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Comment 08 Dec 2019

Personally I think we should be number 1 because of the resume and because we've looked better with the eye test(which shouldn't even factor in selecting teams) over the course of the season. 

But I saw a stat that the #1 seed has never won the Championship. The #2 seed has won 3 of the 5 and has the best win/loss record. So screw it let's be #2 then.

Comment 30 Dec 2018

So if the top 2 teams are as dominant as people claim(Georgia did pretty well against Alabama) then why does it matter if it is a 4 team playoff or an 8 team playoff. If they are that good then they'll still end up in the Championship. Same with the 7th and 8th teams not being worthy. The point of expanding the playoffs is to make sure the best teams make it. This year that might or might not have been the Buckeyes. They said we would get stomped by Bama and Oregon in 2014 and we know how that turned out. We'll never know unless that games are played. That is why the playoffs should be expanded. If you are worthy you'll win it on the field and currently too many teams are being excluded. 

Comment 30 Dec 2018

Last year Clemson had a loss to 4-8 Syracuse, which is the worst loss experienced by a playoff team and they got the number 1 seed. Teams are judged by 2 different standards. Yes the losses we had are bad losses and we should be held accountable for them but this notion that 1 result should override anything you do the rest of the season is illogical. Which is funny because many people that I see with that line of thinking are the same people complaining that the regular season needs to matter, which I guess it does until that one loss. 

Comment 30 Dec 2018

Or maybe it just shows how bad the committee is. Maybe if they actually had a set of guidelines and metrics to determine who the best teams are they would get better games than just picking the 4 teams they like the best and changing around the criteria to fit their picks. 

Comment 03 Dec 2018

I've been saying that for years. I love the Harbin system. It's not great and could use a few tweaks but it works pretty good. It penalizes an easy schedule and rewards taking gambles for playing tough teams. I've actually been translating the formula to use for college football. The biggest thing is how to decide on divisions. The 2 best formulas that I've had. One considers the power 5 conferences and ND as division 1 schools, the AAC and MWC are division 2, and CUSA, Sun Belt, and MAC are division 3. Then FCS teams as division 5. Then the other is based off the computer composite rankings. With teams 1-15 as D1, 16-40 are D2, 41-80 are D3, and 80-130 are D4. In both of them the top 4 are always Clemson, ND, Bama, and Ohio State. And Oklahoma 5th and Georgia 6th. The only difference is that ND is 1st in difference being the conferences. And Clemson is 1st when based on rankings. 

Comment 02 Aug 2018

I've been on the bandwagon for Matt Campbell to be the head coach of the Buckeyes one day for a while now. But I'm biased. We went to the same high school about 6 years apart. My first football game ever was when he was playing for Perry. 

Comment 12 Jul 2016

It doesn't matter if it should. That's another discussion. But right now it's illegal in the state of Alabama and those 4 players broke the law and should be punished. Maybe one day it will be legal but until then it's still breaking the law regardless of whether people like it should be or not. 

Comment 13 Jan 2015

I've been a long time reader on here, so I guess tonight is a good time to make my first post. I've never been more proud to be from the great state of Ohio and an alum of THE Ohio State University. This team has so much heart. Every time pushed them down they got back up. To end up as National Champions. It's been so incredible to watch. Go Bucks.