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Comment 18 Apr 2020

Just finished reading Chic by Bob Hunter.  Incredible book and worth the read for all those looking to understand Chic Harley's impact on Ohio State football.  I have to admit that I had very little understanding of the impact he had and truly believe that without Chic, Buckeye football as we know it could be much different.  Its wild to think about how his heroics were some of the first dominos to fall in a sequence that ultimately led to so great moments in my own life.  Much respect to the man!

Comment 30 Jan 2017

This is really helpful, thanks!  The more I look at the evidence, the more I think the picture I own is probably from the 1923 game.  I will keep on the hunt and report back if/when I am able to confirm.

Comment 28 Jan 2017

Just picked up this piece recently.  Not one that I will hang on the wall as it depicts Ferry Field, but pretty cool for the collection none-the less!  The picture is of the pre-game festivities before the 1919 Ohio State vs. TTUN game.  The game is special as it was Ohio States first win against TTUN.  The game is also heralded as one of Chic Harley's finest as a Buckeye.

The listing for the picture said that it needed more research before 100% confirming it is from that game, however, after watching the following video, I am convinced.  If you look closely at the picture, you can see a cameraman shooting video in the foreground.  The video seems to be that shot by the cameraman in the picture (26 to 50 second mark).  Pretty cool stuff.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

Moving to Rome?  Thats exciting!

I love these old team photos.  Its fascinating to me to be able to look back on another era.

I feel like I come across the 1899 team photo quite a bit (not necessarily originals or early vintage, but reproductions and things of that nature).  It seems to come up more often than any other photo from the late 1800s to early 1900s (other than maybe the 1890 team photo).  I wonder if there is a good reason for this.

Comment 28 Aug 2016
Recently added this 1899 team photo to my collection.  This particular photo was printed somewhere between 1905-1915 and is in great shape.  The 1899 team went 9-0-1 and were Champions of Ohio (as the ball states). 
Comment 27 Feb 2016

I recently added this 1921 team photo to my collection.  It caught my attention as this would be the last team to play at Ohio Field as Ohio Stadium was built in 1922.  The 1921 team went 5-2 and outscored their opponents 110-14.  Unfortunately they were upset by Illinois in their final game at Ohio Field (7-6).

Comment 30 Jan 2016

IL, Hop, Sword, or any of you other regulars around here...  Any advice for a novice collector in California trying to collect vintage Buckeye memorabilia?  I love the late 1800s, early 1900s photos, postcards, programs, stubs, etc.  I am not necessarily worried about the value or historic significance, just love the provenance and the story around the items (I consider historical significance/value icing on the cake).  Being that I live in San Francisco, I don't have the luxury of going to antique stores, estate sales, sports collectible stores, flea markets, etc and stumbling upon buckeye items.  Of course Ebay is always an option, but are there any other sources that you would recommend?

Comment 21 Jan 2016

I recently picked up this RPPC postmarked October 1911 (cannot make out the specific date).  I don't know much about it other than it depicts a home game in Sept-Oct 1911.  After further research, I believe that Sam Willaman (lettered in 1911 and 1913, assistant coach from 1926-1928, and HC 1929-1933) is pictured.  I also believe the ball carrier to be Whitey Foss (QB at the time).  The back of the card reads "Wasn't much of a game.  Lots of green players on the field. - Pat".

During Sept-Oct, 1911, Ohio State had four home games:

Sept 30th - Otterbein (W 6-0)

October 7th - Miami (W 3-0)

October 14th - Western Reserve (T 0-0)

October 28th - Ohio Wesleyan (W 6-0)

I have seen pictures from the October 28th game it seems that the stands were much more full that day than depicted in this photo.  Anyone have any idea what game this might be?