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Comment 04 Dec 2019

Alabama game hands down.  Worst game the following year MSU.

Bama, Bama, Bama, there's nothing else.  That was the NC game.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Anyone have A Deck tickets?  Looking for 2 - 4.  Urbansjacket are your in 28 B?  Is that the closed end?

I'll pay market value minus the fees from a Stubhub, Vivid, etc.  for anything A Deck.  Closer to the field the better. 

Can email me at JimCle522@gmail.com

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Agreed but you can't discount location.  Unless the kid wants out of Washington, the location piece gives an edge to Washington. 

Doesn't seen to matter with the Scott's but it does with many.  

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Bucks19 you are right on.  EVERYONE thought they were losing 4 to 5 games this year.  

It will be interesting without Burrow but man they are recruiting well.  

Comment 21 Oct 2019

Is DE Burch a foregone conclusion to Clemson? 

I haven't seen anything on him in a while.  I remember someone a while back saying there was some communication.  Does anyone have a shot at him other than Clemson?

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Nice find. 

How about 2016: Malik Harrison ranked number 683 in the country. 

Werner and Munford were at the bottom of 2017 too.  You can only scout so much  . . . then you have to train and the athlete has to respond. 

Comment 07 Oct 2019

Can he just never use the words "in ink" again after the RB situation earlier in the year?

How about "99%" or "I'm extremely confident" or "unless something drastic changes", etc. 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

Did something happen with him and Oklahoma?  Apologize in advance if I missed this already. 

Why is he looking outside?

Comment 30 Aug 2019

I was in Park Hall in 2001 and it was just fine.  One of the best years of my life.  

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Urban is a legend but the game/recruiting changes. 

Guys like Day and Riley are the future/present. Vets like Saban and Urban would be able to hang purely off accomplishments. I think the timing of the Urban to Day transition is perfect. Day is going to be a stud.  Just needs to find a way to keep his assistants like Clemson.  If he can do that then we'll be just fine for a long time. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

If a high school senior is giving a collegiate football team bulletin  board material then they might want to reevaluate their status. 

Simply put.   It's literally a non-story unless you absolutely suck against your rival. 

If at this point you can call them your rival.  

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I have your solution:

Get the Rec Tec 800 with a searing kit.  I just got it about a month ago.  We use it on average 4 times a week. 

Best burgers I've ever had in my life.  Did a reverse sear with Ribeye Steaks.  Best grilled steak I've ever had (aside from a high end restaurant).  Cooked a Flank Steak this weekend.  Usually they come off dry and chewy.  This was tender and juicy.  Amazing. 

I still use my traditional smoker every once in a while but the Rec Tec is the best investment I've made.  Have to get the searing kit.  It will heat up to 500 degrees.  Searing kit adds another 100 degrees.  

I thought I had a problem so I called their service line.  I had two call backs in consecutive days making sure things were working and they were. 

Only complaint . . . it takes longer to heat up than a traditional grill but it is waaaaay worth it.  Plus it comes with thermometers, I've never cooked pork as perfect as I did last week.  It was amazing.  You can get your meat to the exact temperature needed. 

Get the Rec Tec and report back to me.  You won't be disappointed. 

Comment 22 Jul 2019

Sugar Bowl against Bama and Cavs game 6 before they won the NBA Championship.  Both were absolutely INSANE.

For me, both beat the NC game against Oregon which is hard to believe.  Plus many wins against Michigan (Double OT, Undefeated year) and Penn State.  

Those two wins were on another level.  Complete other level.  

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I agree . . . young and progressive coach that can can continue to build off what Tress and Meyer laid as a foundation.  

I heard a few things this weekend that make me believe that most of the Athletic department was ready for this move.  Meyer was wearing out his welcome in more than one way.  I think this is a breath of fresh air for everyone and Day will continue to take this Program to new heights.