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Comment 03 Jun 2020

What people never talk about is that Malik Hooker ruined all our QBs in practice that year.  I’ve heard that he had over forty picks in practice in 2015. He was a backup Going against the starting qbs everyday, and those two were fighting for a job.  The qbs held the ball too much in practice and in games. They also didn’t go downfield much. 

Comment 30 Oct 2019

AE, I love that you are constantly with your ear to the ground on the recruiting front and the info you give is top notch.  A minor nit to pick is that Eze Elliott is not a great selling point for OSU at this point.  Bijan Robinson is committed to UT partially because Stan Drayton, who coached Eze here at OSU, is now the RB coach at UT.  The all world facilities didn't make Eze who he is, and maybe his coach didn't either, but Bijan is going to try that route.

I'm sure you know this but it doesn't come across in the article.

Comment 27 Jul 2019

What if the worst person in the rotation is a fifth year senior that works really hard, has finished every rep for 4plus years and contributed to building a culture of excellence? What if he isn’t that far off of the others but he is 7th or 8th on the list and 3rd at his position? Does he play in your situation where “the best players play”? This is the case for Saunders at the H. I Would love to see him do well this year. 

Comment 12 Jul 2019

If Tampa is 30 minutes east of you, you must live in the gulf. Do you boat there from your private island?  I jest. For a while I lived in Lake Wales which is an hour or so east of Tampa

Comment 07 Feb 2019

The 2013 class, which will go down as Meyer's best, had five (or six) players in it that could have been All-Americans if you stretch a bit.  Bosa, Bell, Price, and Zeke were all voted on first or second team lists that I saw. Darron Lee and Eli Apple, are the stretches.  Apple was defensive MVP for the team in 2014 and Darron Lee had a MVP performance in the sugar bowl that year.  They may have been voted to an obscure AA team by someone. Based on where each was selected in the draft they both probably had a legitimate case for All American.

Comment 07 Dec 2018

Someone said at one point, we would probably go to 4 pods of 4teams.  This would mimic a little bit what they do in the NFL. Three games against the other teams in your pod. Four games against another pod. I’m not sure how the rest of the schedule works out, but in the end you have four champions and a BIG football tournament to crown the winner. This would make piles of cash. I’m not entirely sure that I like it, but that’s probably what happens.

Comment 05 Oct 2018

Locksely is Larry Johnson light in the DMV. He is there for his ability to recruit the DMV everything else is gravy. And he is no bollman, or even Warriner in the coordinator department. He is solid as an OC. 

Comment 19 Sep 2018

Even more surprised Urban just didn't step down rather than work for someone willing to throw him under the bus so easily.

Urban will be at osu longer that Drake so why would he throw away his dream job. The folks on the board can see that Drake pushed too far, then botched his press conferences. Both of them were unclear. They will let everything settle then in a couple years Drake will find a new spot.