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Comment 22 Jan 2017

 I always say I see better than I hear. The entire team, coaches included talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Find five guys that play their guts out, if you have them, and live or die with those guys. It sends a message that you play hard or you don't play. That's all players ever understand. Want to and toughness matters, but coaches have to insist it does. Demand excellence or you won't EVER get it. 

Comment 29 Oct 2016

Looks like better coaching for 3 1/2 weeks with their 2-3 stars out playing our 4-5 stars. Hoping it's just youthful growing pains but kinda looks like some of ours are a bit over rated. Everyone is really frustrated, coaches, players and fans......keep grinding everyone, we WILL get there!

Comment 22 Oct 2016

That was a total team loss, game plan, play calls, effort, decision making.......nobody coached or played well! Hopefully they won't let PSU beat us twice by being as ill prepared next week. Top ten, maybe....top 4 , not this year.

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Indiana, Wisconsin and Penn State have outplayed us for significant stretches. Have we been "figured out"? Maybe our youngsters have hit a wall? Lots of issues but we are so young and eager, they will figure it out, hopefully sooner rather than later!

Comment 22 Oct 2016

Beck is a complete failure and Iowa State's fans laughed at us when he was hired. Good riddance was their opinion of him and he has proved them right. Smith has gotten virtually zero out of his group for several games, probably the reason he is the lowest paid assistant. Defense is producing but this offense is regressing quickly. Lots of talent on hand but 2 units are struggling mightily!

Comment 28 Mar 2016

The downhill slide only quickens from here on out. When players fail to get better, are not truly in shape per NBA body analysis, Ohio guys leave regularly for better schools, players transfer out, lack of hustle, comments from ex-players that are very negative. Hard to overlook all those things, some maybe, but an awfully negative trend in my humble opinion. This class may be disintegrating and with it goes the future we were hoping for.

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Really believe this has been brewing for quite a while. That's why Decker said what he said about Zeke saying in public what others were scared to say. It wasn't working very well and the frustration got too much for Zeke. Maybe Beck was too stubborn or too proud to change, it cost the team and probably he should move on. I really think the players had lost faith in the play calls and Beck as the play caller. Great win today, best play calling of the year. 

Comment 22 Nov 2015

The play calling has been abysmal all year and the kids overcame it. Yesterday they couldn't. They are told everything is a competition and a chance to get better. The OC gets worse and I believe it just reached the boiling point with Zeke. The truth hurts and maybe after all these weeks of keeping it inside he just had to say it. Most times I would prefer it in house. But it was absolutely pitiful yesterday and if anyone can argue it wasn't, well you watched a different game than I. Put it in the rear view mirror and get amped for THE GAME!

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Not a very good look for Beck or Warriner. Offensive line regresses after Warriner gets promoted to Asst. OC. QB's regress after Tim Beck is hired as OC and QB coach and entire offense regresses. Play calling to use an Urban description has been a clown show all year. Defensive tackles are puff and charmin Mr Johnson, misses in recruiting that spot hurt all year. We were good but not great and with THE game coming up they better man up in a hurry! 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

We are proving we were over-rated all year......poorly coached offense....play calling has been poor......today it got worse. Too bad we were fooled by the weak schedule, it covered up our weak middle on defense and average at best line play.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Well mistakes are the difference, because it sure looks like the team with supposedly more talent should be behind doesn't it? Time to show up Buckeyes!