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Comment 24 hours ago

SOS matters, but.....

the schedule is set pretty much 3 years in advance so......

Just win. Win out. don't lose twice.

Control the things you can control. You have no control how your opponents will play in all their other games. You have no control over their injuries or how they rebound from a loss to you. Therefore, all that really matters to you is to take care of your own business. If you take care of your business, the other things take care of themselves. If you worry too much about things beyond your control, then chances are, you will be too preoccupied to take care of your own business.

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I have been telling people since the beginning of the year that the fighting Fickells are a legit top 25 team. There is just a huge drop off from the top 8 and teams 15-25. UC could be a legit 12-13 team when the season is over. For them, that equates to a 42 point loss to Ohio Stste or any top 5 team. Just the nature of talent difference between top 5 and everyone else

Comment 02 Oct 2019

If it were a battle between 4 and 5 last year, I bet OSU ends up ahead of Georgia. Since it did not matter for playoff pairings it UGA got the brownie point because they did not lose to a crappy Purdue team.

Comment 02 Oct 2019

You want a playoff scenario how bout this:

1) SEC Champ  - UGA - 12-1

2) BIG Champ  - OSU - 12-1

3) ACC Champ - Clem 12-1

4) BIG 12 Champ - OU - 12-1

5) PAC Champ - Oregon or Wash - 12-1

6) Notre Dame - 11-1

7) Bama - 12-1 only loss in SEC Championship game

What do you do with this? 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

This should not even be a debate. Bama get's left out. Even if Bama has top 10 wins over LSU, Auburn, Florida (i realize they dont play) you would still leave them out. Even if Bama has been the consensus #1 team with higher ratings than any other team in history, they are still left out. 

Sole reason. you have 4 undefeated p5 champions. Bama loses the SEC championship so that game is a de-facto playoff, Bama lost their playoff game so it can't advance to the final 4

Comment 24 Sep 2019

If Clem, OSU, OU and SEC champ are undefeated, that is your playoff. ND cannot be undefeated anymore and the PAC is out. SEC cannot get 2 teams in if the other schools are undefeated.

If Clem loses a game, SEC champ has a loss  Big undefeated and Big 12 undefeated - Clem is out and 2 SEC teams are in.

Worst Chaos is if Clem, OSU, OU and SEC champ all have a loss. SEC likely gets 2 teams in. The next 2 are a battle. It comes down to who they lost too. If OSU lays an egg against Rutgers then it does not matter, they are out. If OU loses to say WEst Virginia or Baylor, they are out. If OSU loses to Penn State or Wisconsin (early) and beats them in a rematch, it could play differently.

Clemson losing to anyone will really hurt them, however, they may pass the eye test which apparently hurt the Bucks the last 2 years. To be honest, they did not pass the eye test then and the last time they did was 2016. The ACC is so weak Clemson is not challenged this year, but they also have the 5 star talent of Bama. Does the committee punish them because they did not get the job done despite their talent? I hope so.

They need to do something to address the weakness of the ACC and how you can skate through the schedule there. Clemson has benefited from it for the last 5 years now. FSU was the recipient for many years before that. People may knock the BIG as top heavy, but at least the top 3-4 teams are all top 10, top 15 teams. In the case of the ACC you have 1 top 25 team 2 tops

Comment 30 Mar 2019

What I don’t get about Murray is that if Arizona does not take him, who does? I do not see or hear much excitement about him from other teams outside of Kingsbury who has never coached in the NFL before. 

BosA is a number 1 consensus pick regardless. If the Cards are set on Murray why waste the number one pick on him, trade down and let someone select Bosa because of the supply and demand. More teams in the top five would choose Bosa over Murray and same with top ten. Why not trade down, get more draft picks and snag Murray there if he is truly who you want. 

Comment 13 Mar 2019

Never bet the house on the Browns. Never. 

Never bet anything on the Browns. JUST DONT DO IT

Be pleasantly surprised and accept that. 

Dont throw money away on something that just creates more misery

Comment 16 Jan 2019

Maybe it happens, but how come you do not seem to hear of the freaks transferring out of Bama. Yes, Hurts left recently, but that is a special circumstance. you don't hear of the #4 receiver or back leaving looking for playing time elsewhere like you see at other programs. How does Saban manage to keep things in house?  (If he truly does) 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

No, while it is played on New Years Day, it never was a BCS or NY6 bowl.

BCS Bowls in the BCS era were Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar and National Championship.

NY 6 Bowls are Rose, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar, Cotton and Peach. 

During the BCS area, the Peach and Cotton were more minor bowls but typically ranked slightly ahead of Citrus, Outback and Gator because of their league payouts. 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

While I personally was never a huge fan of Martell, you can’t blame him for leaving. With fields in the mix as Days guy, politically, Fields will get the benefit of the doubt in a an battle.  So through no fault of his own, he is starting out from behind. If Meyer were around and fields came, the paradigm is different and I bet Tate stays, but the game has changed and he is wise enough to see it. Plus with jack miller coming in, I can’t see future opportunities if Fields should stumble

Comment 09 Jan 2019

What the media and Florida fans could never understand was that to Urban, Florida was a great opportunity to coach at the highest level and win but Ohio State was the dream job. He would never publicly admit it but, I am sure his 2014 National Chamiponship with Ohio State means more to him than the ones at Florida because he did it with the school he loves. 

Notice when he quit coaching the Gators he went to ESPN. When he quit coaching the Buckeyes he stayed at Ohio state

Comment 09 Jan 2019

1) Purdue and Maryland need to step it up. They are the only BIG programs not in the top 50. That is an absolute disgrace no matter how you slice it.

2) SEC and BIG programs dominate the top 20. Mix in Notre Dame and a Texas and OU (who are rumored to possibly go to the BIG in a few years) and the rest of the leagues are clearly financially challenged. There will be a huge gap with the SEC and BIG and every other program in the country. I dont know if that is necessarily a great thing. 

3) There are a ton of SEC schools in the top 30.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

The big issue i have with the playoff is the "eye test" and that lately conference champs have been minimalized. I have more an issue with last year as opposed to this year with 3 undefeated teams, they needed to get in and it was a tossup between us and OU. Ultimately, they had slightly better metrics. 

The eye test issue is a problem because it rewards the team with the most 4 and 5 star recruits. They will get the benefit of the doubt with the committee. The issue here is not with the top 4 but the rest of the field. LSU or Auburn can lose 4-5 games but still be ranked in the top 15 whereas a 2 loss Maryland or team like that barely struggles to reach the top 15. This overinflates the SEC value because it makes them appear to be superior competition when in reality, because the players don't develop, or there are recruiting misses or bad coaching, the teams are paper tigers. 

THis is why the playoff needs to expand. 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

This Clemson team reminded me of the 2016 team. Stellar D line and good QB and receiver play. The ND game played out the same as OSU game that year. Clemson had a bend but dont break D where they give up yardage between the 20s but stiffen up significantly by the time you get inside their 30. If OSU made some field goals, it would have been the exact same result.

Clemson was definitely the better team this year from top to bottom. The thing I cant stand about Clemson is that they play in a joke of a conference with zero competition all year. The ACC is a joke and they get to skate through the schedule all year. 

Clemson would have beaten the Bucks though, and the result would have been pretty similar to last nights smackdown given our weaknesses play well to Clemson's strengths.

OSU/Bama would have been a great matchup. We would have more than held our own against Bama as we match up extremely well against Bama. Tua may pick apart the secondary pretty well, but we would contain their power running game. They would have played like Michigan but much better competition. 

In the end it would not matter, as Clemson wins anyway. Kudos to them, they proved they were the best team this year. I just hate that they play in such a weak conference like the ACC

Comment 04 Jan 2019

If he were not a Buckeye, most people would consider Tate to be a giant douche. I wish him well in the competition, but he really comes off looking like a douche much of the time. If he wins the competition great for him, if Fields wins, great too. I am just glad there will be a choice. Ultimately, I have never been enamored with Martell, but his attitude aside, he does know how to win.