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Comment 17 Aug 2020

Why was this decision made by secret ballot?  How do we know there was even a vote taken?  Here we have a decision made that has a significant effect on the future of numerous players and their families and the image of the conference and its individual programs in the minds of high school recruits and there's no accountability as to whose decision it was. 

Comment 13 Aug 2020

Essentially what the Big and PAC university presidents have to offer students is a world of ascetic indifference to being "post high school,"   And so higher education away from home is encouraged to be like sitting in your bedroom and taking online courses from the University of Phoenix.  And it's been said that under the never ending constraints of this pandemic all of us have experienced some form of depression to which many of us have rebelled and effectively made things worse, because not having as much to do or to look forward to is, you know, kind of depressing.  Apparently these "academic leaders" have no interest whatever as concerns the morale of their charges or really the morale of anyone and have come to believe that their roles are that of "helicopter dons" with a duty to protect the least vulnerable at the expense of the overall well-being of the rest.  

Comment 19 Feb 2020

Good recap Ramzy.  Always look forward to Wednesdays to see what you've got next.  

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Another bullshit rule.  If a runner carries the ball into the endzone and loses control once it hits ground, it's a touchdown, but if a receiver catches the ball doesn't he then become a runner and shouldn't he then get credit for crossing the goal line even if he lands on the ball and it moves slightly.  This is a big time inconsistency on the difference between a fumble and an incompleted pass.  

Comment 29 Dec 2019

True.  Kick out all the miscues and miscues happen against good teams, but that play, that one play was a minimum of six points off the table.  I usually give officials some benefit of the doubt, but it seems like more and more they put themselves inside a game instead of simply being there to keep things under control.  There's no way in hell that an objective assessment of that play shows that the receiver did not have control while moving his feet before it was stripped.  It seems like they depend upon a really loose interpretation of what a football move is whenever they screw up.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

It's hard to call LSU's defeat of Georgia a quality win and that says a lot about the Big10 versus the SEC this year.  No one talks about eye-test this year and maybe they should.  OSU looks like a team who can adapt defensively and dominate on offense and LSU and Clemson look like teams who give up a lot of points to lesser talent.  LSU is ranked 35th in team defense and though Clemson is ranked just behind OSU in team defense the quality of their opponents is laughable.  In fact the best thing Clemson has going for it is they haven't played teams powerful enough to cause injuries.

Comment 24 Nov 2019

Strippping the ball is a crapshoot and Penn State won a couple of times, but as often as not it involves forsaking a sure tackle in favor of the possibility of actually prying the ball loose and then having it fall in your favor.  If you remember Chase could have had another TFL had he not tried to strip the ball toward the end of the game.  But if blame should be given, and I think to an extent it should, Dobbins and Fields should have done a better job of getting both hands on the ball as they were going down and that's something they work on a lot anyway.  I don't think there was anything flukey about it, but when you give up a tackle for an attempted strip you sure as hell hope that it works and that means luck is part of the outcome.  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

back of the school recess ball like UC has always played.

and like Michigan State and Penn State and Iowa and Purdue...  UC plays with a lot of grit and they stay in your face for the full forty.  It may not be comfortable to play them, but that's on the Buckeyes to deal with.  OSU handled the game well which is going to improve their muscle memory when they come up against the Spartans.  

Comment 25 Sep 2019

Give it another five years and statistics will out and Barrett will be regarded as a good if not as good as Haskins quarterback.

Comment 25 Sep 2019

True on Bellisari, which to me was a tragedy.  Steve got the job by raising his hand when Cooper said who wants to be quarterback instead of having a potentially All American year at DB.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

His all around play was great.

I thought it was hilarious listening to Patrick and Steve of Bucknuts giving their instant analysis and hearing Murphy say Arnette's play was apparently better.  I guess it's really difficult for deep thinking analysts to step out on a limb and give credit where it is due, but I for one couldn't be happier to see Arnette grabbing interceptions and swatting passes.

Comment 14 Sep 2019

I'm thinking along those lines too.  The big intangible about this game the past few years has been Tom Allen's motor.  He can be like this manic cheerleader out there who really gets the Hoosiers up for playing the Buckeyes.  Personally I kind of miss the days when playing IU at Bloomington was like an extra home game, but I think they'll give the Buckeyes some fits again and might keep OSU from covering the spread, but it's still Indiana and I don't see the game coming down to the wire.    

Comment 08 Sep 2019

I don't know, maybe this is oversimplifying things but how about by being a great player, an outstanding defensive assistant and then coordinator for more than a decade and then a guy who had the thankless job of taking on a head coaching assignment for a team that was blindsided by the NCAA?  His legacy is sound and it is earned.  

Comment 08 Sep 2019

As to the man, I noticed that and I also noticed that on offense the Tight Ends were out of the picture.  I think Day and company are checking boxes to see what works and keeping it all filed away for future reference.  Has to be unnerving to the other side when game planning and it looks to me like the team is sound whether man or zone on defense or pro style and spread on offense.  Encouraging stuff.