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Comment 05 Sep 2017

Michigan is a very young team.  The team that plays in three months will be much more experienced.  Florida had a good defensive line and in spite of that, Michigan ran all over the place. As for the two missing starters, it is hard to complete passes when your QB is lying on his back.  It is too early to judge just how good Michigan will be this year but with what looks like a solid D, they should be competitive with everyone on their schedule.

Comment 02 Feb 2017

Harbaugh is not taking the team to Rome during the spring break week which is in February.  Michigan's semester is typically over before the last week of April and the trip is after the semester has concluded.  In essence, the team is going over summer break so Harbaugh has skirted the NCAA rules which don't apply to this situation.  He already has overseas trips planned for the next three years.  A single donor has picked up the tab for this trip which is pushing the million dollar mark.

Screw the NCAA and the not so mighty SEC.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

Take a look at the stats when both teams played Wisconsin.  Michigan dominated Wisconsin much more than shown by the score  Wiscy was held to less than 200 total yards of offense.  Michigan missed three FG's.  OSU was lucky to win in OT.  Being transitive with common opponents often makes no sense, but in this case it may be something worth noticing, particularly with OSU's performance against a hapless MSU team with no QB.

Comment 02 Oct 2016

Lewis jumped a bit too soon and had inside position.  If he attempts to knock the ball down and misses, or tips it, he's on the ground and the receiver is in the endzone. He is sailing though the air when he makes the play. That's a rare display of athleticism.

I've been impressed with OSU this year, but I believe that Michigan has played better competition in Wiscy and Colorado, now ranked, than OSU. Stay tuned.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

You are spot on.  Brown has made it very clear that spread teams work off of the look the defense shows the offense as the O lines up.  Brown's defenses are so varied and disguised, the advantage that the OC normally has when looking at defensive sets is severely curtailed.

Comment 27 Sep 2016

No, Colorado didn't move the ball at will.  Colorado came out and had a good first quarter, or rather a couple of long plays, and then Brown adjusted.  The last three quarters Michigan's D controlled things well, and this was without Jourdan Lewis, Charlton and Mone, all starters on D who missed the game due to injury.  And if you hadn't noticed, Colorado beat Oregon on the road last Saturday night. Colorado had very good team speed and would probably be a middle of the pack B1G team.  Brown is the third D coordinator Michigan has had in three years and his scheme takes a while to learn. The last three quarters, Michigan beat the living crap out of Colorado.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

As I said, I make no excuses.  OSU has greater depth than does Michigan based on your recruiting.  I suspect, given a few years, this difference will disappear, but three of your top D linemen is a lot to lose.  You need to look no further than last year's QB situation to see the holes in recruiting attributable to Hoke.  Having said that, Mone was projected to be the top lineman on the team and Ojemudia and Glasgow were starters.  Most teams would not have fared any better than did Michigan with those personnel losses.

See you in November.

Comment 25 Jul 2016

Good article...thanks for your hard work.

As a Michigan fan, OSU did a number on us at last year's "The Game." which I attended.  At least it was after Thanksgiving.  

Michigan's run defense was exploited the second half of the season, not only by OSU, but by several other teams.  Three players, Mone, Ojemudia and Glasgow were hurt and did not play in the OSU game.  Mone was injured before the season even started, and the other players went down as the season progressed.  The stats reflected this.  I say this, not as an excuse, but an explanation. Durkin. the DC, who left to take the HC job at Maryland a few days after The Game, also seemed to have his head somewhere else.   Meyer exploited the weaknesses.  Nuff said.

Things should be different this year if the injury gods stay away.  We shall know soon enough.  

Comment 12 Jul 2016

Meyer needs to get the answer as to what Schiano knew and with whom he shared the information.

Depending upon the answer, he stays or he goes. IMO, if the sat on the information, he was part of the problem.  I can understand the intimidation factor if Paterno was stonewalling things, but when kids and sexual assault are involved, that is not a viable excuse.  

A substantial portion of the freaking PSU fan base remains in denial.  It's time for them to wake up.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

As a Michigan fan and alum, I'd like to say thank you to the Buckeye basketball players and coaches for taking the time to recognize what this five year old child is having to endure with inoperable brain cancer.

Sometimes there are events that make you realize that there is life after football and, sadly, this is one of those times where we all join together as brothers and do what we can to help those in need.

Comment 13 Oct 2015

I'm one of those annoying Michigan fans that show up here on occasion, although I'd like to think my contributions are not based on seeing things through maize colored glasses.

I agree with you that those people stating that Michigan has a good shot to make the playoffs need to slow down...a lot.  If Michigan beats MSU, the conversation has a bit more relevance in that every other game until "The Game" is very winnable. Rivalry games are what they are....throw out rational thought. On paper, you win, but anyone following the rivalry knows just how accurate paper sometimes isn't.

One comment about what Harbaugh is doing.  Michigan, certainly on defense, was not without talent.  Lewis and Peppers are first round talent. Hoke did a good job recruiting, including many players that were recruited by both schools.  What Hoke lacked was coaching and scheme, but no longer. Harbaugh pulled in some superb coaching talent and it is showing on the field. 

Beating the Spartans is going to be tough, but it is doable.  Michigan, under Harbaugh, will not be intimidated, and MSU has weaknesses and injuries.  Michigan is a work in progress...next Saturday will be a test to see just how far Michigan has progressed.

Comment 27 Sep 2015

Michigan doesn't have the talent, particularly on O, that OSU has....it's just not there.  As for the D, that's another story altogether.  They have a very good D line and good D-backs with decent linebacking.  Don't forget that Hoke recruited well.  Talent wasn't the problem, it was coaching and scheme.  Last year, the coach responsible for the defensive backs had never played the position nor coached the position. 

That's no longer the case.  Harbaugh has put together a very good coaching staff and if you have been watching, their play calling on O has been excellent...execution has been average, until yesterday.  Harbaugh is a brilliant coach (as is Meyer).  If you watch him while the team is warming up he is incredibly active and into everything going on.  His success with prior college teams and in the NFL wasn't just luck.

As a Michigan fan, I'd like to think that yesterday was the new standard.  I don't believe that.  I think the team is a work in progress and will continue to improve, although with some bumps in the road. I predicted 8-4 before the season began and I won't change that until Michigan is past Northwestern and MSU.

As for November 28, it's a rivalry game. On paper you win.  But remember two years ago...you dodged a bullet and last year, before Drake Johnson tore his ACL in the third quarter, the game was even.

The future looks like it could be a lot of fun. 

Comment 23 Sep 2015

Regardless of whether Clark is a head case or not, this is another instance of the NCAA being on a different planet. There is absolutely no justification for not allowing Clark to sit out his year and play at any other program including USC and any and all other PAC12 teams that UCLA will play.  I'm surprised that no one has attacked this regulation in the courts as being anti-competitive. Once a player leaves a program, what is the rationale that allows a team to further control a player? Totally FUBAR.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

I'd like to think the perception of the B1G as a weak conference will change.  Last year certainly helped with OSU winning the NC, but it will take more than that to really change the image.  Other than OSU, and to some extent, MSU, the rest of the B1G has been less than stellar, including Wisconsin, who finally won a bowl game last year.  The SEC has depth in terms of the number of really good teams as well as the talent.  At the very least, the B1G East will be a force. Chryst and Riley...time will tell.

Give Harbaugh a couple of years and Michigan could be seriously good; ditto for Franklin, although I'm not sure just how good he is as a coach - he can definitely recruit.

The trend is definitely in the right direction.  Some of the other programs in the B1G Ten, whom are about to get a big payday when the next TV deal is finalized, need to step up to the plate.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

Factually, you are incorrect, and yes, I'm a Michigan fan.  That Harbaugh was looking at other running backs was all over the news for days before NSD.  I saw it on Mgoblog, on Twitter and heard it on Sam Webb's show at least as early as Jan. 31st.  Google is your friend.  Weber was equivocal and Harbaugh was doing a CYA.  Everyone following Michigan football knew this....to suggest that Weber didn't makes no sense.

What I think you are also forgetting is that Meyer was quoted as saying the following:

 Meyer is always competing with Michigan, he said, and that is no different in recruiting. “We keep score against the rival in everything we do,” he said.

That, to me, implies that OSU won the battle with Weber, which was the case.

Harbaugh was just giving Urban some love.

Relax guys....this should be fun.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

While I'm sympathetic to Weber's situation, at this juncture, if things could be worked out and he could end up at Michigan, there is always the nagging question about the level of sincerity of his commitment.  I would think if the LOI could be rescinded, Harbaugh might take him, but there are no guarantees.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Not really....I think RB is not Michigan's biggest problem at the moment, but why get me depressed.

Wishful thinking? Not really. Should Weber choose to invalidate his LOI, there is a mechanism to appeal the decision, but that's really not the point.  I suspect Meyer would have little trouble finding another RB in 2016, in addition to the kid you already have committed.  I feel badly for Weber.  He is a 17 or 18  year old kid making a decision that will have a lifelong impact, and it's not starting out well. At the very least, you have a recruit who feels he has been wronged.

I'd say the same thing had Weber's decision gone the other way and had Wheatley decided that he was jumping ship.  From many of the posts on this thread, it seems that most you here feel the same way, which is as it should be.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

That is presumptive.  Unless you were there, do you know what was really said?  The official visit that was made by Higdon was done well in advance of NSD as was the offer, so Weber had to know that, as it was all over MGoblog and Sam Webb was talking about it on numerous occasions.

I think Weber was torn between the two programs and was looking for something, anything, to guide his decision.

The question is what Weber does now....he could file an appeal with the NCAA.

Comment 29 Nov 2014

I know Barrett requires surgery, but did he suffer a dislocated ankle?  For his sake, I hope not.  That is the same injury that Laquon Treadwell suffered a few weeks ago when he was tackled with a horse collar on the goal line.  It is a long road to recovery and it is possible that your ankle is not what it once was.  I hope that Barrett is lucky.

Gardner's going over and wishing Barrett well was very classy.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Good piece and very accurate. As a Michigan fan and alum with a strong and frequent Ann Arbor presence, I'm delighted you enjoyed yourself.  Over the years, I've had more than a few experiences with Buckeye fans that were fun that travelled to Ann Arbor for the weekend.  Michigan Stadium at night is a lot of fun, and is very impressive (unlike the team).

Michigan fans seem to have gotten somewhat apathetic as a remedy to reduce the pain, but it is temporary.  Support for the players is as strong as ever, maybe more so.  Regardless, with the exception of '11, it's been a long seven years since Carr left, and Hoke and Brandon need to see Ann Arbor from their rear view mirror ASAP.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

So that's three losses in the last four games.

I believe that much of the success of the last two seasons have been due to scheduling.  Put OSU in the SEC and the results would not have been quite so pretty.  There is one legitimate team in the B1G this year, and that's MSU, and Oregon had their way with them big time in the second half last night.  Michigan is a total joke, and I say this as a Michigan fan.  Hoke needs to be put out to pasture.

It's hard to blame a freshman QB for what happened to OSU last night.  The question I ask is with OSU's ability to recruit top talent, why was there not a better QB with more experience, someone not a frosh, waiting in the wings?

Comment 18 Aug 2014

As a Michigan fan, I have to say I hope this turns out to be a rumor.  As much as I can't stand you bastards on game day, I never want to see one of your players get hurt.  Miller seems like a good guy who has given you everything he has and then some.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

As a Michigan fan, I have to say I hope this turns out to be a rumor.  As much as I can't stand you bastards on game day, I never want to see one of your players get hurt.  Miller seems like a good guy who has given you everything he has and then some.