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Comment 09 Jun 2017

You have to remember where Cincy was at the time when they hired him. The Big East had just fallen apart and they were stuck in the American with the land of forgotten children. Here was a coach with a big name leaving a P5 program on his own volition to come there. At the time the locals saw it as a pride thing and gave them something to cheer about because hey, it shows that UC was a good program, but in the end it obviously was a disaster.

Holtman really is the right choice for the program going forward. He is a proven winner and more than an up and comer, he has led Butler to consistently solid seasons.

Comment 08 Jun 2017

Home Run hires like Stephens are just delusional. Ohio State is not a program that could obtain that. Maybe Duke UNC or Syracuse, but the Bucks to rise to that level.

I find it fascinating what people think is a home run hire. I think people would love to have Donovan or someone like that on the team, but I certainly do not want that. We can do better with an up and comer. The risk on the home run hire is do they have gas in the tank left. I think back to Tommy Tuberville coming to Cincinnati. At the time people there felt it was a home run hire, but as was apparent, he had no gas left in the tank. An up and comer like Holtman is hungry which is what the program needs.

Remember when Thad was the up and comer coach and people were not happy with that hire?

Comment 08 Jun 2017

I thought the Creighton coach was not the right fit for OSU, he is not a new up and comer who is hungry which is what they need. Remember the last time they went with a proven commodity, they ended up with O'Brien. Find the coach who is young and hungry at a small school from a small conference. This is what Matta was in 2004. Many OSU fans hated the hire at that time, because he was not a big enough name, but look at his results. Find the coach with passion and energy and you have your man.

They need to find a hot young MAC coach or MVC or Horizon coach and try to poach them.

The other thing is, for all people who talk about Ohio State being the place and "the Job" remember this is not football and there are about 300 division 1 basketball schools in the country who have the same amount of National Championships over the last 50 years as Ohio State.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

When Matta left Xavier, they were coming off their first ever Elite 8 and were playing in the A-10. He left because you realistically could not win a National Championship at Xavier when you were competing in the A-10. This is the same reason why Archie left Dayton and Shaka left VCU.

Xavier is in the Big East now, they have been in 2 Elite 8's since then and 4 more Sweet 16s. Villanova has shown you can win an National Championship out of that league and they are competing against to 10 teams on a regular basis in the league. The situation at Xavier is completely different so it is more than just heart keeping him there now. They just compete better against OSU than they did 10 years ago.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

If you have 2 open positions, OSU and Xavier, vying for the same coach OSU wins 90% of the time. When you are trying to steal Xavier's coach, OSU loses more often than not now given the strength of Xavier's program. Let's keep things in perspective

Comment 07 Jun 2017

I like Gene and all, but I think this move came down to Thad's health and a mutual decision of nothing left in the tank at this time. Recruiting was suffering and the program was going to be down for the next 2 years if he held on, and it would not be helpful to Thad if he held on either.

I don't think an NBA coach is where they go nor should they. The NBA is a different game, they don't need to recruit, they don't have to deal with players going to class, it is a completely different animal. Do you really want an NBA coach with no college experience? I get Donovan should he, which he probably doesn't, want to return to the college level, but outside of him, I don't see how going to the NBA for a HC is a great strategy

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Over the last 25 years, Xavier has had a more consistent history and upward trajectory than OSU. OSU is a more prestigious program because of its history, resources, and it can trade on the football coattails some too.

Over the last 5 years, Xavier has a better buzz around the program than OSU. Xavier is the better name right now and better "brand" in the current environment.

The difference is OSU can change perception over the course of 1 season, whereas it will take Xavier 5-7 years to be able to change their perception.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yes, I see him at Xavier for a long time. I did think he may have taken IU if IU would have waited. Otherwise, I can see him going to Louisville when Pitino leaves.

Comment 05 Jun 2017

It is nice you like Chris Mack and all, but your statement about being able to do better with ohio state talent than what Xavier has now shows you really don't follow basketball much. Hate to break it to you but Xavier has been recruiting at an elite level the past few years and the talent level there is better than what is in Columbus at the present time. Now osu has much better resources of course but the better talent is down in Cincinnati currently

Comment 05 Jun 2017

Please no talk of Billy Donovan. Let's be realistic here. He is not going to leave the Thunder for Ohio State. We are beginning to sound like Texas fans who think their program was worthy of Nick Saban or Urban Meyer.

Holtman seems like the most realistic person on the list who has the greatest upside, I don't think he is as good as Mack, but Mack Is probably not leaving Xavier.

One name I have not heard mentioned but I think may be a name that gets traction later is Pitino. He is an up and comer and did a very good job at Minnesota last year. I would not be surprised to see his name gain traction.

Comment 23 May 2017

To your point, yes practically speaking it makes no sense for a recruit to pick uc over osu, but recruiting is a personal thing and in that recruits mind it makes that is what he wants. Don't fault him for it. We are not making the decision he is, and one or two make pick uc for their own personal reasons. 

If fickells son turns into a 5 star prospect, would you fault him if he stays in cincy to play for his dad as opposed to Columbus? I still see him going to Cumbus but you never truly know

Comment 23 May 2017

Never say never. Unlikely yes. If it is for an Ohio recruit I say pretty much never. However, Cincinnati kids are unique and have a strong allegiance to the home team. Things are similar in Louisville too. Could the top player in Ohio choose UC of OSU? Absolutely, If the kids is from Cincy and went to a Cincy high school, they most certainly could elect to stay home (even if it is illogical). The Ohio State pull in Cincy is not as strong as other parts of the state, and there is a very strong Notre Dame pull too. So most definitely can I see a chance where Cincy beats OSU for a top recruit (not often) someday. Hell Houston got Ed Oliver to go there over other top schools, so never say never.

Comment 17 May 2017

Been a buckeye fan since 1986. The nadir of my Buckeye experience was 1988 and 89. Coops first 2 years. When you see a team that is always ranked nationally fall to that level, it was painful to watch. The string of second tier bowl games and losing in them added additional insult to injury. It was not until 1996 that things got better, albeit minimally, and then we were finally rescued and restored to greatness once Senator Tressel took the helm. It pretty much has only been up from there, outside of the blip from 2011

Comment 10 May 2017

Meyer will just move up his recruiting deadline from Feb to December. Put the press on people to sign and lock up the class 2 months earlier and get committed pledges to flip a couple of months earlier. Even with Stellar senior years, OSU will get in the game late and if they have to cut a few top players who may fall out of grace or have a bad senior year (i.e. the RB from NJ a couple years ago who ended up in MI). Urban will still be able to flip his recruits, it will just give the ones who get cut a little longer to scramble. 

I think the biggest fallout on this is going to be with the kids. Instead of giving them more time to make their decision, and to take some time after football and the All Star games are complete to make their announcements, it makes them make their decision much sooner and they may make that critical mistake. By end of December, the coaching carousel has not finished moving yet, and kids could sign with a program that completely changes direction a week later.

OSU will be fine and still thrive. I think the benefits lesser schools are hoping come from this change will not come to fruition.