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Comment 03 Dec 2013

He manages to keep Brady Hoke away from a free all you can eat buffet?

Comment 03 Dec 2013

If he doesn't win it this year after going two (regular) seasons in a row undefeated then I've come to the conclusion that it will take an Ohio State coach literally walking on water to win Coach of the Year.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

For those running Firefox I suggest downloading the AffiliateFox extension. Simply add the tag "elevewarri-20" (no quotation marks) into the Amazon.com tracking field and all your purchases will automatically contribute to 11W. I don't know how many times I would buy something on Amazon only to realize afterwards I didn't go through the 11W link. Now I don't have to think about it anymore.

Comment 14 Nov 2013

Dear ESPN, hire this guy for your show (NSFW but features Kenny-F'ing-Powers):

Comment 08 Nov 2013

Did anyone else watching Oregon last night feel like they were having their very own "Northwestern Moment". You know, your team has been  steam rolling your opponents for most of the year and the first time you face a team puts up a fight the team comes a bit unglued. I feel like that's what happened to Ohio State that first half in Northwestern (and to a lesser extent the first half of the Iowa game) and it happened to the Ducks last night. But instead of getting their shit together they just panicked. You could tell from the sideline shots that the team really didn't know how to react to the situation and I didn't really see a leader on the team to rally the troops.

Comment 16 Oct 2013

Am I the only one not excited about the prospect of Game Day coming to Columbus? I know it's petty, but I'm still pissed at them for having Desmond Howard and that assclown Nick Lachey sing TTUN's fight song from our stadium, and we weren't even playing TTUN!

Comment 18 Sep 2013

This isn't nearly as well articulated as I'd like but I'm just going to roll with it... Not all of us have the flair for the written word like Hodge or Brewster.


Speaking for myself I would have no problem with the national media's sudden 180° if maybe just one or two of them would just take a second and say "You know what, maybe we were too harsh on the players during the Tatgate fiasco". Personally I feel like too many of them come off like they've always believed that a player benefiting from their likeness/personal property has always been a non-issue. And just for the record I'd feel the same way if Tatgate had happened at LSU, Oregon, or any other program.



Comment 18 Sep 2013

Absolutely brilliant piece. I hope you also took the time to email it to every "journalist" you mentioned in the article.


As an aside, just took a couple minutes to counteract the downvote troll. Seriously, this is getting out of hound.

Comment 28 Aug 2013

Is Jack & Benny's no longer the go to campus breakfast place? I've never been personally but I feel like it always gets mentioned in these type of write-ups...

Additional shout-outs: Old Mohawk Inn, Spagio, The Elevator, Zeno's, and Jimmy V's (the Grandview location).


Edit: I honestly cannot recommend Ugly Tuna to anyone over the age of 25. Last time I was back on campus I stopped in and it was awkward to say the least. I seem to remember getting asked if I was a cop quite a bit...

Comment 28 Aug 2013

When sober, I'd agree Adriatico's is best; however, through extensive experimentation I did find it does not mix well with alcohol and can lead to violent reactions. Again, through extensive testing I did determine that Catfish Biff's was fare superior when inebriated. 


Ultimately this is going to boil down to a South Campus/North Campus debate.

Comment 23 Jul 2013

Much like Fox Mulder, I want to believe that the worst is over and El Guapo will be reinstated shortly but I just have this gut feeling this thing is going to drag out a while longer. I'm not saying I think El Guapo is guilty of anything, I just think the drama is going to play out for a while longer. I really hope I'm wrong.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Please don't misconstrue my earlier statement as a slam against your article. You took the right approach and did a very good job of reporting the facts as you had them. I especially applaud you keeping the alleged victim's name private. The point I was trying to make earlier was that I appreciate Jason and the staff sitting on this until there was some concrete evidence out there. Again, taking nothing away from your work, but eyewitness accounts aren't always the most reliable source of information. It's much harder to argue with a police report.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

I came in here to say this. I know everyone on the board had their panties in a bunch last night because none of the staff  had addressed the growing smoke cloud forming around one of our players. I appreciate the integrity 11W showed in waiting until they had facts before reporting on an incident that could potentially have serious negative consequences on the life of a young man.

And to respond to someone elses reply, yes other websites were reporting the rumors that something happened but 11W was the first to my knowledge to actually report something based on hard facts.

Comment 11 Jul 2013

Did anyone else think the two for one link was going to be about the buy one, get one free deals they have at stores?