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Comment 03 Apr 2019
Just finished reading the linc article about drugs. That story should be a must read for anybody that knows somebody on those drugs! Very scary stuff! I had my grown daughter go on some of those pills and I swear, when you would talk to her, she had a zombie like look in her eyes and body movement! We finally talked her out of taking them, was only on them because of a stupid psychologist thought she needed to be on them! She is now back to normal!
Comment 20 Feb 2019
Hey Ramzy! I needed a pick on the Bourbon of the year!
Comment 20 Feb 2019
As I read the story of the young man who received 250000 dollars from his Jewish grandparents, and spent 25000 to go to college for 1 year, and take a class on race and racism, and then feel guilty for having that money, and then just start giving it away! Wow! So that's what you learn when you go get a higher degree of education. Glad I only got a high school diploma!