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Comment 21 hours ago

Spring football? what a joke.  What type of schedule will that be

Are you really going to hold a season for 6-10 weeks in the Spring? No championship, interfere with basketball and NCAA tourney, etc, cant see that going over well.

Is it really feasible to finish a SPring season in April or May and then have a 12-15 game season the following Fall. That is unfair to student athletes. 
Just be responsible and admit you are cancelling football. 

Kevin Warren should just submit his resignation now. He has lost all credibility. Pathetic Leadership 

Comment 07 May 2020

STicking up for Cincinnati's C+ conference. That C+ conference pretty much is the same level of competitiveness with the ACC outside of CLemson.  In fact I would put AAC play above and more entertaining. Clemson is the only difference between the ACC and AAC in terms of compeitiveness of their teams. 

Comment 16 Apr 2020

Michigan offering refunds for Fall sports has nothing to do with the Corona Virus or the some type of new normal. 

It has everything to do with the fact that they have wised up there and realized that from now to evermore, they will no longer be the Victors and forever be the Buckeye's little B****

Comment 13 Apr 2020

You can’t guarantee a national championship with a QB. It is a team sport. If OSU D performs against Purdue two years ago we are in the playoffs then too. 

two years in a row and two Hiesman finalists at the QB position and possibly a QB heisman finalist this year too. The three year history is better than the one year Burrow had last year. It is a no brainer. Meyer made the right call and given the choice, every coach in America will probably make the same call

Comment 10 Apr 2020

What makes you call them reputable? You are too blinded by the name. There is nothing special about the group that ran the poll. They have the UConn name behind it but they are not a leading polling place or have the credibility of say Quinnapiac behind them. Because they are who they are, they are likely trying to trade off on the UConn brand and use it for publicity. They put the poll out there, with a tiny sample size, and in a slow news day without other things to talk about, they try to catch fire and act like it is the gold standard. It is helpful to look at this type of gamesmanship with a skeptical eye. I am not dismissing its findings but you can’t accept them as significant at this point either. When some reputable companies start creating the same polling data, then the calculus changes

Comment 10 Apr 2020

I really do not put much credence in that poll with such a small sample size done by a second rate organization that really is not known for their polling. They sensed an opportunity to get their name out with the void going on and threw together a hastily designed poll to get mentioned on TV.

Yes fans will drop off. It won’t be 72% though, that is Absurd.Plus if you offer promotions and cheaper tix fans will come back. We are social animals and need an excuse to do so again. There may be a 20-25% drop, especially at first as people are cautious and wade back into things. Plus, the economy is recovering so people are not going to be as financially strong which matters more, but this study is just embarrassing to the organization (university of Connecticut) and should diminish the value of their academic program if people truly paid attention to this stuff

Comment 08 Apr 2020

It was always my favorite game. I was there in the scUM student section. My old college roommate was a grad student at ttun at that time and he was able to get us student tix pretty cheaply. The game was over thanksgiving which was a rarity at the time, so most of the students were not around campus that day. After the way the season had been going, I looked upon it with cautious optimism that we could pull the upset. After all, it was Michigan Week and you throw the records out for the game, and we had just been through 12 years where they had ruined our seasons one too many times and now for once we could do the same to them. 

I still have so many memories of that game. The night before, we went out and painted the big rock on Wastenaw street with a big Scarlet and Gray block O. this was the rock that all the frats decorated and many times it was guarded by students. Since the students were home for the holiday, it was quite our delight the next morning when everyone was walking to the game around 11AM passing the scarlet and gray rock (unfortunately, by the end of the game someone had painted over it, but that was ok considering the result).

It was my first time in the Big House, and it was surprising, even at that time how many buckeye fans were there, especially in the Michigan Student Section. While outnumbered for sure, there were quite a few allies in our corner not too far away. At the time, they announced the crowd was the second largest for an OSU/Mich game in the Big House. Early on, when Doss had the big INT, we were excited for the result and the ensuing touchdown, but living through the rivalry for so long, knew that was not going ot be enough. However, when Wells had his big run for the TD, we knew something was different. You could sense it. Once they got up 23-0 we were feeling really good. The second half proved to be a bit of a nail biter, but the early cushion gave us hope that this year was different. We knew that the offense was pretty much non-existent, and solely was relying on the run game at the time, so the hope was to just grind a first down or two out and hope the D stayed strong.  It really was not until the very end when we could relax as Navarre and company had a late drive to make it interesting and then became a battle of the D at the very end. When we held them on that final 4th down it was time to celebrate. 

The game seemed like it took forever, and as a noon game, it seemed as if the sun was pretty much setting over the stadium at the end. We were living it up in Ann Arbor that night and celebrating the win and great things to come. Even then, i could not even fathom the bigger things to come the next season.

Comment 13 Feb 2020

If you look at the trajectory of Mich State recruiting in Ohio, two events really hurt it, and other lower tier BIG schools. 

1) Mark Stoops taking over at Kentucky. This added another player in Ohio who was actively recruiting Ohio especially NE Ohio. Kentucky never recruited this area before and it was a new competitor in the field.

2) and Most importantly, Luke Fickell going to Cincinnati. Fickell had extensive recruiting contacts with Ohio coaches and pretty much was in contact with every 3 & 4 star recruit in the state from his Ohio State days. While these players were not going to end up at Ohio State, Fickell still needed to get to know them in case there was a reason to be made for a last minute addition or fill in. There were a lot of players Fickell liked that Urban would not take because they were not necessarily 4 & 5 Star in Ohio. Once he went to UC, it opened the floodgates for these players to go to UC instead of MSU, IU, Iowa, etc. because Fickell already had the strong relationships with the coaches and their families. 

Michigan State losing out on Fickell was huge because not only was he a good coach, but he brought with him a huge recruiting pipeline that Mich State was losing out to. It would have also taken Cincinnati off the recruiting radar for a while and put MSU in the catbird seat for the 3 Star talent that was choosing Cincinnati now. Tucker may be a great recruiter in Ohio, but still has to compete against Fickell for the forseeable future and Fickell has the relationships in place already. 

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I highly doubt it.

Fickell has always said he was a family man who put that above coaching. He is a different breed. While other coaches would be solely interested in climbing the ladder, Fickell reminds me of Peterson and how he stayed at Boise while his family was young. 

Next year will be the year to watch. His son is going to be a senior in HS next year. That will be something to look out for. When people make a decision to take a job relocation, they often do not do it when the kids are in their formative years (i.e. High School) when they can avoid it, especially the last 2 years of HS. Not sure if that will factor in his decisions or not, or if most coaches even consider that, but a lot of people do, so that is something to keep in mind. 

Comment 10 Feb 2020

I bet they let Tressel coach as an interim next year

Fickell would’ve been dumb to take the job

Well it may be a step up from Cincinnati, it is not a major step up, and that step up leads to a dead end and a plateau. Whereas, and his current situation, they are killing it on the recruiting trail, and likely to be positioned in the next 2 to 3 years for multiple new year six appearances. He will be a hot name on the trail for any coaching search the next few years, so he can be picky and maybe land his dream job in Columbus or South Bend

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Outside of more money, Michigan Stste does not offer much. They are stuck in the big east and really not well positioned to get by OSU, penn state and TTUN on a consistent basis. They are looking at scholarship losses. Recruiting will be tough and access to a big bowl game is actually harder given the schedule. There are really on two jobs he wants. OSU and Notre Dame, and going to MSU and being 5-7 will pretty much limit those opportunities when they arise

at Uc he just signed a top 40 class. The best two players on the team did not play at all last year and they were still 11-3. He is primed for a big run over the next 2-3 years and looking at NY 6 bowl opportunities. If Brian Kelly retires or Ryan Day goes to the NFL, Fickell will be in much better position to take over from UC than he would coming from Sparty

Comment 08 Feb 2020

I think he is staying. He turned down more money from Baylor than MSU will likely offer him, and was really pumped about his next two teams given the recruiting classes he has had. I think he gets uc to a big bowl in the next couple of years and if a notre Dame or other premier job in the Midwest opens he will go there. 

MSU is bad timing for him now. I do think of not ND he could go to penn state, Pitt, Purdue, Louisville, northwestern.

or if the stars align and Ohio state opens he would die to come home 

Pitt Purdue and Louisville are nothing special but they are p5 and midwestern and have a good catholic population in the region

Comment 05 Feb 2020

In most cases, when Michigan State or a big 10 power call a G5 coach, they pretty much pack Their bags. 

in Luke fickle‘s case, I think it is a little different here. He is a big family man who craves stability for his family. This is part of the reason why he hung around Columbus for so long instead of taking other head-coaching jobs that may have presented themselves earlier. I think he is like a Chris Peterson that will eventually leave, but it Hass to be the right time for him. If that means Notre Dame in a few years, so be it, if that means pit or Louisville in a few years, Then I could see that happening too. I think he is less enthralled by the size of the program, and more interested in actually doing what’s best for his family.

Comment 04 Feb 2020

UC just landed a 4 star receiver flip from IL for the 2020 class signing later this week. On the same day that Dantonio resigns. I think if Fickell we’re leaving the flip does not happen

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Why not?  Brian Kelly went to Notre Dame from Cincinnati 

Honestly, I do not think Fickell goes to MSU at this time. He is not the normal coach and he is more like a Chris Petersen type. He has a son going into his jr year of hs and is the type who wants to offer that stability. He puts family decisions ahead of a lot of professional ones. The time was right for him to go to CIncinnati. I don’t think the time is right for him to go to MSU even if it is a better job.

in 2 years if ND opens up, the timing may be better for him. However I don’t think MSU is where he ends up right now