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Comment 21 Jun 2014

I dont think it would be necessary at all to leave the conference unless some kind of top tier league was formed including the top 20 or so programs in the country, but I do think we need to play as many top teams as possible.  A B1G-SEC challenge replacing their weak out of conference games would be great and if it caught on with every other conference, people wouldn't duck good teams for cupcakes because everyone is playing each other from power conferences.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

The real surprising/exciting thing about Ohio State featuring so many great linebackers and defensive backs is that 

A) That tradition will most likely continue, particularly at linebacker


B) I think they will have a great run of defensive lineman before Urban is done here at Ohio State.

Comment 20 Jun 2014

Regardless of your opinion on the politics of the move, hitler, nazis, and all that other garbage how can you downvote leaving football alone?  I understand everyone else here has mucked themselves into the quicksand of talking about what is racist/offensive but seriously think about it.  People are messing with football, whether it be at the government level or even at the political correctness police level.  How is this a good thing?

I don't care that much about the redskins thing, but I do care about the next thing they will go after, which makes me feel really stubborn about the name being changed.  Trust me you have no idea what the government or the PC police will find offensive next.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Leave football alone.  The U.S. patent office makes the first move?  I agree with the comment from earlier, why wouldn't we want this kind of change to come from pressure from the people?  I hope they never change it and eat the losses.

Comment 18 Jun 2014
I want braxton to win the heisman because after 3 plus years of being a buckeye he has yet to make me mad, do something dumb in the offseason, or show himself to not be ar great kid. Would i like him to be an in your face vocal leader on tv? Sure. But he has proven imho that he will do what he has to do to win games. ESPECIALLY in a 2 minute situation before the half or for a go ahead score last year. Now its up to him to focus on letting it rip this year. He has to know that if he becomes a solid passer that wont hold onto the ball that he will get drafted high. His improvement will be our ticket to the championship!
Comment 15 Jun 2014

The "can't win them all thing" kind of bothers me because I have seen an Ohio school play out of state competition in recent years (pennsylvania, indiana, etc) and the games I have seen, the Ohio school DEMOLISHED both an established multi state final team from indiana and a city league champion from the pittsburgh area.  So even if we were short on fbs players why would we lose to them?  A lot of really good/top high school players dont get the chance to play division 1 because coaches think they wont translate well to D1 (size, offensive scheme, position fit) so I'm really bummed we didn't blow them out of the water.

I understand one school isn't indicative of the whole state but still I'm surprised because I've noticed culture and organization plays a heavy hand in how good certain communities are.  I just think the overall "community" of Ohio football quality is BETTER than the state of Michigan.