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Comment 07 Mar 2012

If we learned anything from this bounty scandal in the NFL, as well as what went on at the U, it's that some of these guys want to hurt people.  They have competitions to see who can injure opponents.


What would the bounty be on the girl kicker?

Comment 01 Mar 2012

On a night-by-night basis, OSU is getting every team's best efforts.  You can see it in the other team's faces - they want to win.  They want to scrape back, play hard, knock off the reigning #1.  They make ridiculously impossible three pointers, or get a call their way because of their effort.  Sometimes, it almost makes me want to cheer for them - everyone loves an underdog.

I wish OSU would make me want to cheer for them (besides the fact that I am a fan).  If we all started out as neutral fans every year, looking for a team to get behind, a team to root for, I wonder how many of us would be behind these Buckeyes?  Just a thought.


Comment 24 Oct 2011

agreed.  let's keep as far away as possible from 06-07

Comment 18 Oct 2011

Football season is about more than just wins or losses to some people.  Great football (great in execution and coaching) is almost like an art form.  "Why" and "how" things happen is just as, if not more important, than the end result.  Not everyone watches for the same reasons.  Further, some wins or losses mean more in the context of the year.  Beating an obviously out-matched Illinois or Akron won't mean anything if OSU loses the important games (Miami, Wisconsin, Michigan, possible bowl game) that they could have won.

Comment 18 Oct 2011

after two carries Boom had earned his spot back.  Hyde and Hall aren't nearly as good as him

Comment 04 Oct 2011

The point of discussing their age, size, and their renumeration for playing is to prove that they are grown ass men, not 5 year olds playing pewee and eating orange slices.  These guys are here to play football on Saturday nights.  If they can deal with broken bones and bruised muscles, I think they'll be ok 

Oh and thanks for bush-league psych workup.  Maybe some of the players can pay you for counseling after I boo Luke Fickell for calling a sprint speed option with Joe Bauserman in the back-field.  Joe Bauserman should be booing too.  Speed option?  REALLY?

Comment 03 Oct 2011

who gives a damn what these 'kids' think? they're all old enough to sign contracts, old enough to go to get executed for murder.  they're not my friends, they are there to entertain. they get free tuition room and board, party their asses off, get whatever tang they want, and most of them weigh over 200lbs.  what they're gonna cry because the fans are pissed off? don't attend a national program if you can't take the heat.  everyone one of them loves those chances to play night games against nationally ranked teams with college game day and musberger and all the hype. no pity.