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Comment 30 Apr 2020
That was because a lot of people have been asking him if anyone was going to decommit who was his best guess, so his response was more of a gun to my head type of response, not who he thinks will decommit
Comment 24 Apr 2020
It's probably V.I.P members only anyway just log into 247 sports and look up Washington then boards but here you go $
Comment 22 Apr 2020 Great read pertaining to his father
Comment 26 Mar 2020
Over on mblows, they have a site that has him ranked ahead of Jack Sawyer, not even kidding they're lapping it up and I have never, not one time ever heard of the site but of course they're all in about it, delusional ttun fans are the best lol
Comment 20 Mar 2020
I mean, realistically it's because ESPN hypes them up because they're in the SEC, it's not because they are all world. But because the SEC is the bell cow for ESPN collegiate football every team gets all of their coverage and where do voters turn to for their sports information? So as long as we are tied to Fox and the SEC and ACC are tied to ESPN expect to earn every ranking while they could lose 3 or 4 and be top 10
Comment 18 Mar 2020
Yeah, I'm a Roger Bacon Alum, if not Ohio State, definitely Cincinnati, if Cincinnati ever gets into a power 5 Conference they could be scary good, just a matter of time
Comment 17 Mar 2020
Honest question...are you just old and grumpy or are you an OSU troll, there's almost no comment you make that doesn't make me say why would he/she say something so negative
Comment 16 Mar 2020
Tradition, legacy, alma mater and on a National level Bama is about a hundred times more prominent than S.C. if you think Dabo is doing great now...just imagine him at Bama, you think he doesn't hear all the yeah but look at the ACC and how bad it is. Going to Bama would going to Bama and playing the "vaunted" SEC teams and beating them would be another feather in his cap
Comment 16 Mar 2020
Yeah, throw in the fact that the Titans are his likely favorite NFL team and he saw what Coombs did with them and it all starts coming clearer