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Comment 15 Dec 2019

If you want to talk about a special teams advantage look no further than the fact our punter has never thrown an incomplete pass his entire career.  Clemson will probably just have to keep their defense on the field if we ever have to punt considering we're basically throwing Peyton Manning out there every punt.

Comment 15 Dec 2019

It baffles me how you don't see the stupidity in continually bringing up 2016. If you came on here and said I think Clemson wins the game because, and you lay out some reasonable points based on the 2019 season, there would likely be a lot of people disagreeing with you but at least you would sound like you had some true analysis behind your point.  However, it seems every other post you have references 2016.

I mean is it relevant that Clemson sucked at football from 1992 to 2011?  I think that is about as relevant to this years game as our 2016 game was, which is zero.

I bet if you stopped referencing 2016 you would be able to stick around here without getting downvoted into oblivion.  Although you may just be interested in being a troll as opposed to having intelligent conversation in which case you'll probably be gone from here by the time I post this comment. 

Comment 15 Dec 2019

I mean you're someone who posts on other teams message boards.  I feel that is the exact kind of person who would lose sleep over their score on a message board.

Comment 15 Dec 2019

Ok so we would have gone 12-1 last year, he would have finished 3rd in the Heisman, and he would have gone to the NFL to be drafted in the mid first round.  We would then have Haskins this year as opposed to Fields.  As I said he would have never won the Heisman here.  I guess at that point it comes down to if you would prefer Fields or Haskins.  I have no clue exactly how we would have done this year with Haskins at the helm, but I am pretty happy where we sit currently with Fields.

Again I just feel this proves my point that both Burrow and OSU ended up better off in the end.

Comment 14 Dec 2019
I mean if you would have said: He seems like a nice kid, but his speech didn't make me cry. I thought (site examples) gave a better speech, but it was solid. You would have said exactly the same thing you said without sounding like a massive jerk. Sometimes it's just about showing a little tact while being honest.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
I doubt Joe Burrow could have become the player he has become at OSU, so in my opinion him winning the Heisman as a Buckeye would have never been possible and isn't worth dreaming about. You have to remember he struggled badly at times last season. Had he been named the starter initially here he very likely would have been benched for Haskins at some point badly hampering his growth. You also remember LSU made the decision to give Burrow 100% of the offense. That would have never happened here considering how good Dobbins is and that we're traditionally a run to setup the pass offense. Sometimes it works best for both parties to go in different directions. Burrow became a Heisman winner and possible #1 pick. Hopefully OSU gets the last celebration with a National Championship.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
I kind of feel you told half the story with this comment. Cam Newton was essentially kicked out of Florida. Joe Burrow was behind a man who obliterated every OSU season passing record. In one situation the decision was out of Urban's hands, in the other Urban made the only decision that could have been made at the time. Also, OSU's current amazing QB has just as good a chance at winning a National Championship as Burrow.
Comment 14 Dec 2019
Appears to be just a tremendous human being. Such a deserving winner of the Heisman trophy both on the field and off. It will be an honor to have my favorite team beat him for a National Championship.
Comment 02 Dec 2019

Not trying to give any TTUN fan props, but his podcast is genuinely really good.  He is typically pretty level-headed, but like many TTUN fans he just loses all rational thinking when it comes to The Game and you see the result of that with his last podcast.  He literally said Ohio State would kind of rest/use sparingly Fields and Dobbins and make sure they didn't get hurt because this game just wasn't that important for OSU since they would likely get into the playoff even with a loss.  It was like watching a fully-functioning, smart human being suddenly go insane.  I would feel bad for him if he wasn't a UM fan.

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I'll give it my best try as I'm trying to distract myself from a nail biting fantasy football finish.  First, lets assume Florida gets in over any team that does not have a game remaining.  I think this already might be flawed, but we're going to have make much crazier assumptions to make this work so we're all going to have to agree to this one off the bat.

Ohio State defeats Wisconsin: Ohio State in as the #1 seed and Wisconsin would be behind Florida. (This one is easy.)

Oregon defeats Utah (in an ugly game): Utah would be behind Florida. Even though Oregon has the Pac 12 Championship, the committee values Florida's victory over Auburn vs. Oregon's loss over Auburn more.  Florida also has better wins and losses compared to Oregon so Florida is ranked ahead of the Pac 12 champs. (Getting more difficult, but this is definitely plausible.)

Baylor defeats Oklahoma (in an extremely ugly game and possibly Jalen Hurts is injured for the game on the first play): Oklahoma would be behind Florida. Even though Baylor has the Big 12 Championship and only one loss the committee despises their OOC schedule and views their victory over Oklahoma as hollow since Baylor barely beat them without Hurts.  Florida also has much better wins compared to Baylor so Florida is ranked ahead of the Big 12 champs. (We're starting to reach the edges of sanity, but lets keep going.)

Virginia absolutely blows out Clemson: Considering I think Clemson would beat Virginia 99 out of 100 (maybe 100 out of 100) times, the idea Virginia could beat Clemson by 20+ points falls somewhere between Clemson players being abducted by aliens and the entire team's HGH supply somehow goes missing for this week.  Clemson would only have one loss, but zero wins over ranked (or competent) opponents.  Florida obviously has much better wins and better losses compared to Clemson so Florida is ranked ahead of the defending champs. (Is anyone still reading this?)

That leaves us with:
1. Ohio State
2. LSU
3. Georgia
4. Florida

BONUS (You can sub the below in for either the #3 or #4 scenario listed above not working out.)

LSU destroys Georgia: Fromm and Swift both go out with season-ending injuries making their head-to-head victory over Florida mute.  Florida gets in ahead of Georgia. (Wait, this seems way, way more plausible than the Clemson scenario listed above.)

Well I've convinced myself, Florida is all but in as the #4 seed.  I would actually put it at 97% with only a 3% chance all of this doesn't happen.  Day better start preparing for those Gators.

Comment 01 Dec 2019

He fired his WR coach?  I know one who's available that just so happens to frequent the same strip clubs as Herman.  This was Herman's gameplan all along: you snitch, get them fired and then hire them.  He's not a member of MENSA for nothing guys.

Comment 03 Nov 2019

Ok funny joke putting Tennessee on the list.  We all got a good laugh.  But seriously who do you have at #8?

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I kind of always hate this argument.  It's the equivalent of saying because you have a high paying job you shouldn't try to get what the fair market value dictates you should simply because other people are making less/have worse jobs than you.  I feel like the whole American financial system would collapse if every time anyone asked for a raise their boss said "go flip burgers."

Comment 04 Sep 2019

My point was there isn't a single owner in the NFL that hasn't gone back on multiple contracts he has executed just this year alone.  You want Zeke to take the moral high ground when literally everyone he is dealing with on the other side is not following that same code of morals.  My other point was Zeke did not really have a choice as to the terms of the current contract he was playing under (slotting system) so he isn't really going against a contract he was super excited to sign in the first place.

It seems you want Zeke to stand on the mountain top while literally every other owner, player, NFL personnel person, etc. plays in the mud.  To me that isn't so much moral integrity as it is stupidity.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

I can with about 99% certainty say you've never met Ezekiel Elliott so you have absolutely no clue what the quality of his character is and for the record nor do I.  However, I don't try to hold my sports stars up as my hero's and role model's as I have real life people for that so your correct the quality of their character is not my biggest concern.  Obviously murder, rape, etc. can cross that line, but getting drunk a few times, bumping into security guards, yelling at someone, etc. isn't really a line crosser for me.

You also did not address why you compared Zeke and Aaron Hernandez?  You drew a straight line comparison between the two as if they're similar sets of circumstances?  I think it is a widely inappropriate and inaccurate comparison to make.  Care to explain it?

Comment 04 Sep 2019

Well then I assume you would honor every contract you signed with a player.  So while 31 other NFL teams are cutting players that started sucking because their contracts aren't guaranteed, you would have all those players on your roster and be looking 0-16 in the face rather consistently.  You would also apparently be the only NFL owner that would argue FOR guaranteed contracts every offseason pretty much ostracizing yourself for the only other 31 men in the world that could possibly like you.  These reasons and the fact you're not a billionaire are likely just some of the many reasons you are not an NFL owner.

Also on another point Zeke didn't really get to pick and choose a lot of the aspects of the current contract he was playing under as it's part of a slotting system put in place for NFL rookies, where they get drafted, and what position they play.  Zeke would have certainly voted against this rule being put in place, but obviously since he was in high school when it was implemented he didn't have any choice in the matter.