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Comment 04 Sep 2019

I kind of always hate this argument.  It's the equivalent of saying because you have a high paying job you shouldn't try to get what the fair market value dictates you should simply because other people are making less/have worse jobs than you.  I feel like the whole American financial system would collapse if every time anyone asked for a raise their boss said "go flip burgers."

Comment 04 Sep 2019

My point was there isn't a single owner in the NFL that hasn't gone back on multiple contracts he has executed just this year alone.  You want Zeke to take the moral high ground when literally everyone he is dealing with on the other side is not following that same code of morals.  My other point was Zeke did not really have a choice as to the terms of the current contract he was playing under (slotting system) so he isn't really going against a contract he was super excited to sign in the first place.

It seems you want Zeke to stand on the mountain top while literally every other owner, player, NFL personnel person, etc. plays in the mud.  To me that isn't so much moral integrity as it is stupidity.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I can with about 99% certainty say you've never met Ezekiel Elliott so you have absolutely no clue what the quality of his character is and for the record nor do I.  However, I don't try to hold my sports stars up as my hero's and role model's as I have real life people for that so your correct the quality of their character is not my biggest concern.  Obviously murder, rape, etc. can cross that line, but getting drunk a few times, bumping into security guards, yelling at someone, etc. isn't really a line crosser for me.

You also did not address why you compared Zeke and Aaron Hernandez?  You drew a straight line comparison between the two as if they're similar sets of circumstances?  I think it is a widely inappropriate and inaccurate comparison to make.  Care to explain it?

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Well then I assume you would honor every contract you signed with a player.  So while 31 other NFL teams are cutting players that started sucking because their contracts aren't guaranteed, you would have all those players on your roster and be looking 0-16 in the face rather consistently.  You would also apparently be the only NFL owner that would argue FOR guaranteed contracts every offseason pretty much ostracizing yourself for the only other 31 men in the world that could possibly like you.  These reasons and the fact you're not a billionaire are likely just some of the many reasons you are not an NFL owner.

Also on another point Zeke didn't really get to pick and choose a lot of the aspects of the current contract he was playing under as it's part of a slotting system put in place for NFL rookies, where they get drafted, and what position they play.  Zeke would have certainly voted against this rule being put in place, but obviously since he was in high school when it was implemented he didn't have any choice in the matter.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

The franchise tag is fine for any position except RB.  The tag pays the player average of top five salaries at your position which is very fair, but there are a number of problems with it especially when it comes to RB's.  There is no signing bonus associated with the franchise tag nor any guaranteed money beyond that one season.  RB's in the NFL can honestly fall off a cliff in a matter of games, let alone one full season/year, so it is very important for them to get either a hefty guaranteed signing bonus up front or some money guaranteed down the road if God forbid the worst happened such as a career-ending or career-altering injury.

The one thing many fail to realize about NFL running backs is that the vast majority of them never see a third contract.  Their first deal is their rookie deal which if they are as good a player as Zeke has been since day one pays them a lot less than what their talent dictates their market value should be.  The second contract is the major contract for them.  They need to get it as soon as possible and they need to get as much guaranteed money in it as possible.  Zeke figures his stock could not be any higher than it is right now (considered easily a top 5 back in the league) so it's time to cash in.

To answer the second part, the only way the Cowboys could use Zeke's money elsewhere would be to cut him.  If he sits out they obviously don't have to pay him, but his deal still counts against the cap.  Basically it means the Cowboys lose their best player and can't use any of the money their saving to find replacements.  Knowing someone like Jerry Jones I just can't imagine him actively making his team non-competitive for two years to simply prove a point.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

At least Michael Thomas is one of the best in the world at what he does and is basically irreplaceable by another human being.

Now if you want to go after someone that has wasted millions and millions of dollars that could have gone to other much more well-deserving people look no further than our former Michigan buddy Dave Brandon who is a complete an utter failure every single place he has been.  Talk about not being able to fathom how a person can be a multi-millionaire.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

As long as Le'Veon Bell doesn't come back awful this year he has set the new precedent for RB's.  That precedent will be that it is ok for RB's to sit out full seasons because their shelf life is so short to begin with.  Great rookie RB's are completely screwed by the NFL.  They are given rookie deals for four years (in which if they're above average players they will easily outperform every season) and a team option for a fifth year.  Throw in two years of the franchise tag and any elite RB supposedly has no leverage for seven years (which is on the extreme high end of a RB's entire career shelf life).  Oh not to mention an NFL team can cut that player at any time if they aren't performing and not pay them the full amount of the already bad contract.

A running back like Zeke (who has potential Hall Of Famer written all over him) should not play another down without a significant monetary commitment from the Cowboys regarding his future with the team.  That basically means they need to work an extension so he can get the huge signing bonus (the only thing in NFL contracts that is guaranteed).

Jerry Jones loves winning.  The Cowboys will not win without Zeke on this current team and Zeke knows it.  It's a battle he is destined to win, it's just a matter of how long it will take the Cowboys to cave.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

You are too.  Oh sorry if that's mean, I thought we were just making ridiculous statements about people we don't know at all.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

A suspension that the lead investigator for the NFL, a well-respected former DA, did not recommend.  In fact, the lead investigator who was the only person to interview Tiffany Thompson on the NFL's behalf recommended no suspension for Zeke.  So because Roger Goodell is a power-hungry moron who can suspend any NFL player at any time, for any reason, Zeke shouldn't hold out for a new contract (contracts in the NFL that aren't guaranteed by the team)?

Comment 14 Jul 2019

We are linked a story about Zeke possibly being the target for extortion and your recommendation is to suspend him for a year.  That seems to be quite the overreaction, don't you think?

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Here is my new starting lineup:

C: K. Wesson
PF: Young
SF: Muhammad
SG: Ahrens (Not the most talented, but by far the highest IQ player on the team and since no one is really that talented mise well play a smart, effort player.)
PG: Jackson (I don't want to start him for obvious reasons, but since only he or Woods can play the point I'd rather have Jackson because at least he can hit a couple shots once every five or so games.)

6th: Washington
7th: LeDee
8th: Jallow
9th: Woods
10th: A. Wesson

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Issues with the basketball team: everything!  I'm not sure I can remember a basketball game I have been more disappointed with.  It's one thing to not be very good, but the lack of effort, discipline, and just overall awareness is inexcusable.  I have a lot of faith in Chris Holtmann, but there needs to be massive changes going forward to even make this team watchable.  Very disappointed is pretty much all I can say.

Comment 19 Sep 2018

No one disagrees that the Ohio State brand is bigger than any one coach or player, but that shouldn't mean they're allowed to treat coaches or players unfairly while they are here.

Comment 19 Sep 2018
It does amaze me as well what certain people will come up with. Like many on here I follow everything Ohio State football related pretty religiously and it scares the hell out if me that I have a lot more knowledge on the situation than just about everyone that is allowed to talk about it on TV or write articles about it. To me it's pretty simple, either do the research on it or don't talk about it if you haven't. I know people are busy covering everything in the sports world, but I guess I'm old-fashioned in the sense that if you don't know what you're talking about you shouldn't be talking about it.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
Here's the thing, everyone has already made up their mind on what has transpired. This article basically confirms what I have thought was going on from the jump. However, to others with a differing opinion this article isn't changing anyone's mind or making them see things differently. That's why this whole thing just needs to go away because everyone already has their opinion and literally nothing short of a major, factual smoking gun will change it (and if that smoking gun is in Urban's favor it will just be ignored anyway). Something that I think should be taken from this is that the way the president of the university handled this whole situation and the way he has handled some past situations makes me seriously question his ability to be the president of this university. He seems to want to hold his employees overly accountable for things that happen that paint the university in a negative light. I think it's about time he be held accountable as well.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
I think this is a very astute observation by the OP. I didn't really notice it, but having read your post and thinking back on the games so far this seems spot on. Again it's not a huge knock like he's flat out not trying or anything, but I tend to agree he goes hard on the initial pass rush and then cools off a bit for the duration of the play. I think we all know how good Chase can be and I have full confidence in him and Larry Johnson that this will be addressed, worked on, and improved as we move forward.