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Comment 10 hours ago

I spy some recency bias.

From 1968-1977 the team won two national titles and 9 Big Ten titles. 

From 1954-1961 the team won three national titles and four Big Ten titles. 

From 2011-today the team won one national title and one Big Ten title. 

Just think how good that run from '68 to '77 should have been:

1969 - If they had beat UM in last game of season (not eligible to go back-to-back Rose Bowls back then), you have another title

1970 - Win against Stanford in Rose Bowl - would have had another one

1973 - Best team in the country - only glitch was 10-10 tie against UM.  Pounded USC in Rose Bowl. 

1975 - A win against UCLA in Rose Bowl for second time, another title and Woody retires on top!

Comment 19 Jul 2017

JLBNYC, wow.
TTUN fight song and unis?  and even spelled out Michi...?
No The? and fire Tress?
You've definitely got problems, my son, big, big problems.  
I'm not sure your confession is enough.
This will require some serious penitence... starting with painting your garage door scarlet and gray.

Yeah - it sounds pretty bad. But i did take the confession seriously!!

To be clear, no fight song is as good as the buckeye battle cry/across the field

Michigan helmets look nice, but we have better uniforms. And while i enjoy some of their aesthetics, here is another confession:

I generally don't root for the Big Ten unless its OSU.  And I never root for Michigan (I may spell out the name and not engage in name calling, but i do hate that team and I don't like Harbaugh). 

Comment 18 Jul 2017

You need to attend a couple of games in AA then... after listening to that song over and over and over for three hours - you'll truly despise that fight song - it is literally the only tune that band can play!

Fair point! I used to like the USC fight song as well, but grew tired of it after watching a dismal performance by the Bucks against the Trojans. 

Comment 18 Jul 2017
  • I like the Michigan and Wisconsin fight songs
  • I think Michigan's uniforms are cool
  • I too cringe at the OH- IO chant (particularly with the hand/arm signals)
  • I also find the whole scUM, Hairball, etc., name calling to be very childish and somewhat embarrassing
  • I've been watching OSU games for over 45 years or so but lately, if its a noon game, I will play golf and then watch it on DVR (that includes last year's Michigan game)
  • And when i DVR a game, I will fast forward if its boring
  • I didn't really mind it when Cooper's teams got a thug reputation near the end of his tenure
  • I think the whole "The" Ohio State is sort of stupid (but kind of like it when the players announce it on NFL games)
  • I admire the SEC from a football perspective
  • I think Tress deserved to be fired 
Comment 05 Jul 2017

Nice write-up  Jfpbucks01.  Unfortunately, those restrictive covenants existed in many affluent communities all over the country and the formation of "community associations" to circumvent the law was all-too common.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Great write up Ramzy. I enjoyed it, notwithstanding the fact that I grew up on the North end of Columbus in the '70s and, suffice to say, we had a bit if a different opinion of UA!  

Comment 25 Jun 2017

Growing up, Street & Smith's was my to-go. Its covers featuring players sans facemasks are classics.

That brings back memories - Champ Hensen!  He definitely scored in '74 against MSU! (we got robbed)

And I'll go ahead and say it:  look at those gray stripes on the sleeves! 

Comment 23 May 2017

Interesting stat - Usually these match play events are pretty close, but Arizona State is absolutely crushing Florida. The Sun Devils lead all 5 matches, with two matches already dormie (one is 5-up with 5 to play, the other is 6-up with 6 to play).

Saw that - definitely, pretty rare to see that domination in match play

Looks like the OSU match is going to be tight until the end (though Porvasnik seems to have her match in hand).

Comment 11 May 2017

Corny Greene.  Easily one of, if not the most over looked buckeye legend in OSU history.  Cool to see him on top of this list.   

Couldn't agree more-- one of the greats for sure. Loved those teams:  Corny, Pete, Archie, Neal Colzie.  I grew up watching those Buckeye teams (my Dad worked at OSU so i went to nearly every home game from '73-'75).  Corny was the man!!

Here is a nice piece from a reputable site (mentions the "Flam 7" personalized license plate!)




Here are some highlights from the '75 UCLA game (video is a mess, but forward about 45 seconds in to see a few highlights)

Comment 29 Apr 2017

UM only had 2 players go in the 1st round. They had 4 go in the 3rd round. We both have had 6 players picked.

Thats right -- can't count the Western Michigan guy!