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Comment 08 Aug 2012

Can you imagine the lack of people there if Indiana made the game?  It'd look like the MAC title.

In the very unlikely event that IU makes it to Lucas Oil this year or any year, attendance will be fine.  Obviously, IU's football fan support in no way resembles that of OSU or Michigan, but it's not as if we play in front of four-figure crowds.  IU drew 41,000 last year for a game against FCS South Carolina State, and has managed to stay above the 30,000 mark since the end of the Dinardo era.  Obviously, those figures would be laughly bad to OSU or any program in the Big Ten's upper tier, but which of the 41,000 hardy souls who showed up for IU-SCSU would not be willing to attend IU's biggest game in 45 years, especially when that game is being played 50 miles from campus and in the state's largest city?  It might be a different story if the game were played in Pittsburgh or Minneapolis, but IU would draw well in Indy.  

Comment 07 Aug 2012

The football and basketball uniforms are the same color, and roughly the same color that Alabama and Oklahoma wear.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, there was a major difference.  The Mallory-era football uniforms were the same color as the current uniforms, while the basketball uniforms were brighter red.  In 2002, IU established uniformity of colors and logos, and both the football and basketball team have worn the same shade since then.  It's a color that varies widely depending on the light.  The above photo is backlit and was taken on an overcast day.  In the picture below, taken in bright sunlight, the uniform looks bright red:

And the basketball uniforms definitely are darker than they were pre-2002.