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Comment 29 Jul 2020

Interesting . . . I'll bite.  My guesses at your comment:

1.  Finish 2021 class first.  Don't want to impact guys they are chasing in 2021. 

2.  Wants them to take other visits to be 110% sure about OSU. 

Can't think of any other reason . . . 

Am I close?

Comment 27 Jul 2020

I've been to numerous Michigan and PSU games. 

Single loudest, for me, was the night Texas game in 2005. 

Close second Michigan '02 and '18.  

Comment 10 Jul 2020

Has there been any discussion on extending the commitment date this year?  

I mean EVERYTHING is getting pushed back.  Why not let the kids make visits before forcing their hands.

Comment 10 Jun 2020

I wonder if we have any commits that committed to Ohio State because they couldn't visit anywhere else.  If they would've visited other places would they not be committed today?

You'd think if we lost 4 because of COVID maybe we gained 1-2 . . .

Comment 10 May 2020

The USC/Texas Rose Bowl always sticks out.  That was one hell of a football game. 

Michigan Application State is a close second and the Michigan Michigan State block punt debacle is another great one. 

Comment 16 Mar 2020

I've met Moeller and Carr a few times.  My dad coached high school football and was always invited to coach at their summer clinic.  He'd take me up to ball boy for the week.  My Grandpa would always pack me Ohio State and Notre Dame shirts to run around in. 

Moeller and Carr were two of the nicest guys I ever met. Maybe because I was a kid but class acts.  I hate Michigan as much as the next guy but I'd shake both of their hands (well maybe after June). 

Comment 03 Feb 2020

I was at the PSU game and for the record have NOT been a fan of Werner at all.  

That being said he played an amazing game against PSU.  He played well above expectations.  

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Alabama game hands down.  Worst game the following year MSU.

Bama, Bama, Bama, there's nothing else.  That was the NC game.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Anyone have A Deck tickets?  Looking for 2 - 4.  Urbansjacket are your in 28 B?  Is that the closed end?

I'll pay market value minus the fees from a Stubhub, Vivid, etc.  for anything A Deck.  Closer to the field the better. 

Can email me at JimCle522@gmail.com