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Comment 13 Jun 2019

I'm feel really confident about Coach Day. When I start thinking about why, I am reminded that Urban Meyer recommended him. Urban Meyer knows a thing or two about good coaches. I also think that Urban was serious when he said he was only going to leave Ohio State only when he knew he had a great replacement. I also believe Ryan Day would have accepted a head coaching Job somewhere else if not offered the Ohio State job. So with all that, I believe we got a good one and he only needs a little time to prove it. 

Urban Meyer Quote:

"And I hired Ryan Day because I thought he was a very good coach. I knew he was. He was with me before. What I found out was that he’s far past those thoughts. He’s elite.And I think in trying to build the most comprehensive premier program in America, you also want to hand it off to someone at some point so it can get even stronger. And my witnessing of the work Ryan has done and made this decision, not as difficult as I thought, because I know the infrastructure, like Gene talked about, is going to be secure with Coach Marotti and the rest of the staff. I think it’s very healthy. We recruited very well."

Comment 24 Apr 2019

I am with you on this. No regrets about landing Fields. He has the ability to take this team to the top and he would be hard to hurt. But what does worry me is the scenario that Clemson went through last year. Lawrence got knock out of the game against Syracuse because running the ball. They were so close to losing that game and only reason they won it is because of their Defense. Their backup is a lot like our options now. Can this team when a game if the same thing happens? 

Comment 11 Jan 2019

I am reading a lot of negativity on these threads. I for one am very excited because the writing is on the wall, Fields will be eligible. Let Tate go. He was no good for this offensive scheme. Justin Fields is a beast and is a perfect fit. Think Haskins but better. Baulding is a better fit than Tate. It’s very rare you need three QBs in a season. We have Miller coming in next year. Everything is working out great.