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Played football through high school. Lifetime Ohio State and Reds fan. Also a Kentucky basketball fan.


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Comment 03 May 2017

Cal was scheduled after 2007 when they finished in the top 10.  And TCU was also scheduled after they started to turn the corner as a "good" program.

The FAMU game was scheduled because FAMU and Ohio State have several connections including coaches, and, I believe, ADs.  I might be wrong about this, but I think because FAMU's band is really good, they might have wanted to get them together with TBDBITL.  That being said, I don't even know if FAMU's band came to Columbus.

Comment 27 Dec 2016

They have all those titles and "the most wins" but what a lot of people don't realize is that tsun had a football team way before most other major programs….seven years before Notre Dame...TEN YEARS before Ohio State.  They were playing Ivy league schools, AA high school (to be fair, Ohio State counts a win against Dayton YMCA), and small time programs that either do not exist anymore, or are in Division 3 or 4.  

If that's not enough, the rules were not even close to the same they are now.  For example, the scoring kept changing (FGs used to be 5 points) until it became the standard '6 and 3' in 1912.  Real standardized college football didn't really start until the 1930's ( I think 1937 is the closest they get to a approximate year.)  ttun had about half (6 out of 11) of their 'titles' before 1930.  My point is, the old football played before about the 1930's shouldn't even count towards official records.  If those unstandardized years were taken out of the record books, ttun wouldn't be anywhere near the elite level of college football.

Comment 04 Dec 2016

With this appearance, we'll have been to 8 Fiesta Bowls, more than any other team.  The Fiesta Bowl is by far the bowl game we play the best in with a 5-2 record….the only team with more wins in this game is Penn State who is 6-0.

Comment 28 Nov 2016

I'm in shock.  I know someone who was in Watts Hall when it happened and others who were nearby.  I'm sorry, but this makes me fucking sick...I've always heard and sympathized about post 9-11 attacks but it's never been personal for me.  I've never known the place or the people before.  I was on campus freaking yesterday!  This makes me feel so incredibly sick.  The good news is that there were no casualties (other than that fucking monster) and it could have been a LOT worse.

My heart is broken for Ohio State right now. The Game means absolutly nothing in comparison with this.  Thoughts and prayers go to all of Buckeye nation today.  God Bless and Go Bucks!