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Comment 11 Jun 2019


Have to remember this was before the internet and the 24/7 know everything about recruiting time. I attended an All Star banquet and he was all Penn State. I don't think I ever heard why.

A funny guy named Bo Schembechler spoke at that banquet.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Yes I think I mentioned playing against him during my high school days.

The team we played my junior year was good, the team we played our senior year did not stand a chance.

I think TB still lives in OH. We saw him and his family out to dinner one of the last business strips I had to the Akron area. Funny no one recognized him, not even my boss who is a huge college football fan.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

I had done some planning for this past weekends pizza and ribs.

Knew It was going to be hot and knew I was going to get a long bike ride in ahead of time. Bought a six pack of regular Mich ultra, a six of their cactus lime and a six of their Amber. Started Sunday at noon when I finished around 6 pm I only had three if the regulars left. I also felt perfectly fine and was able to enjoy most of one rack without feeling full. Sounds like we agree on the beer plan.

Comment 06 Jun 2019

Congrats on your new smoker!

I have a weber, an old dual fuel cabinet smoker and a chabroil kamander. The weber and Kamander are pretty hard to beat for $300. They get almost daily use, when I am at home.

Lots of good advice here. You learn as you burn. It is part science and part magic. Even if it doesn't turn out perfect it is usually damn good.

I smoked a butt two weekends ago, grilled a pizza Saturday and smoked ribs on Sunday. My girlfriend says I don't know how to turn on the stove or oven. That is nonsense I make fries and onion rings in the oven. The best days are spent on the back porch smoking, grilling and enjoying an adult beverage.


Comment 01 Jun 2019

Funny, I lived and worked in FLA for years and only remember a few storms. Moved to LA and all hell broke loose.

I can write a book of hurricanes, and I think I did on bucknuts after Katrina. Guns, Gasoline, Generators, a "borrowed" bulldozer and black hawk helicopters. Wife, kids, mother and father in law, two sets of friends and a lot of pets stayed at a Marriott in Memphis thanks to my points and status. I don't think they ever billed me!

The neighbor that had the generator was a super cool guy. They just opened a fresh market and the manager stayed with him. Dude knew everyone. Needless to say we ate like kings as the store lost power and eventually everything in the freezer would rot, we made daily trips. Neighbor helping neighbor. 

Reminds me of the Cajun Navy now. Storms can bring out the best in us and the worst...

Comment 01 Jun 2019

It depends on your flood zone, hurricane path and strength. Speed is a funny thing, slow is bad.

What you own is not worth your life. Figure out ahead of time what is important, box it up and haul ass. 

Not only is your life important but so is the first responders that have to "save" the idiots that refuse to leave. Don't be that guy.

Comment 01 Jun 2019

If I remember correctly my neighbor was a car dealer and auto mechanic.  I think he got a good deal on a mid size unit. I think he told me he paid $5000 back then. Now after Katrina he kept his house cold, around 68 degrees and he and his wife hosted a lot of people that cooked and used the laundry for the two weeks we did not have power. I slept there many nights. Of course it was sunny, in the mid 90's and high humidity. Afterward we talked about the generator and the unpleasant surprise was his natural gas bill averaged $80 -$100 a DAY! I offered to help him out but of course he refused. 

Later I worked with a guy that confirmed that his gas bill was over $2400 for that period with a similar unit.

I think they have gotten cheaper? and more efficient?

A gas generator is less than $1000. Buy a window AC unit, a lot of gas cans, I think I have 12, and you can run your basic appliances, your PC and satellite for dollars day. As long as you can find gas, there is that preparedness we discussed. I have done that on at least three hurricanes. 

Oh yeah, they are fricking noisy as hell! 

Comment 01 Jun 2019

I have thought about one of those. Neighbor across the street had one during Katrina, paid off there.

Knowing me if I had one that might be more inclined to stay versus leave. That isn't always the best option...

Comment 25 May 2019

I'm an old dude. 

Got drug around the stadium by Paul Campbell back in the day. At least I could tackle him. Years later we played backyard football with him at Firestone park!

Completely destroyed Todd Blackledge and his team my senior year but he hung tough.

I can't remember the dudes name but played on an all star team and an O lineman was going to Notre Dame. He was tough and mean.The all star coach was my head coach and we both agreed we were glad we did not play against him that season.

Comment 22 May 2019

I have a big, covered back porch that looks out over a heavily wooded lot.We have lots of birds and critters.

I know you said no alcohol but I occasionally have a drink and sit in a teak rocker for awhile. I do this year round no matter what the weather.

I was out there today, was doing dual duty as I grilled some chicken and burgs. That is one of my escapes also.

Comment 22 May 2019

I live in New Orleans and yeah, sometimes the refs suck. It is the ones missed or called that cost you games that drive you crazy.

I have never had a problem with aggressive penalties, the stupid ones, pre snap, yes.

Had a coach who was nothing but a positive gentlemen, rarely raised his voice. We played a certain Akron Catholic school to a tie. On the way back to bus he said, it is hard to beat the team, the pope and the refs in one game. I still laugh at that.

Comment 20 May 2019

Good luck on your journey. You have hit on a few smart moves.

Don't drink your calories. I am a BBQ nut myself and did some investigating on lower sugar alternatives. Butter is one, I know what you're thinking. Butter, salt, pepper and a few other spices can give you a good bark, still haven't found a low sugar BBQ sauce but I am sure we could make one.

As for supplements they are just that, a supplement, and many times they do not contain what they say they do or the amount they say is in there. For fiber and all around better health eat your fruits and vegetables as they were grown.

I have very bad knees and I ride a bike, a mountain bike but here is Louisiana there aren't a lot of mountains so I ride the Tammany Trace. According to my Garmin watch and Polar iphone app I have ridden over 2200 miles this past year. My resting pulse rate is in the 40's.

I also swing a kettlebell. Good all around cardio and strength workout.

I am not a breakfast eater so I naturally do intermittent fasting. It really has not worked for me. I travel for a living and KETO is tough, I would say almost impossible for me but I have worked with people that have lost huge amounts of weight on it but it seems so restrictive. 

I always say what works for me might not work for you and what works for you now might not later. So try some different things and mix it up every 4-6 weeks.

Again great start, keep up the work and keep us informed on your progress.

Comment 17 May 2019

I'll date myself but I was flying out of Cleveland after the United Airline strike.

I am sure we paid full price for the tickets, business travel, so we were upgraded to first class.

Paul Warfield and Hanford Dixon got on the plane with us. I think it was a flight to Chicago. I recognized Paul, was not sure about Dixon. The guy I was traveling with had no clue who either of them were. I said hello, Paul was very polite.

A few years later we used to hang out at a bar in Richfield? Hanford was a regular there.

I have a strange history with sports people and air planes. Never once asked for an autograph.

Comment 16 May 2019

I watched /  listened to the video but i swear the reporter said, three engines later? So the car lasted 1 million miles but it had three engines?

I know one of the first Toyota trucks went over 1 million miles, Toyota gave the guy a new truck to take the old one back and disassemble it.

I drive Ford F150's,usually keep them four years and put somewhere around 125K miles on them. I have a 2013 with only 78K on it now. I haul, tow and drive in some rough terrain with my trucks so it will be interesting to see how far this one will go. Besides gas and oil changes my biggest expense is windshields.

My Girlfriend has a 2011 camaro, that is paid off that has a ton of miles but my lawn mower rides better than that POS.

Comment 04 May 2019

I have lived in Texas, San Antonio, and it seems like I have spent most of life working there, Houston.

One thing these TX buckeyes have forgot to tell you is that it gets cold, more like cool, and it snows there from time to time. No hurricanes though you may see an occasional twister. I swear that area can get all four seasons in a week.

Enjoy, it is a great state with some great people.

Comment 22 Mar 2019

I have a Garmin. Use the chest strap when exercising. Look at my heart rate daily.

I had DVT, was on Xarelto. Did my research, said F that. Daily exercise and an aspirin work for me.

Now my resting heart rate is in the 40's. Causes a challenge when I want to donate platelets and plasma.

Good for you for taking responsibility for your health. I am never 100% sure of the accuracy but I do know the trends. Biking hard my pulse jumps to 140-150's but within a minute after getting off the bike it drops sharply. 

If this is the first step for you it will lead to others. Good luck.

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Dark hair and eyes for me. But after seeing Nancy play up close and personal I would have made an exception!

Comment 01 Mar 2019

Quite a few cities run programs on the old IBM AS400 or iSeries. Things were tanks, never crashed really could not be hacked. Software was written for one purpose. There was push to migrate to newer platforms but many held if it ain't broke why fix it. There aren't a lot of programmers around who care for that old stuff.

My GF is military and works for the Dept of Interior. There are many old servers running outdated operating systems, data bases and web browsers. Same situation, a program was written for a purpose and it has never been updated. Poses security risks but they manage by exception.