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Comment 01 Aug 2019

Moved to Columbus in August 1970. I was 6 years old. We had moved from Buffalo and i had a vague memory of seeing the Bills play in the snow, but i knew nothing about college football. All of my second grade classmates and the teachers were still talking about the 1969 Michigan game, so i quickly got up to speed.  My dad worked at OSU so i had access to tickets and starting in '72, attended most home games, including my years in the 80s attending OSU.  I've never followed any other college team!

Comment 01 Aug 2019

October 3, 1971

35-3 win over Cal

Dont remember a whole lot, but i was excited (i was in Second Grade)

'71 was a rebuild year between the Rex Kern teams and the Archie years. Team included Randy Gradishar , John Hicks, Stan White.  Future coaches Glen Mason and Fred Pagac played on that team and Earle Bruce was on Woody's staff.

First game i remember watching on TV was a 1970 win against Duke.  After the '71 season, i attended most home games for the next 15 years!

Comment 10 Mar 2019

You can throw the '73 team in there as well.  a 10-10 tie against UM was the only blemish and the Bucks destroyed USC in the Rose Bowl. In the Archie years, '74 and '75 hurt, but '73 was probably the best of those teams.  Offense was potent and the D is one of the best in OSU history.  Gave up 64 points in 11 games, with 4 shutouts. Only team to exceed 13 points against the Bucks that year was USC, who put up 21 in the aforementioned 42-21 Rose Bowl loss.  The tie against Michigan has been well documented due to the choice to pick OSU for the rose bowl.  OSU had a 10-0 lead at the half and got shut down in the second half, dodging a missed FG as time expired (same kicker would do it again the following year - Lantry, who was an all America player in '73).  I remember reading a book about that season when I was a kid and some of the players said that Woody didn't trust freshman  so he didn't give the ball much to Pete Johnson in the second half (Pete had scored in the first half and was a wrecking ball).  I know the OP was talking about final game losses, but this was another lost title team for sure.   One of Woody's best. 

Also, someone else mentioned '79, which was a close rose bowl loss away from a title (though that team seemed to be playing above its weight class at times)

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Very surprising that no Buckeye won between 55 and 73, especially with the 1968-70 run. Perhaps those great teams were just too balanced and split the vote?

Interesting point -- also the early 60s run with Bob Ferguson, Paul Warfield et al.  Ferguson was runner-up to the Heisman in '61 and won the maxwell award. Silver Football went to Sandy Stephens from Minnesota, who was fourth in Heisman balloting that year.  Minnesota went to the Rose Bowl and Stephens was the QB for that team, but it should be noted that 1961 is the year where OSU famously (infamously) voted to turn down the rose bowl.  OSU was 8-0-1 that year and won the FWAA National Championship (put 50 up on UM that year).

'68, '69 and '70 Silver Football Award went to Ron Johnson (UM), Mike Phipps (Purdue) and Mike Adamle (NW), respectively.

Ron Johnson was a senior in '68 (as opposed to OSU's super sophs) and had a pretty dominant year, including setting the NCAA individual game rushing record.  Mike Phipps was runner-up for the Heisman in '69.  Mike Adamle was an all-american and seemed to have a pretty solid year (leading rusher in Big Ten; NW was runner up with UM to OSU).  In 1970, Stillwagon won the Outland Award; Tatum was all american. Rex Kern was 5th in heisman. Brockington led BIg Ten in scoring and was the first Big Ten player drafted. Perhaps the Buckeyes split the vote as you said.

Comment 30 Nov 2018

Winners by School:

  • OSU  20
  • UM   17
  • Iowa  10
  • Wisc  9
  • Ill  7
  • IU  7
  • Minn  6
  • Purdue  6
  • NW 5
  • PSU  5
  • MSU 3
  • Chicago 2
  • MD, Neb, Rutgers - 0

Surprised MSU only has 3


  1. Haskins '18
  2. JT (shared with Barkely) '16
  3. Zeke '15
  4. Braxton '13
  5. Braxton '12
  6. Troy Smith '06
  7. Joe Germaine '98
  8. Orlando Pace '96
  9. Eddie George '95
  10. Keith Byars '84
  11. Art Schlichter '81
  12. Corny Greene '75
  13. Archie '74
  14. Archie '73
  15. Howard Hopalong Cassidy '55
  16. Vic Janowicz '50
  17. Ollie Cline '45
  18. Les Horvath '44
  19. Jack Graf '41
  20. Wes Fesler '30
Comment 26 Nov 2018

After suffering through the cooper years where UM fans were completely out-of-control, I will enjoy forever seeing their sad fans.  One of my worst experiences was a joint UM/OSU alumni game watch in Louisville where we got completely dominated (31-3 in 1991) and I had to watch some old guy decked out head-to-toe in Maize/Blue march around the bar with a UM flag after every score!  (by the way, joint alumni events are a bad idea!)

Comment 26 Nov 2018

Thanks man!  Miss the TIMH! (but that was an off-season diversion in any event)!    Good point on the fumble KO return -- UM had some momentum but we dominated after that!  This game gave me so much joy!!!

Comment 25 Nov 2018

agreed, I thought Kinnel was impressive. As much as I am enjoying this as a fan, i do have some empathy for what these players are going through. It must be tough to have to give an interview after that game.  Its Harbaugh's job, so it comes with the territory. One could also suggest that it comes with the territory for those wolverines who seemed to talk a lot before the game. 

Comment 05 Oct 2018

Moved to Columbus in 1970 when i was 6.  OSU had been upset by UM the prior year and everyone was still talking about it that season.  I don't remember much else from that season other than the 1971 Rose Bowl loss to Stanford (I remember the Stanford marching band didnt seem to be wearing uniforms and had spray painted their tubas hippy style!).  I attended my first game during the 1971 season, seeing a win against Cal.  My dad worked at OSU so was fortunate to then see nearly every home game from '72 to '81 (and then i attended OSU during the '80s and got my own tickets).  My strongest memories are of  Archie, Corny Greene, Neil Colzie, Pete Johnson, Randy Gradishar, Tim Fox, Brian Baschnagel.  Cornelius Greene, Neil Colzie and Pete Johnson were my favorites.   All i knew as a kid was OSU would beat everyone in the Big Ten, including Michigan, then play USC in the Rose Bowl . Oklahoma would be in the Orange Bowl, Bama in the Sugar.  It was shocking when MSU knocked us off in '74 (Not just the nature of the loss, but the mere fact that the Bucks lost a regular season big ten game).  I remember when Michigan went to the Rose Bowl after the '76 season, the crowd booed when they announced that Orange Bowl tickets would go on sale the next week!

As others have mentioned-- only a couple of games  a year were nationally televised on ABC, so we would catch the WOSU replay (10:30 pm Sat night? another one Sunday AM?).  The Woody Hayes show was on Saturday night as well, and we always watched that one.  

Most memorable games i saw live:  "72 and '74 wins over Michigan.  '75 win over Penn State.  '77 loss to Oklahoma (the game was that good). Later- -the '85 win over No 1 Iowa; '84 Keith Byars going berserk against Illinois. '82 win over Michigan.  And i guess it was thrilling to see John Elway lead Stanford to a two-minute drill and lead Stanford to a last-minute win (OSU intercepted Elway to, in theory, lock up  a win, but, for some reason, the Bucks passed the ball and Stanford got an interception to set up the Elway drive). 

I thought Byars was the best back i had seen, until Zeke.  Troy Smith the best QB. Gradishar or Spielman the best LB. Cris Carter the best WR. 

Comment 15 Sep 2018

Saw Aerosmith on that tour ('78 Draw the Line) at Vets in Columbus -- they opened with that song!

It was broadcast on the radio and became a bootleg (also, Sight for Sore Eyes was used on the live Bootleg album).  This was a peak!

Comment 27 Aug 2018


Here is a nice article from CBSSports.com -- they included the video as well. Also 7 on 7 footage from the opening.