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Comment 12 hours ago

I ride my bike about 2500 miles yearly on the St Tammany Trace, 30 miles long. It was getting very crowded with many people not following the rules. No Pets, don't block the trail, use the trash cans. Many just lack common sense and courtesy. 

They have rangers that patrol the trace who are for the most retired, part timers. They closed the restrooms and kids play areas last week and finally said they were closing the trace to protect the rangers today. It caused quite an uproar as you can imagine. No rangers, no safety net, no trace. Weather is beautiful today. I may ride parallel to the trace Wednesday. That puts me at a higher risk due heavier traffic.

They posted it would be closed two weeks but I expect it will now be closed all April. 

Comment 29 Mar 2020

As someone who went through Katrina, I can tell you that our family courts were overbooked starting about six months after the storm and it lasted for over a year. Stress does crazy things to people in tight quarters.

And for you guys that say there won't be enough money to get divorced, you must have never been divorced. ONE side gets to live in a house with alimony and child support while the other side still pays all the bills. 

You never know.

Comment 22 Mar 2020

I have done it most of my career. At least since we were given laptops. It helps to have a separate office or work space. 

I am usually traveling to customer sites so there is that. Being a road warrior has its own challenges.

The one thing I will warn you is that it can and will if you let it, take over your life. Get up early to check email or work on a project.a little later. I still remember when my mother and grandmother were visiting and a customer called around 11:00 PM. It is good to have a set schedule and routine. No commute is nice. 

Comment 21 Mar 2020

I'm old. There used to be coupons to buy magazines in every college classroom.

I think I got Playboy, Rolling Stone and maybe Time? Each was like $2-$5 a year. Dorothy Stratton? Shannon Tweed? Nothing like today!

You probably had a better chance making a profit with the twinkies.

Comment 21 Mar 2020

A lot of yoga and bike riding. Road past many parks that are usually full of kids playing, they were empty.

Threw a 10lb butt on early this AM. Will do low and slow and it is just coming out of stall now. Started last night,I have been texting and sending pictures of the entire process to my buddies.

Need to take zero turn mower apart, not cutting right, probably blades need sharpening.

Got my haircut Thursday, I was the only one there. Had a PT session for shoulder cancelled.

Will start reading Ben Greenfield's Boundless. That dude does all sorts of weird biohacking.  It is 640 pages long.

Actually just took an hour nap, very unusual for me. Strange times.

Comment 18 Mar 2020

YouTube is your friend for weight workouts. I used to love the crossfit bear with a barbell. Don't do it anymore because of shoulders. More of a kettlebell guy now. I have switched to lifting SLOWLY with correct form using dumbbells. Think 10-12 seconds up, 12-15 seconds down. You will use less weight and do far less reps but it builds strength and I can tell I am growing also.

Being outside is better for you, depending on where you live! My normal bike ride is two hours on the St Tammany trace, I call it outdoor therapy.

GF is mad about gym being closed. I told her we have enough stuff upstairs to get in a good workout. She likes the machines, especially for legs. Told her free weights are better, they develop better balance and stabilizer muscles. She has no choice so we will see what she chooses to do.

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Remember that place and that policy well.

Two young and dumb sales guys, I was one, took some customers to The Diamond Grill. Lots of drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert with after dinner drinks. We were impressed that we could entertain customers and pay with our brand new company credit cards which of course they did not accept. We did not even have business cards yet but they knew our company sales manager very well. They sent the bill to him. He of course busted our chops for years on that.

Comment 16 Mar 2020

We are  big SAM's shoppers.  Just seems easier to buy some supplies once or twice a year at a lower cost if you have storage. As it worked out we needed TP last week. Bought one of those packs that has five internal packs of nine rolls. That should last us 6-9 months. While shopping saw an old couple that had 6 of those packs in their cart. Who needs 270 rolls? You never know if they were buying for family and friends or hoarding. Once I left the guy parked in front of me had his entire truck bed full of TP and paper towels. Again you never know who he was buying for but I think that level of purchasing should be controlled.

Living in a hurricane area we have lots of water and keep a good supply of dry goods. Got a good inventory of food on hand today.

Did go to Rouses, local supermarket and Walmart today. Shelves were empty, they were restocking some items.

Stay safe and healthy. I imagine things will get worse before they get better.

Comment 16 Mar 2020

One fridge/freezer is full of frozen veges. That was part of the clean and reorg. What did we have and how much? GF loves Wholecheck. Chili will be loaded with tomatoes, onion, peppers and beans.

I have been rehabbing my shoulder. Lifting anything above shoulder height is a no no even a can of beans. Fortunate that I have complete workout set up upstairs, using bands lately. Thanks Craigslist!

I've been doing yoga every AM. I can see that being a good family exercise. As long as you don't mind your kids being able to do poses you can't!

Weather here is excellent. Lots of bike riding.  That would be a good family "outing" especially once cabin fever sets in

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Cleaned and reorganized two fridges and one freezer.

Have a butt, ribs and brisket to smoke for an Ohio buddy who was supposed to come down next week. Don't think he will make it.

GF wants to make chili, she is a good cook and we have plenty of sausage and ground beef. We have a full supply of chicken, pork steak, shrimp and fish.

I have not had a drink since a certain playoff game. Strangely don't miss it. Been lifting and putting miles on the bike. Feel good.

Comment 16 Mar 2020

A thread I can sink my teeth into.

Call me crazy but there used to be a local place called Crazy Johnny's. Steak, usually only two or three varieties, baked potato, salad and some dessert his wife cooked up. Great beer and wine selection, very rustic decor. I used to take customers there and they would give me that where are you taking me look. Next time they would demand to go there.

I've been to many while entertaining customers. None stuck out in my mind, usually it was the service or company that made it memorable, not the steak. There was a small farm down where I deer hunt that tried raising the Waygu cattle. We tried some, I was not really that impressed. Maybe that is why that farmer is back to raising regular cattle?

I have tried the Alton Brown method, worked pretty good. I also have a weber grill and used the grill grates, good results also. Seems to be one of man's ultimate goals, to cook and or eat the best steak.

Comment 12 Mar 2020

I watch college football, not much else.

Nicer weather means more bike riding and more house and yard work. I have a bathroom I need to completely redo. 

My mom lives in AZ and I am debating a road trip.

Sort of funny, lots of hi def TV's cable, ROKU, Netflix, Amazon Prime and I don't really watch it that much.

Comment 04 Mar 2020

Tom Waits, is that you?

Comment 02 Mar 2020

We grew up in the same era, and apparently close proximity.

Went to Barbados with the WMMS crew one year.

I have the streaming services and make my own playlists.  

Still miss Murray Saul bringing in the weekend.  

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Back before phones had cameras, wait before we even had phones, I had a waterproof, drop proof 35 mm NIKON camera we used to take pictures of the power plants in Florida we were inspecting. We would write up a report and send the camera rolls to great lady in Atlanta who would turn them into fantastic reports in binders.

We were young and pretty randy and she would get rolls that had pictures of us flipping each other off, occasionally someone shooting the moon and harmless stuff like that. This was in the mid 80's and spring break and MTV were going strong during some of this. 

We did a pretty good job of camera film roll management but she did get several partial and one full roll of spring break beach and wet T shirt contests and one hotel "event". I had to go back up to review these reports and when in the office she gave me an a big yellow  envelope of the outtakes if you will. She never mentioned it to anyone.

Met her husband at the Christmas party and he told he had seen some of the pictures and he asked his wife if we were hiring. They were both cool about the entire thing. I doubt that would be the case today.

Comment 18 Feb 2020

Considered ALLY and Bank5. Went with Bank5 but it has been awhile and I don't remember why.

Same as most, higher interest on account, ATM's everywhere with no fees.

The only downside is if you need a cashiers check or certified check you are SOL. Had to have one for a down payment to rent a house. I think we had to cobble together a bunch of Money Orders from Walmart.

Comment 05 Feb 2020

I am here for the football but threads like this keep me coming back. I learn something new here all the time.

Excuse me now as I go find a BBQ thread.

Comment 30 Jan 2020

Used to be a patrol boy back in elementary school. You know hold the flag while kids crossed the street.

They gave us free movie passes for doing this. There were two movie houses in downtown Barberton. One was the Park, I think the other was the West.

We used our movie passes to go see Frankenstein.  This was the Frankenstein with nudity, well boobs. Never told anyone. Occasionally they would not let us go to R rated moves. Back then there were M rated movies also. I saw a lot of movies for free.

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Craigslist has been my friend.

I have a rack /cage, adjustable bench, Olympic bar and weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, trx, foam roller and the foam floor protectors. Most has been bought off of Craigslist. Give it a month and a lot of the New Years resolution stuff will be on sale cheap.

I keep talking myself out of a rowing machine for the days when I can't ride my bike.

I have been on a yoga, kettlebell, biking binge lately. Kettlebells seem to be a more functional strength for me than traditional weights. Youtube videos give me endless ideas on flexibility, balance and rehab.

There are Theragun knockoffs for $50 on Amazon and ebay, Haven't pulled the trigger on one of those yet.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

The Move, some never forget.

Me, I have a slight interest in NFL. I have buddies who were the orange painted Dog/Dawg Pound group that hope Baltimore never wins a game. Harbaugh=Ravens. Not perfect logic but what in sports is?

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Like many music was a huge part of my youth. Rush was on constant play back in the eight track and vinyl days.

I honestly do not remember how many times I saw Rush in concert or where.

Spent an hour last night going through YouTube listening to songs.

Another part of my past is gone.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Never close to death. Have had some " interesting" events.

Have a bad left knee, flat on flat, no cartilage and bone spurs. Knee starts swelling up, I do the regular routine, Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Does not work and after a week my knee is pretty big. At this point I walk into my ortho doctor without an appointment. He is on call that day and they tell me to come back tomorrow. I do and he immediately sends me down for an ultrasound of my leg. Lady was pissed at first as it was lunch time and her birthday. Her look turns from pissed to horror. She tells me I have DVT and the vein in my left leg is plugged up from my ankle into my body. She tells me I have to go hospital ASAP. They ask me if I want an ambulance, I drive.

Get to hospital and no beds, doctor meets me in the admitting section takes me straight to OR. Three days, several surgeries and sleeping with my legs above my head, pumped full of heparin. Last trip down I ask nurse why it is so quiet. She tells me I am in ICU and probably was very close to pulmonary embolism and could have died. Day three if I can stand I get to go home. I stand and walk down the hall bare ass shining from those hospital gowns. They ask who is coming to get me. GF is in Korea and I don't want to bother anyone. I drive home.

My cell phone was running out of juice. Called my mother in AZ once after I got there she found hospital and kept tabs on me. Funny thing was she told nurse I would walk and get out of there as soon as I could.Nurse said they usually stand up and fall down due low blood pressure.Had some very attractive and fun nurses during my stay. My neighbors and co workers did not know where I was.

Healthy middle aged males aren't supposed to get DVT. Sometimes it is an indication of cancer? I am tall with a pretty low pulse rate.They run every test known to man on me, about $200K worth of tests. They find nothing. My body does not work with Coumadin. I keep throwing blood clots. I am on Xarleto for life. Tried to get off last year, went about 12 months and threw another clot. Saw an Oncologist for about a year. He had this crazy nurse that liked to party. I was always joking with his staff. They would ask me which arm I wanted blood taken from, my answer was always yours. They were very professional and nice always asking how I was doing. My response was always the same, after seeing all the people, especially children there being treated for cancer, I had nothing to complain about.

I also hit black ice driving across country one time. Truck slid to side of road and once it hit the snow it starting to roll, somehow hit something and flipped. Ended up right side up, truck still running and I could open my door. GF hit her head and the suitcases in the back of the truck which were covered by a bed cover were flung over 100 yards away.

I get out and a car pulls off highway. We do a quick check and ask them to call 911. The guy in car said he thought we were going to be dead. His wife was pretty distressed.

Had AFIB once is doctors office after complaining of chest pains. Spent that day getting a battery of tests, they could find nothing wrong.

I guess if you live long enough and are active life is going to throw you some curves. No flatline or white lights for me, yet.