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  • SPORTS MOMENT: attendance wise: 2002 vs. Michigan & 2006 vs. Michigan & taking my sons to their first Buckeye games. Any day in the Shoe with my sons, my Pop or my friends is as good a day as you can have.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: current = Simon & #5, Spielman, Doss, Katzenmoyer, Hawk, Winfield
  • NFL TEAM: usually cheering for Buckeyes to do well or enduri
  • NHL TEAM: don't care
  • NBA TEAM: care even less
  • MLB TEAM: no interest

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Comment 27 Jan 2015

Give the NFL Monday night and put the CFP championship on Saturday night so I get more than 2 hours of sleep after the victory party.  And speaking of parties, how about Super Bowl Saturday so our parties can actually be fun?  Screw Sunday and Monday night championships.   

Comment 15 Jan 2015

It SUCKS that the season is over.  These guys were improving at just an astonishing pace.  It would be nice to just keep on going.  There are a hell of a lot of talented guys that have barely touched the field yet.  Last year at this time I was worried about losing Carlos Hyde and thought that #43 would probably be great on kickoff coverage.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Only if Urb takes pity on him and punts on 2nd down sometimes to get him some work.  Cam is sure to have a fresh leg next year....

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I don't think so. #43 is a Silver Bullet - only faster when closing on the ball!  Joey is going to have to get on his horse to beat him to the QB every time Lee is unleased.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Somebody needs to go ahead and click that link about the VT fiasco, print the pic and tape it up in weight room.  Even with all the good feeling, seeing them celebrate in OHIO Stadium brought the blood to full boil.  Perfection is a nice goal for the master motivator.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Probably would be wise to save him for the post season again.  Keep him fresh in case any other SEC linebackers need crushed.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

He called a presser at the Ginn Academy and stressed his commitment to education.  If he was drawing attention to himself it was for a good cause.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

Time to move the Heisman ceremony to Columbus to save EVERYONE involved travel expenses.

Prediction:  Joey Bosa wins the trophy on the strength of a 121 sack season!

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I want the Buckeyes to kick the hell out of them so badly that even those apathetic so called fans up there, and especially those feigning apathy, weep all damn year long.  By sucking so badly they are taking something from us.  Buckeye glory can only truly be had by delivering a Buckeye stomping all over Michigan's hopes and dreams.  This bucket of suck that Michigan has been serving up FOR YEARS now doesn't even muster up hopes and dreams.  Crush them, put 100 on the board, humiliate them and make them beg for mercy so that they will muster up some damn pride in future years and field a team worthy to be our rival.

Comment 26 Nov 2014

Boy, people forget how f'in good Braxton is pretty quick.  I would never bet against him winning the QB job on any college football team.  I sure as hell want him in a Buckeye uniform.  Did we not all expect him to be heading to NY to pick up a trophy this year?   Do I know that he can come back and beat out Barrett?  No.  Would I be surprised if he did?  No way.

Comment 29 Oct 2014

Rod:  Buckle down and get that degree from The Ohio State University.  If you do no one will ever rightly say that you wasted your time in Columbus and the rest of your life will come much easier.  Good luck to you.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

They should have charged $25.  The Athletic department was a little short on coin after paying Gene his richly deserved $18k  for the synchro swimming NC...

Comment 07 Mar 2014

I have no doubt that physically he can recover from this, but bowl practice seemed to springboard his development, probably from an understanding perspective, and he was likely poised to double down on that progress with spring ball.  He will come back strong from this but it is definitely a setback for him and the secondary and new secondary coach.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

Change is neither good nor bad, specific changes are good or bad.  Friday college football is a bad idea.  It is for schools like UConn that cannot get anyone to pay attention to them otherwise.  It is not going to help draw in a sizable number of additional fans, but it is going to suck them out of high school football stadiums like a vacuum.  Those $6 HS tickets pay for programs.  Plus WTF is better than a football Saturday in the fall.  No.  Sucks.

Comment 26 Feb 2014

HS football is very easy physically for 5 star athletes.  When they hit campus, they have to compete physically against grown men AND do it with a head full of scheme.  It is a hell of an accomplishment to do that successfully as a frosh.  Not everyone is Joey Bosa.

Lost in the recruiting talk is that there are a lot of 3 star 18 year old boys that mature into 5 star 20 year old men.  Many of them had superior FB instincts and intellect to the 5 star kid in HS, but lacked the NFL ready body at that point.  Some may be a little tougher mentally because they have had to work a little harder for it.