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Comment 02 Mar 2019

Thought they would lose by 30 so wasn’t surprised by the score, just the effort. Disappointing but not unexpected really, without Wesson on the floor I don’t think they have anyone who we could honestly say would start for most other teams. Maybe Muhammad and CJ but maybe not. Just a lack of talent this year. Hoped for better but realistically we have a much better record than I expected. Looking for effort and want to the rest of the way.

Comment 29 Dec 2018

Michigan men.....are missing again......Hahahahahaha. Not a shocker 96 points in last 2 games....so far.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Thanks Coach Meyer and his family. Great times, great ride! Best of luck wherever life takes you! Good luck to Coach Day as the new head Coach. A word of warning though, Urban could no longer trust his bosses who failed to have his back. Maybe a more experienced candidate would be hard pressed to take that job after what happened to  a coaching legend. When your bosses throw you under the bus for the sake of political correctness, I would leave too. 

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Very,very good year. Lots of ups and downs. Frustrating team though. You saw the greatness right there beneath the surface and then penalties,long run after long run, inexplicable coaching decisions,personnel decisions..... Great win over TTUN, good win over a game Northwestern, but Purdue and Maryland and Nebraska. IT was within our reach but really never within our grasp if I’m saying that correctly. Great record, great kids, thanks for the ride Buckeyes, one more in the Rose Bowl. OH

Comment 02 Dec 2018

Truth is he’s paid to espouse his opinions whether we like/agree is really not the issue. When we disagree it runs the meter and same but less so if we do. Everyone has their opinions, it’s still a free country. I agree more often than not and it’s a not on Georgia being in this year. We had a really good year but I just don’t think we played consistently well enough to be there. Close isn’t quite good enough and like Georgia we weren’t quite good enough either. I hope we get another Heisman  though because Dwayne met that standard and I think Herbie might agree. Good win...Go Bucks.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

Wow, who would’ve ever thought our skill position players were our most obvious tactical advantage? Just everyone but our own staff.....huh.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

This team is so full of holes and inconsistencies I don’t really think they’ve made any real improvements the entire year. That’s coaching folks it just is. Penalties, special teams, offensive line, linebackers, defensive backs....we would have been boat raced in the playoffs. Don’t really think they ever got it together from the very beginning, they’ve just hung on all year...barely.

Comment 01 Dec 2018

We really need chaos now. I’m good with a great win today, a great win last week and another one in whatever our next destination is. In a year with so many disruptive issues I’m thinking we had a year with far more success than failure. Go Bucks, it’s been a wild ride!!

Comment 10 Nov 2018

Tough game in a very tough environment. Cold, windy weather in November. Not perfect, far from it. First half was very rough but they stayed together and fought. Michigan State’s defense is a rugged, hard hitting unit and they proved it. I saw some improvements but plenty of room for more. Good win, let’s celebrate and appreciate a 20 point win, it felt good again. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 03 Nov 2018

If Nebraska out screwups is today 5 more to say only 3 more screwups for us we definitely, possibly, maybe have a possible chance to maybe not lose!!!!i think that is a definite possible maybe!!!!!! Just trying to lighten the mood!

Comment 28 Oct 2018

I’m thinking we match up very well.......with...............Kentucky. Their offense stinks so our defense matches up, our offense is good and so is their defense. Plus since they have 37 Ohio kids it would be a Buckeye on Buckeye brawl. Not to mention Meyer vs Stoops.

Comment 24 Oct 2018

It is impossible to state that this defense is progressing. Not possible. My eyes tell me that this defense is regressing. When Schiano says that, he is being dishonest at best. I see better than I hear and so does everyone else. It’s bad and EVERYONE knows it. At least be honest about what it is for heavens sake. Maybe, just maybe Tennessee dodged a bullet. I love our Buckeyes, but remember the “CLOWNSHOW” we had.....its reared it’s head......again.

Comment 21 Oct 2018


1. Drop linebackers off LOS so they have a second to read and attack, they are always caught in the “wash” at the LOS and get bad angles because the scheme eliminates them.

2. Defensive backs need to redirect the receivers and get their heads around, we let them free release and the routes have timing and receivers are where they are supposed to be on time.

3. Defensive line is vastly disappointing, fewer pressures than expected hurts the weak secondary even more. Just my 2 cents.....hope they get it fixed.