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Transplanted military vet. Married a coon ass Cajun Louisiana but miss the Motherland.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 yards through the heart of the South.
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Comment 27 Dec 2014

I think this piece is pretty derogatory and none of the people involved in the mentioned history are alive now. This also does nothing for our football team and won't help us at all in the Sugar Bowl. If anything it reinforces the false notion that somehow Northerners or Midwesterners are superior and more educated. Although I am a die hard Buckeye by birth I  have lived in the South for a long time and am married to a born and bred Cajun girl (who happens to be a Buckeye convert.). Folks down here aren't the backwards mouth breather types you portray. Sure....there are some rednecks...but good ole Ohio has just as many and y'all know it.

This is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. There is a reason the population, jobs, industry, and resources in this country are heading south. The reason the SEC has been so good is because fans down here love the sport and support it fanatically. The Universities respond to this with appropriate resources. We B1G fans WISH our conference could brag as much.

I would prefer to read about the players and matchups, and the inside info this fantastic sight has always provided.

Go Bucks!

Comment 08 Nov 2013

As a Louisiana resident....this week and this week only I am a 100% insufferable Tiger fan.

Geaux Tigers!

Comment 13 Oct 2013

Last night while watching the wife, who is a Southerner and knows NOTHING about Hoke just nonchalantly says: "Michigan's coach looks like he's put on his winter 15 already".

I renewed her contract on the spot.


Comment 24 Sep 2012

What you did there with the stickers....I see it.

Looks like a great format....right in the middle. IMHO Buckeyeplanet is WAY overregulated and Bucknuts is way underregulated. I tend tend to lean towards under personally.

Looking forward to participating.

Comment 30 Aug 2010

Great job on the site....I like Good Shizzy better than Buckshots though.