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Comment 02 Jan 2020

This is such horseshit...      Even with the FG's instead of TD's the roughing the punter..... They still win the game.       There was 4:09 left on the clock in the 1st half when the BS targeting call was made.....   It should've been 4th and 19 around the 50.  Clemson would've punted and OSU would've run the clock out and at the very least punted it back to Clemson deep in their territory with little time on the clock.    Take away 7 pts there.     The scoop and score taken away was 7 more points........    Even with all the BS bogus calls and missed TD's OSU should've won 30-7

Comment 02 Jan 2020

Since 99% of the country outside of South Carolina thinks the Buckeyes got JOBBED, there should be a formal investigation into the replay booth calling that game.

Comment 30 Dec 2019

We got jobbed folks.....  The Refs changed the momentum of the game twice which affected the outcome....  The BS targeting call which would've ended up having Clemson punt instead of getting 1st and 10 at our 32.   With the way the Buckeyes were moving the ball on Clemson they likely would've got another score on the next drive or put Clemson deep in their territory for their next possession.    Pts off the board.     The fumble that got overturned took 7 pts off the board.... There's the difference.

Comment 28 Dec 2019

It will be close through the first half but OSU's O Line wears down Clemson in the 2nd half and the Bucks run away with it  45-24

Comment 12 Dec 2019

RYAN DAY to Bret Venebales

Comment 11 Dec 2019

Once more the players most likely feel the same way.....  They'll be prancing around before the game like they've already won it..

A good story from the NFL in 1964 when the Browns were playing the Colts for the NFL championship....     The Colts had the media, pundits and vegas on their side and came onto the field dancing and fooling about......   Jim Brown and a few other Browns around him witnessed this mockery and said  "Man, we're going to beat the hell outta these guys!"   And that's just what they did.

Beat the living crap outta Clemson.

Comment 11 Dec 2019

OU is going to score alot on LSU..... This game will be a shootout.....    LSU's defensive line is not all the great, they are a bit undersized.   Texas pushed them around this year and OU's O line is not too shabby....    

Comment 08 Dec 2019

OSU has to come out fast and focused.... Get up on Clemson early ... None of this wading around for the 1st or 2nd qtr...... Come out guns a blazin' and keep your foot on the gas pedal.     That's how you beat Clemson