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Comment 21 Oct 2018


1. Drop linebackers off LOS so they have a second to read and attack, they are always caught in the “wash” at the LOS and get bad angles because the scheme eliminates them.

2. Defensive backs need to redirect the receivers and get their heads around, we let them free release and the routes have timing and receivers are where they are supposed to be on time.

3. Defensive line is vastly disappointing, fewer pressures than expected hurts the weak secondary even more. Just my 2 cents.....hope they get it fixed.

Comment 20 Oct 2018

Just appears without the very large talent advantage our coaching staff is outmatched at times. I remember times where if the other staffs had ours it appears they would defeat us easily and if our coaches had theirs they’d get badly beaten. Studrawa is mediocre at best, Davis as well,  our new dB coaches are being exposed too. Zero improvement since game one. That’s coaching, it just is. Hope somehow it gets better, frustrating team for sure. Needs to find something that lights a fire and soon.

Comment 14 Oct 2018

Our offensive line is THE issue. I believe we are a step slow nearly everywhere. The opposing linemen are getting upfield and we are more often than not forced to hold or grab to even slow them down. Maybe we’re tipping our snap again or maybe all this “hand” fighting has taken their ability to drive block away. At this point the starters are what they are and they look soft and slow. I’m certain they’re motivated by playing time, if not taking it away won’t bother them. Play Davis and Meyer’s and see if they are motivated, it doesn’t appear it can get much worse at this point. It’s past time for several changes. Coach, playing time is the ultimate hammer, use it or lose.

Comment 23 Sep 2018

Hilliard has made plays when given the opportunity. He deserves an opportunity to play and see what he can do. He’s overcome 2 bicep tears and persevered. How can we be much less productive.....?

Comment 20 Sep 2018

Still believe Justin Hilliard  displays the skill set we need. He reads well, reacts, and attacks the play. I know he’s not your ideal size but that dude can play and deserves more run than he gets. Just my 2 cents but he’s worked so hard to recover from two biceps tears, I think he is the answer.

Comment 18 Feb 2018

We have been surprisingly good, but teams have figured us out and aren’t taking us for granted anymore. That thin margin for error has unsurprisingly disappeared. Those things that get you beat have reappeared, bad free throw shooting, ball handling and perimeter shooting and defense. Hopefully they can gather themselves for a run but if not they have surpassed anything I had hoped for. This team despite its limitations has been tremendously fun to root for and  a big THANK YOU to this team and their coaches for a really good year. Keep digging and you never know what can happen!

Comment 24 Jan 2018

Coach Coombs has been fantastic here and I wish him all the best! I just wonder if the Pro’s will respond to his ultra high energy like college kids do. Sometimes the fit is not better where the grass “appears” to be greener. The fit for his new head coach was better in the pros , but time will tell. I wish him the best and am grateful he was and always will be a Buckeye!! Congrats coach!!