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Comment 12 Aug 2019

I agree with this completely. I still have a rusty, dual fuel cabinet smoker but it never gets used. I keep it as it was the easiest and best way to make deer jerky.

I have a Weber performer with the table and gas starter. Bought it for around $300. After reading this site and few others I was interested in a Kamado type and bought the Char-broil kamander for $300. I made my own version of a slow and sear with two charcoal baskets and a water pan.

When I am home I do most of the cooking , tonight it will be filets. I can do a low and slow smoke for 8+ hours at 225 or a hot pizza cook at 600+ with the kamander, it is pretty good at searing also. The weber is great for anything and everything else, especially if you want to play with indirect and direct heat. So what I saved on grill costs I have definitely ate and drank better!

At $300 even if either of these break down in five years I will buy spare parts to fix or buy a new one. I will still be out ahead. Weber has an excellent warranty.

I do see the appeal of the pellet smokers. They seem easier to use and a lot less messy to clean up?

No matter what you choose enjoy! Odds are you may be buying something else in the future. Says the guy with three different grills/smokers, tons of cast iron and pizza stones.

Comment 10 Aug 2019

Moved a lot over the years and it was always an opportunity to get rid of stuff I "collected".

I had kept the old hunting licenses and federal duck stamps back to when I was 12 years old. I am not sure what happened to those.

The GF and I buy a Christmas ornament whenever we go somewhere different on vacation. We have the usual NOLA, DC and she brought some from Portugal and Spain on her recent trip.

My mom collects angels, I assume this is because her children were anything but angels.

Comment 06 Aug 2019

I am a truck guy and was going to stay out of this. I have rented two cars in my recent travels. I don't see how you guys do it but I am a big, ugly. Toyota Camry, sharp looking, 38 MPG but I had to crawl down into it and there was no head room or room for the rest of me in general. Then a Chevy Malibu, bigger with a surprisingly nice interior. But still low to the ground and under powered, rental I know. Fortunately I get to rent trucks and SUVs most of the time. I use my truck all the time for hauling and need it as I belong to a hunting camp. My GF drives a camaro, my truck rides nicer than her car. But yeah I am happy to get 18 MPG...

Only tips I can give are this. Two of my trucks were dealer demos. Loaded and after 5,000 miles they have to sell them, at a big discount. The other is and I think someone mentioned it don't be afraid to travel. I lived in LA but flew to TX twice to buy vehicles. $100 ticket saved me $1,000s, actually over $10,000 on the dealer demo I bought. Found that one on Ebay.

Comment 03 Aug 2019

Old dude here. Back in ancient times we played baseball, football, basketball, ran track, wrestled and played ice hockey. That is organized and backyard.

No CTE here, I have always been crazy. My issue is my joints. I have arthritis in just about every joint.

Basketball destroyed my ankles. Football got my knees. Not sure what got my shoulders, shooting an 80 pound bow? I have scars all over my body.

My kids are daughters. Never had to make the football decision. Gymnastics seemed to have as many or more injuries than football?

All I know is I wouldn't change a thing. The two guys I go hunting with every year played football with me back in junior high school. We are still friends 40 years later.

Every kid, sport and decision is situational. Love em and let them make decisions and mistakes.

Comment 21 Jul 2019

Thanks for the notification. Started watching last night. Always have mixed emotions on the coach and some of the "kids".

The story about the assistant coach living in dorm paints a painful picture.

Comment 18 Jul 2019

My GF, perhaps I should say my GF and I, own a 14 year mini pincher. He is blind in one eye and is going blind in the other . He is going deaf. He has bladder cancer and his kidneys are failing. He does not know that and really doesn't act like it either.

 He refuses to eat regular dog food. My GF has made him special meat, rice and vege meals. He won't eat those. 

He will eat the pulled pork I made last month and froze in plastic bags. I will probably need to smoke another butt soon to keep him going. He did not eat anything yesterday. I got home late and pulled out two pieces of pizza I made on the grill this weekend. I tore a small piece off and he gulped that down. So he got one half of one piece. My GF just shook her head.

So the dog knows good BBQ. I hope it has some healing powers, I would like to keep him around for awhile. 

Comment 11 Jul 2019

Might need new thread, don't want to hijack this thread.

Picked up sand bags today. Expect possibly 12"-15" of rain over weekend. Just hope power isn't out for long, I never got a new generator.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

This is the majority of college players and it included me.

You get hurt, don't start, new coaches whatever and eventually your career is over. Football, college and just life in general can be stressful for any who aren't equipped to deal with it. 

Real Life Wednesdays and a strong alumni network will prepare most for a career far from the playing field and that is a good thing.

Comment 05 Jul 2019

If I remember correctly Harold Brown broke his neck his senior year in High School and was not expected to play ever again. I believe tOSU honored his scholarship and he worked to get back on the field. tOSU would not allow him to play and I think he transferred somewhere else. He was an exceptional running back in high school.

Don't remember Deleone which is odd, I probably played against him on both sides of the ball.

Comment 03 Jul 2019

In Billy Joel's words

It's still BBQ to me. 

Any and all of it. Best part is always trying something new.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

When I got out of college I traveled for my job. Every college town I went to I bought a T shirt and hit the local bars. I had dozens of them.

I have since outgrown all those and have given or thrown them away. I have one tOSU hoody that I hardly wear, not a hoody guy.

Comment 23 Jun 2019

The thick center cut bacon is cut in thirds, then wrapped around a 1/4" thick piece of sausage to form a small cup. I put a pepper jack cheese square in there. Then I top it off with a cream cheese mix, many options there, different cheese, pineapple, jalapeno,onion . I sprinkle the whole thing with rub and smoked at 200 for about an hour, bacon crispy. Last few minutes I put on some BBQ sauce.

I have one buddy that can't eat spicy foods. I switched out the andoullie and pepper jack with something milder and used a milder rub. I like Stubbs sweet heat sauce so I swapped that out also. Lots of options. Your boys can probably help make these and enjoy the results.

Jeff Philips has some fun recipes.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

Since I live in Louisiana grilling, smoking and BBQ season is year round. Summer is actually not a good time to be outside here. I just drink more beer then.

I have not bothered to learn how to post pictures.

Besides the popular ribs, butt, brisket and chicken I low smoked some pig shots for deer camp / the game last year. Those things were gone in no time. Check out Jeff Philips or just about any site. Made mine with Andouille sausage, thick center cut bacon, pepper jack cheese squares, a cream cheese mix and of course rub and bbq sauce.Probably the lowest temp smoke I ever did, kept it below 200 the whole time, maybe an hour.

I am thinking of some type of candied pork belly this year. I made deer jerky one year. Lots of options.

Comment 21 Jun 2019

UV for you for the weber kettle experience. I have smoked more than a few butts and ribs on the kettle. That takes a lot more attention than a pellet or kamado rig.

I bought two of those charcoal baskets, took them apart at the tabs and made one big basket that you can use on a low and slow smoke. Start in one corner and you can get 8 hours out of it and if necessary it is easy to refill.

Comment 19 Jun 2019

Different strokes for different folks.

I inject my butts, lately it has been pineapple juice with a heavy dose of hot sauce. I have mentioned before I score the butt heavily with a sharp knife to give it more bark.

Have been doing the hot and fast, 300 degrees, no wrap, no stall. Takes less than six hours depending on butt size, fat content and weather. I like the end result also. I use different wood, I like pecan but have the full compliment of fruit and oak and hickory. I had moved over to smoking on the weber performer but after I bought the Kamander it is my go to smoker now. Don't ever touch my cabinet smoker.

That is what is so cool about smoking and BBQ. Lots of fun trying new and different things.

This thread always makes me hungry! I still have some butt and a rack of ribs I had smoked previously. Time to break them out.

Comment 11 Jun 2019


Have to remember this was before the internet and the 24/7 know everything about recruiting time. I attended an All Star banquet and he was all Penn State. I don't think I ever heard why.

A funny guy named Bo Schembechler spoke at that banquet.