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Comment 02 Feb 2020

I have been dealing with the same disorder since 1986 as you Rill Dill.  It would be of great comfort to me to know that my coach saw a therapist each week and that he understands the struggles of mental health.  Wish DJ the best with his journey and hope he gets the help to assist in that recovery.  Great job coach H.  Go Bucks

Comment 13 Jan 2020

I'm pretty sure Day calls offensive plays and not defensive plays.  As for play calling, I do not blame coach Day for JK dropping two TD passes out of the backfield.  When was the last time a challenged play, after the game was over, has it been overturned or have a positive outcome?  What is Smith suppose to do?  A lot of different things happened throughout the game that led to us losing.  In the end, the Clemson didn't beat us, we beat our selves.  They were the best in red zone defense all year, we scored once in 5 tries.  The touchdown brought back was a momentum changer for sure.  Again, how is that Day or Smith's fault.  I will not be watching the title game because I know we should be playing in the game, but to say that Day doesn't deserve an A rating for his performance this year just shows what an ass you are.  Go Bucks

Comment 25 Dec 2019

MA, your an ass.  Merry Christmas.  Go Bucks

Why are we practicing outside in the rain and Clemson is inside?  Do we alternate fields to practice on?  Why would we risk getting players hurt on wet turf.  I could see if that is the type of weather that would they would be playing in on Sat, but since it is inside I have no idea why were outside.  Go Bucks

Comment 21 Dec 2019

RFR, I would have the coaches watch the NC game film and see if Clemson had a bad day on the field or if there was something systematically that NC did to make that game close.  If it was the latter of the two, I would hope to see us put that same system in place for I believe that The Ohio State University has a more talented group of players then NC.  If it was Clemson having a bad game, I would have the SLOBs knock the ---- out of their defensive line from the opening kickoff until we sing Carmen Ohio.  Go Bucks

Comment 16 Dec 2019

MT is not JK. You obviously have a man crush for MT, which he has done the best job in the country as a backup RB, but if you look at the most important games this year, the coaches went with the best running back on the team, who just got named first team all American. Can MT have a great career and become an all American, he sure has the talent and build for it, but to call him better then JK is incorrect. Go Bucks

Comment 15 Dec 2019

This is a conference game, in my opinion, this is a bigger game then Kentucky.  Big Ten home teams are 12-0. We need players to step up tonight. The Big Ten is going to be a dogfight all year long. We need to beat the lower tier programs in the Big Ten, home and away, if we want to contend for the Big Ten championship. Go Bucks