trying to drop off his kids.   Should he have fired Zach for not being a good coach while going through a divorce.   Well he could have.   But it wasn't necessarily the wrong decision either.   Can't help but notice just how good the wide receivers have been this year.   And I'm sorry I'm not buying that in one month Brian Hartline magically made the wide receiver core great.    It took years.   

Urban was also a great coach at Florida.  Nobody had a problem with him until he resigned, came back, and then retired.  I still find it strange that he gets crapped on at UF but not Spurrier.   But they both left UF when the fan pressure got to be obnoxious.  

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I think he did moderate things better than he did at Florida.   He was working super crazy at Florida.   That said I think whenever things were not working flawlessly he felt compelled to step up his intensity and that combined with his health problems and promises to his family probably didn't go well.   Then all the crap at the beginning of this year I think just made it impossible.   

I think on the other hand, had Ohio State and the media, not put him through hell for someone else's failed relationship I'm betting he could have gone a few more years and I bet that was his plan.    

But after this season, knowing he has the football program and the coaching staff in a good place it was time for him to depart.   I think Day will do a good job. 

Comment 04 Dec 2018

I'm glad he still wants to stay involved.  I suspect he'll be apart of some small intermittent things in the back ground helping the student athletes.   

Was really hoping he'd make it through the season and then recoup in the off season.   Maybe have a less stressful year next year.   But I think the reality is that it is always going to be very demanding.  And with the hateful press everything would be much harder.   I think he realized this and said I'm no good to this world if I'm dead.   

Blessings to the Urban Meyer family.

Comment 25 Nov 2018

I'm sure it didn't hurt.   All the talk about Urban and whether he could go on much longer surely didn't help.   I guess I'd call it an even day.   Where I do think it helped was with the kids who might want to pay O-Line, D-Line, or Wide Receiver.   I think this new more pocket passing based offense is going to help with recruiting a lot.

Still this current class (if you buy into recruiting rankings) will be Meyer's weakest class.    I think two things might be hurting recruiting.

1)  Getting dumped out of the playoffs in bad fashion the last time they were there and

2)  All the drama this year surrounding Urban.  It is all BS (Hernandez, Zach, racial bs...)  but this is politics and it has taken a toll.   People will run from chaos.