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Comment 26 Nov 2019
Black Israelites are NOT a racist hate group. They have certain beliefs which may or may not be true just like any other religious group. Are there some extremists among them? Probably so, but that's no different from many other religious groups around the world. It's not right to label an entire group of people. That's just like saying all white people are racist because of the examples that history has shown us and all Black people are thugs because of a few primetime news stories.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
If our defense was actually good last year then Haskins wouldn't have put up those same numbers. Being forced to stay in the games longer led to the inflated numbers. He still would have great numbers but I don't believe he would have put up those historical numbers.
Comment 11 Jan 2019
I don't have a big opinion on this situation but the same way some of our fans on this board are trashing Tate is the same thing that we look down on other fan bases for doing. A kid made a personal decision based on what he believes is right for himself. God forbid a person a person for looking out for their own future. Get over it...
Comment 23 Oct 2018
Some you guys are moving the goalposts. For YEARS I've seen complaints about the WRs underperforming and a lot of the blame was placed on Zach Smith but now that he's gone and Hartline is in place and the WRs are having a good year you're saying that Hartline isn't having an impact. How's that work?
Comment 24 Jan 2017
Erick Smith didn't play much his first 2 years for the same reasons Malik Hooker didn't...Vonn Bell and Powell were the starters and then at the end of his sophomore year he tore his acl setting back his development. He can play both safety positions and would've started in place of Webb had he had enough recovery time. I think he becomes Hooker's replacement.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Anybody that says the 160 lb receiver thing doesn't work sounds stupid and bitter. You guys didn't say that when he committed so why say it now? Shane Wynn didn't work at IU under Wilson? John Ross at Washington? Deanthony Thomas at Oregon? Stop it! He would've came here and added weight to his frame regardless.