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Comment 12 Jan 2020

The Move, some never forget.

Me, I have a slight interest in NFL. I have buddies who were the orange painted Dog/Dawg Pound group that hope Baltimore never wins a game. Harbaugh=Ravens. Not perfect logic but what in sports is?

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Like many music was a huge part of my youth. Rush was on constant play back in the eight track and vinyl days.

I honestly do not remember how many times I saw Rush in concert or where.

Spent an hour last night going through YouTube listening to songs.

Another part of my past is gone.

Comment 09 Jan 2020

Never close to death. Have had some " interesting" events.

Have a bad left knee, flat on flat, no cartilage and bone spurs. Knee starts swelling up, I do the regular routine, Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Does not work and after a week my knee is pretty big. At this point I walk into my ortho doctor without an appointment. He is on call that day and they tell me to come back tomorrow. I do and he immediately sends me down for an ultrasound of my leg. Lady was pissed at first as it was lunch time and her birthday. Her look turns from pissed to horror. She tells me I have DVT and the vein in my left leg is plugged up from my ankle into my body. She tells me I have to go hospital ASAP. They ask me if I want an ambulance, I drive.

Get to hospital and no beds, doctor meets me in the admitting section takes me straight to OR. Three days, several surgeries and sleeping with my legs above my head, pumped full of heparin. Last trip down I ask nurse why it is so quiet. She tells me I am in ICU and probably was very close to pulmonary embolism and could have died. Day three if I can stand I get to go home. I stand and walk down the hall bare ass shining from those hospital gowns. They ask who is coming to get me. GF is in Korea and I don't want to bother anyone. I drive home.

My cell phone was running out of juice. Called my mother in AZ once after I got there she found hospital and kept tabs on me. Funny thing was she told nurse I would walk and get out of there as soon as I could.Nurse said they usually stand up and fall down due low blood pressure.Had some very attractive and fun nurses during my stay. My neighbors and co workers did not know where I was.

Healthy middle aged males aren't supposed to get DVT. Sometimes it is an indication of cancer? I am tall with a pretty low pulse rate.They run every test known to man on me, about $200K worth of tests. They find nothing. My body does not work with Coumadin. I keep throwing blood clots. I am on Xarleto for life. Tried to get off last year, went about 12 months and threw another clot. Saw an Oncologist for about a year. He had this crazy nurse that liked to party. I was always joking with his staff. They would ask me which arm I wanted blood taken from, my answer was always yours. They were very professional and nice always asking how I was doing. My response was always the same, after seeing all the people, especially children there being treated for cancer, I had nothing to complain about.

I also hit black ice driving across country one time. Truck slid to side of road and once it hit the snow it starting to roll, somehow hit something and flipped. Ended up right side up, truck still running and I could open my door. GF hit her head and the suitcases in the back of the truck which were covered by a bed cover were flung over 100 yards away.

I get out and a car pulls off highway. We do a quick check and ask them to call 911. The guy in car said he thought we were going to be dead. His wife was pretty distressed.

Had AFIB once is doctors office after complaining of chest pains. Spent that day getting a battery of tests, they could find nothing wrong.

I guess if you live long enough and are active life is going to throw you some curves. No flatline or white lights for me, yet.

Comment 01 Jan 2020

Very emotional. Sounds like his mother prepared him for his current and future success. 

Big tip of the hat to Buckeye Nation for their support.

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Thanks for the suggestion. UV to all.

I ride a mountain bike, outside no matter what the weather but I don't get snow. My Garmin gave me a badge last year for riding in weather below freezing.  I have some sort of cadence /power meter, never set up or used. I have been considering an indoors option. I am leaning more toward a rower, more complete body workout.

Many options to consider.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

If you played long ago odds are to broke your nose from your helmet smashing down on the bridge. Found that out years later after I had to have an Xray. Doctors first question was did you play high school football?  Yes why, the bridge of your nose has been broken, probably several times years ago.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

In high school hit a team member in practice as he was running a screen, helmet to helmet. I knocked him out and am pretty sure I had a concussion. Was not right for the rest of the week. Ran into him years later and he told me he did not remember any of it.

In college freshman year I was on kickoff team. Running down I hit one guy in the face mask with my left hand. The top of the mask where it screws into helmet ripped out a huge chunk of the pad of my hand below the thumb area. Blood everywhere. I keep going and the ball carrier is running my way. With my left hand messed up I lower my shoulder and lay him and me out. Hop up and I feel something weird in my shoulder. By the time I made it back to sideline I had a third degree separation of my AC joint. Trainers were focused on the blood while I was trying to tell them about my shoulder. Sideline doc came over and sent me straight to hospital. Still have a scar on hand and right AC joint is probably 1" higher than the other.

Not a good day or play. Ended my season right there.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

Sounds good, pizza is a universal meal for me. I like cooking it on my Kamado type grill.

Upgraded my instant pot with an air fryer and trying out different recipes. Will be making Fiery Sausage and Cheese balls. Like everything I cook there are a lot of options and possibilities with these.


Comment 21 Nov 2019

Count me in that number, I don't own a suit, do have a few sport coats and dress slacks. I also have a massive tie collection of two. As mentioned by others fit has been a problem. Size 50XL jacket and 38 long rise pants aren't readily available although they seem to make polyester suit separates. Last suit I did buy was from ebay. It was nice suit by an expensive company who I can't remember, pre owned probably by some jock. 

Work for me is shorts at home and usually a button down shirt with fire retardant pants and boots in the field.

I'm pretty close to retirement, don't expect to ever own a suit again. 

Cool thing about this site is the wide width of experience here. Some good advice on getting a fairly priced suit. Unless you are working on Wall Street can't imagine buying an expensive suit.

Comment 21 Nov 2019

We have some commonality. I was/am from Summit county. Scrimmaged Mogadore in the Rubber Bowl against Bert. He was good but they took him out of our scrimmage as he was taking a lot of shots. We beat them but they were proud they kept it close. I remember that game for two reasons. It was hotter than hell on that turf and i wanted to play defense but also got put in as left tackle and played the entire scrimmage. Sealed my fate that day.

I have mentioned I also played against Todd Blackledge and Paul Campbell just to name a few.

Yes there was some hazing but we were lucky as we were a true team when I was a sophomore. It helped that we partied together after the games. Many of us sophomores played Friday night and then we had an all sophomore JV team that played on Saturdays because we wanted to. Undefeated so we knew we had something good going.

I will head to Ohio next week to deer hunt, lot more drinking, eating and watching football than hunting. Have been doing for 20+ years. The guys I hunt with are the guys that I played football with back in junior high school. It is just a game but for me it has allowed me develop some long term relationships.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

Ancient history. Played on a high school team, undefeated, lost a total of 4 games from Junior high through Senior year. Our defense scored more TDs than we allowed. Was a stand up defensive end but somehow made all state as an offensive tackle. Think 6'4" 185 pounds. Several of my high school coaches had NFL experience. Back then we were ahead of the competition based on film study and scouting. Many of my teammates went to play in college but none of us finished college playing.

Had good grades and a high SAT? score. Recruited by some good schools, Duke, VT, Northwestern and most of the ivy league. Wanted to go away but not too far. College team was bad, lost more games that season than my entire career. Was one of the thinner, weaker LBs. But was mean and smart. My coach used to say I was a defensive player with an offensive personalty.  I key on defense during games, last year was a nightmare. I am pretty good at anticipating the plays and the defense.

Have bad knees and arthritis in my shoulders, the rest of my body. Would not change anything.

Comment 24 Oct 2019

I went through a phase where I tried SPAM about every way possible. Perhaps this was the missing link?

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Another school that recruited me decades ago. Just didn't feel the vibe. They were 1-10 back then if I remember correctly. I played in an all star game with a kid from Wadsworth that was going there on a football scholarship. Let's just say he did not represent the brand.

I have worked with two NW MBAers. Neither was that impressive. I used to joke with one, How much did your MBA cost again? He got very defensive. He is probably doing better than me now, last laugh?

Good school, good reputation. I just have not seen it on a first hand basis.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

Yes and the weather will mess up the NOLA BBQ and Blues Festival and deer hunting! Windy and wet is the forecast, of course they keep changing it.

As for the sprinklers might try some wire, think coat hanger bent into a U and drive it in over the sprinkler piping next to the sprinkler head. Now how deep, I'll leave that to you. Have any old croquet wickets? They make "staples" to keep weed block down perhaps that will work.

I had the opposite problem. Some idiot hit my mailbox so I moved it to the side street. Three feet of solid clay, think close to cement. Once we get some rain and it settles that mailbox post might never come out!

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Was riding with my rep in Houston, he was driving. You know you go from 70 MPH to stopped constantly. Looked across to the car next to us, actually below us we were in a truck. The lady had TWO phones perched on her steering wheel texting on both of them. About then I realized this was going to destroy society.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

You can add us to the list. My girlfriend had her dog for 14 years, got him as a pup. He predated me, I've only been around for 12 years.

He had bladder cancer but kept going until he finally stopped eating. The only thing he would eat toward the end and the last thing he did eat was my pulled pork. He was my back porch buddy. If I am at home I usually end every evening on the back porch with a adult beverage. He would hang out with me.

The house is quieter now. Still find myself looking for him from time to time. She wants another dog, I want to wait, we are both gone a lot. You can't replace the personality. 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

We are still cranking the mid 90's here. I just get my old ass early to ride my bike before it gets disgusting. Dark for the first 30.

Tomorrow is work day at hunting camp, expect to be drenched by 9:00AM. Ticks and mosquitoes don't seem to mind.

That being said it is better than freezing cold and ass deep snow!

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Well worth the 30 minutes. the life i was meant to live. I need a dog like that!