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Comment 17 Jan 2015

From the title I honestly thought it was going to be a joke thread with this being the main idea.

Comment 16 Jan 2015
The great thing, and the reason you're absolutely right, is that Bama was ready too. They all said so. They knew what we were going to do, and they couldn't do a thing about it.
Comment 16 Jan 2015
It's just that I don't look for advice on making decisions from a guy who peed on a golf course, ran from cops, and tried to tell Mewhort it was a bad idea to call UFM.
Comment 15 Jan 2015

I love that he said he doesn't know why everybody there made a big deal out of it.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I totally agree. In fact, even on the deep ball Braxton didn't have the touch of the other two. I'm not saying he didn't complete some, but every time he threw deep my gut told me it wasn't going to be a completion. When Barrett and Jones throw it up, I always think there's a chance.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Devin's speed was so essential to the success of the running game. He will be missed!

Comment 08 Jan 2015
I have to agree with Smith. I love Bennett, but Smith is what, top 2 or 3 in TD receptions for his career? You only replace that once or twice in the history of a program.