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Comment 20 Aug 2019

Hard work, determination, FTTE, and heart. These measurements can not be put down on paper. Then your peers pick you as captain, priceless. Best captain pick I can remember in a long time. Great third down receiver who I would go to all game long. It’s all about the mismatches and he would definitely create that with the other stable of WR’s we have. Wish him nothing but success, but I don’t need to. He will earn it. Go Bucks

Comment 19 Aug 2019

Both are great stories. I think it is a great testimony to hard work and what the team thinks of CJ. I’m glad they are both on our team. They are both talented but CJ has five years as a Buckeye and obviously his teammates believe he is a leader. I will take their word over any individual here on 11 warriors. I hope they both contribute to the offense and I will be pulling for both young men to excel in this offense. Go Bucks

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Its absurd for a mental health patient/ student to have to wait weeks to deal with their issue. So many negative things could happen to those individuals over such a time period. Breakdown, drop out of school, take their own life, etc. The mental health system is broken all throughout the USA. Lot of the mass shootings has to be attributed to mental health. The VA is the other system that is so broken that it just makes me so mad that these brave men and women who fight for our freedom come home and are treated the way they are. Where does loyalty and common sense come into play here. Go Bucks

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I didn’t down vote anyone, but I thought this was a blog for Buckeye fans to give their honest opinion and assessment of situations at The Ohio State football program. If you don’t agree with my opinion, counter it with your opinion, or, overlook my opinion and move on. Go Bucks

Comment 02 Aug 2019

Personally, I applauded Alford for putting us in position to have these kind of running backs from all over the country choosing between us another great program. You say he whiffed on Milton, but I disagree, he seemed a long shot. Trayanum, knew he was number three or number four on our list, and instead of waiting for the other running backs to make their decisions, he made his. He still, or any other running back for that matter, have signed yet. Who knows, maybe we will flip him. You cant always put the blame on a coach for decisions these kids and their families make that is best for them for the next three to four years. Go Bucks

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I agree one hundred percent that Jk is going to have a huge year because of the athletic ability of Fields and him running the RPO. On your other point, I don’t think it’s as much as the offense and the WR corps but rather all the great running backs we still have on our roster for these running backs have to pass to get on the playing field. They may have better chances at the other schools to get on the field sooner. I’m amazed at how many people believe that the cupboard is bare if JK leaves after this year. I believe we have some stud running backs in our stable who are more then capable of being successful in this offense and carry on the tradition of elite running backs at The Ohio State University. I also believe that if JK has a great year, I believe missing out on this years elite running backs will only be an issue for this class. Go Bucks