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Comment 07 Jan 2020

To me, if you want to reduce collisions and injuries on kickoffs, you should just implement the Schiano proposal.  It's better than kickoffs anyway, which are dumb.

Comment 19 Oct 2019

It's called evidence.  Until you provide some other than "I think I saw.." stats win out over feelings.  Please, feel free to provide us with film breakdowns, drive charts, any evidence that supports your contention other than your confirmation bias of remembering a couple plays here and there over the course of an entire football game.

Some of us know more about football than you might think. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

The F-35 has no Russian or Chinese counterparts.

The Russian SU-57 is supposed to enter serial production next year.  This has been its status since 2006.  If the Russians ever actually get any, it'll be less than 100.   

The Chinese J-20 is similar to the F-35 in some ways, though it's not really clear what its role really is- it's L/O to the front, at least.  It carries BVR missiles.  Is it a long range interceptor? A strike platform?  An Air Superiority fighter?  No one knows, because the Chinese have so few and they never fiy because the engines don't work good. (That's a technical term.)

Comment 01 Oct 2018

I think this is agood idea- I've always thought accountability would reign in a lot of bad takes.

Comment 01 Oct 2018

I've been a member of the site- or at least a reader- for a bit longer than SSB- I was here for Purdue Harbor.  Similarly, I still come and read basically every article on the site every day.  There's a reason I stopped really looking at the game threads in the Tressel era- frankly, I don't know why they even exist, other than to give worst of Buckeye fandom someplace to be other than at your local sports bar making other people's lives miserable.  I salute the mods for their willingness to try and keep that cesspool at a minimum.

Comment 13 Jun 2018

I agree with all of the above reasons, but I'm going to throw in my own reason- the way Tressel treated Maurice Clarett.  When Clarett began his death spiral, it included taking illegal benefits, conflicts with coaches and the athletic staff, academic issues, the whole bit.  During the investigation, Clarett threw Tressel under the bus, claiming Tress organized everything. This was proven by the NCAA, and other, investigations to be a lie.  But it was a lie that could completely wreck Tressel's career, livelihood and life, as well as destroy the program Tressel had helped build.

If someone lied to me that way, I know how I would respond: FUCK.  YOU.  We're done. Scorched earth, I'm gonna take you and your whole family down.  We know what happened after that for Clarett- failure at the NFL level, legal trouble, a stint in prison for felony robbery.  And if I were in Tressel's shoes, I'd be talking about Karma, and how some people are just assholes, and it's nice to see them get what they deserve.  I know I felt that way about Clarett reading the news paper, and he never did a thing to me, really.

Only one person came to see Clarett in jail on a regular basis: Jim Tressel.  In spite of everything, Tressel was still there to coach his player.  He listened to Clarett.  Advised Clarett, brought him books on psychology, self-improvement, and business so that he could build a life for himself after prison.  And we know the story- Clarett has come out of prison a changed person, a better person, one that tries to help people before they make the mistakes they did, who advocates passionately for causes he believes in.  

No one would have blamed Jim Tressel for letting Clarett rot in prison, and letting prison ruin and take over Clarett's life.  I know I would have done just that- but, Jim Tressel is a better man than me.  He taught not just Maurice Clarett a lesson, he taught me lessons- about forgiveness, about education, and about helping people at the lowest point in their life.  If the world were full of Jim Tressels, it would be a far better world than the world full of guys like me that we have.  

That's why I love Jim Tressel, even for all his other ups and downs.  

Comment 24 Dec 2017

Okay, let's assue bowl teams "have a pulse." That okay?  I've also included where these teams finished in total D.

 Oklahoma (57): 350 yards

Army (31): 586 Yards

Penn State (20): 529 Yards

Iowa (34): 487 Yards

Michigan State (9): 524 Yards

Michigan (3): 350 Yards

Wisconsin (1): 449 Yards

Average total offense against "Teams with a pulse": 468, so, what, about 60 yards down from the season average?

We also played Indiana, who finished 26th in total D.  We put up 596 yards on them.  

So, now that I've answered your question with, you know, evidence, what more is there to say?

Comment 24 Dec 2017

Well, since you're a lot of fun at parties, let's get serious.

You want an offense good enough to get to the CFP?  Execute the gameplan properly against Iowa.  Then we'd be in.  The players didn't play well enough to win.  That's really all it would take at this point.  You want evolution?  The offense has evolved, both this year and last year.  The variety of RPOs has clearly evolved- and they weren't in the playbook a couple of years ago, even.  The passing game evolved this year to work effectively in the flats and the short and medium middle, and served as a very effective constraint to support the downhill run when executed.  

Improvements?  Execution always helps.  It would be nice if the wideouts didn't drop as much.  Might help to commit to the run in the early going, rather than outsmarting ourselves like we tended to do in the slow starts and run the constraints rather than the base offense.   Perhaps be more willing to trust the tailbacks in short yardage and late downs, but it's hard to argue with the QB run since it just keeps working so well, even when everyone knows its coming.

My only point is that, as it turns out, this offense is actually really fucking good.  But, you wouldn't want to admit that, would you?

Comment 24 Dec 2017

You're right, bro.  Meyer's totally washed up.  We were only 6th in total offense this year- 6th!  Can you believe that?  We only managed 526 yards per game!  Our game plan has been totally figured out by defenses.  And we only averaged 42 ponts per game!  That's like, only 5th best!!  We were only 5th best in 3rd down percentage, too- we were worse than Air Force (By .002! That's like, a mile!!)  Can you even believe that shitty teams like Army, Navy, Air Force and Georgia Tech rushed for more yards than us? 

I mean, I know it may be unpopular to say around here, and I'm gonna get my DVs, but we clearly need to clean house on the offensive staff, or we might only win 12 or 13 games next year.  14, tops.

Comment 11 Jul 2017

In all fairness, Navy, if you're that big, they're not going to come at you one at a time, unarmed, from the front.

If they want to try you, they'll come in a pack, armed, and try to surprise you.  One person taking on multiple assailants and winning is mostly just movie fantasy, even if you're as big as an NFL D-Lineman or as well trained as an unarmed fighting master.

Comment 07 Jun 2017

Military history is always interesting subject.  You have to get used to the idea that little causes and big outcomes are just normal parts of doing business, which they aren't always in other aspects of history.  You just have to get used to the idea that one guy can fall off a horse in the morning, causing ten thousand people to die in the afternoon and a kingdom to fall the week after.