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Comment 12 Jan 2019

Here is my new starting lineup:

C: K. Wesson
PF: Young
SF: Muhammad
SG: Ahrens (Not the most talented, but by far the highest IQ player on the team and since no one is really that talented mise well play a smart, effort player.)
PG: Jackson (I don't want to start him for obvious reasons, but since only he or Woods can play the point I'd rather have Jackson because at least he can hit a couple shots once every five or so games.)

6th: Washington
7th: LeDee
8th: Jallow
9th: Woods
10th: A. Wesson

Comment 12 Jan 2019

Issues with the basketball team: everything!  I'm not sure I can remember a basketball game I have been more disappointed with.  It's one thing to not be very good, but the lack of effort, discipline, and just overall awareness is inexcusable.  I have a lot of faith in Chris Holtmann, but there needs to be massive changes going forward to even make this team watchable.  Very disappointed is pretty much all I can say.

Comment 19 Sep 2018

No one disagrees that the Ohio State brand is bigger than any one coach or player, but that shouldn't mean they're allowed to treat coaches or players unfairly while they are here.

Comment 19 Sep 2018
It does amaze me as well what certain people will come up with. Like many on here I follow everything Ohio State football related pretty religiously and it scares the hell out if me that I have a lot more knowledge on the situation than just about everyone that is allowed to talk about it on TV or write articles about it. To me it's pretty simple, either do the research on it or don't talk about it if you haven't. I know people are busy covering everything in the sports world, but I guess I'm old-fashioned in the sense that if you don't know what you're talking about you shouldn't be talking about it.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
Here's the thing, everyone has already made up their mind on what has transpired. This article basically confirms what I have thought was going on from the jump. However, to others with a differing opinion this article isn't changing anyone's mind or making them see things differently. That's why this whole thing just needs to go away because everyone already has their opinion and literally nothing short of a major, factual smoking gun will change it (and if that smoking gun is in Urban's favor it will just be ignored anyway). Something that I think should be taken from this is that the way the president of the university handled this whole situation and the way he has handled some past situations makes me seriously question his ability to be the president of this university. He seems to want to hold his employees overly accountable for things that happen that paint the university in a negative light. I think it's about time he be held accountable as well.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
I think this is a very astute observation by the OP. I didn't really notice it, but having read your post and thinking back on the games so far this seems spot on. Again it's not a huge knock like he's flat out not trying or anything, but I tend to agree he goes hard on the initial pass rush and then cools off a bit for the duration of the play. I think we all know how good Chase can be and I have full confidence in him and Larry Johnson that this will be addressed, worked on, and improved as we move forward.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
I find the Urban Meyer/Aaron Hernandez situation to be a good gage on if a person has any clue as to what they're talking about. If someone tries to discuss Urban Meyer with me and brings up Hernandez's future murders as a negative against Meyer the conversation ends immediately from my perspective. At that point it becomes clear the person has no clue what they're talking about and will simply grasp at any straw to paint Urban in a negative light.
Comment 19 Sep 2018
I wish it could happen, but LSU's schedule is absolutely brutal. If Burrow even gets them to the playoffs with that schedule it would be nothing short of amazing. With that said, it does seem his presence there has the whole team playing with a bit of a swagger again. LSU has always had the talent it's simply been QB play and coaching holding them back. At least with Joe it seems they have one of those areas figured out. Beat Bama!
Comment 17 Sep 2018
So Ohio State should be ranked ahead of Alabama because they beat them last time they played in 2015? Dude either you're bad at sarcasm or an idiot. Based on your post history I have a pretty good idea which one it is.
Comment 16 Sep 2018

I kind of feel bad for you as that is a horrible way to live your life.  Any time you are faced with adversity you don't choose to do what is best or what is right, you simply choose to do what is the easiest?  That's just such a cowardly thing to say.

Comment 31 Aug 2018
Very well stated. I particularly agree on your points about Drake. He seems to be the type of president that has no interest in any other aspect of the college experience except academics. This would be fine if you were the president of an Ivy league school or a school that only loses money on athletics. At Ohio State and schools like it you have to have the ability to manage the entire enterprise. It doesn't seem he is able to do that. It doesn't mean he is a bad guy just simply someone underqualified for the position he currently has. The university definitely needs to make a change at president because one thing we have surely learned is keeping people around that are underqualified for their job can come back and bite you.
Comment 31 Aug 2018

You're part of the problem.  Give one good reason why Ohio State should cut ties with Urban Meyer.  You can't use because everyone nationally wants him gone because the only reason they want him gone is because he is a great coach and makes Ohio State great on the field.  They are using this situation to try to get him fired because they're jealous and scared of his success on the field, no other reason.  Just one reason.

Comment 31 Aug 2018
So your buddy has literally no ability to think for himself? He has to have someone else verify his opinion? I would get new buddies if I were you.
Comment 30 Aug 2018
After glancing at your post history I'm not sure if you're predicting this or wishing this. Either way I predict you're wrong.
Comment 30 Aug 2018

I tend to agree. I mean he's a God at Clemson regardless of what he does going forward.  If he goes to Bama after Saban and doesn't win a National Championship in his first two to three years they won't show him any mercy just because it's his alma mater.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I'm not sure if this is your prediction or a dream I have every night.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

I too am pumped about UAB's return to football.

Comment 30 Aug 2018

Analytics should hate WVU because their defense is trash.  My prediction is that they won't need their defense plus they get Oklahoma at home.  We have all seen that you don't really need a defense in the Big 12 to be excellent in that conference.  Now if my bold prediction does somehow come true, I have a much less bold prediction that WVU would get handled rather easily in a semifinal against a Big 10 team, an SEC team, or Clemson.