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Comment 6 hours ago

Bonkers? You clearly missed the entire point. Putting your buddies above yourself. What the hell does UCMJ have anything to do with the point I’m making? None. I’m talking about young men that aren’t all about themselves. Guys I’ve watched get shot, injured, blown up and rub dirt on it and drive on.

If the warrior correlations are lost on you...I’m not sure how else to put it on construction paper with crayon for you. The good thing is there are “kids” out there that do it so kids back here can make those million dollar decisions for “themselves”. 

Again nobody is pissing on Nick. Simply pointing out days and times are different. Men who have truly led, get it. If you don’t...not sure what to tell you.

Comment 17 hours ago

Outdoor isn’t shitting on anybody as much as expressing an opinion. An opinion I don’t feel is out of left field and frankly agree with. In ranger battalion we had 19-20 year old “kids” that are recommended for promotion, become leaders, get hurt and would never leave their buddies. So 19-20 year old kids can and do make decisions that put something greater than themselves above themselves. Thank God they do, because it’s rare in this day. Do I, Outdoor or many others expressing this view have any ill will toward Nick? Hell no. That dude was a blast to watch demoralize and wreck qb’s and ol’s. I wish him the best and appreciate all he did and does to rep OSU. That said, Chase had a decision he could have made two weeks ago and their is just a little more to be said about a captain, a leader putting his boys first. That’s what leaders do. Even in the military, we’re damn proud of our unit and country...but those aren’t the reasons we drive’s about those boys that look up to you. And if you think anybody on that team was going to say a disparaging word about Nick, you need to put the crack pipe down. Alpha’s that look up to someone aren’t going to cry about it, but you’d have a tough sled uphill to prove it didn’t affect that unit last year. That to Nick and thanks for the memories! But I’d ride with Chase, leaders lead.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

They should move up to the top 15 after a loss to Georgia just in time to give LSU their 20th top ten victory of the season. After a “gritty & gutsy” shootout, LSU will prevail 42-39.5, out gaining the Aggies 792-685. Everybody will be so impressed because BOTH Georgia and LSU beat A&M that the 6-3 win LSU pulls off in the SEC championship will be extra gritty and that’s why LSU, Georgia and Alabama (for Tua!) should be the only teams who could do battle with the totally dominant Clemson! Clemson isn’t bored any longer and will finally have some competition. Oh, and they also played the mighty Aggies! J-I-M-B-O!!! Clemson repeats with a finale victory over Alabama and dedicates their championship to Tua. Final season rankings...

1.Clemson 2. Alabama 3.Georgia 4. LSU 5.Texas A&M 6. Florida 7. Auburn 8. Oregon 9.Texas 10. Undefeated B1G Champs, who throttled Oregon 86-13 in the Rose Bowl, The Ohio State Buckeyes. Boom.

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Truck stop that you? Did you drink fire water and imbibe the peyote big guy? That’s a helluva mirage you’re painting, communist Bob Ross style. It’s train wreck intriguing, alas... you’re bat-shit my man. Break out your revenge tour t-shirt, some PBR and fuck off.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

With regard to the number one team in the nation...I usually don’t get behind ESPN conspiracy theories. I’m not blind to the blatant bias, but what’s up with all the ESPN articles describing #3 Ohio States rout of Maryland. Meanwhile the #1 LSU Tigers took down #2 Bama? Even watching that game they called them both that and then stated, well the CFP #1 Buckeyes but there seems to be much disagreement with who the real #1 team is and went so far as to say, Bama and LSU were each #1’s in different polls this week.

So now that we’re number one, the CFP isn’t taken seriously and only the AP and Coaches got it right? WTF? I can’t wait to play the ACC and SEC. The “game of the century” kinda looked like Indiana vs TTUN from where I was sitting. They looked like a dumpster fire most of the game to me. They played like our second and third string did from the 3rd quarter on...undisciplined and slow. 

But I digress...SEC simply means more.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

LSU maybe? Bama, no. Especially if we hang 50+ on Maryland and hold them to one score. The committee just proved they are just as impressed by how you play as they are by who you play. Something we couldn’t do until the end of last year’s season.

Comment 05 Nov 2019

Damn. Let’s be excited. The committee respects our boys and their coaches. We have a chance to make history here. If we go undefeated through conference play and the championship, turn around and run roughshod over the SEC and or the ACC...we will be the only team in history to plow through 9 conference games, win the conference championship and take the crown as the undefeated number one seed. That’s the shit champions dream to play for. To hell with a chip and just show everybody why we’re THE number one team. Nobody down south wants anything to do with these boys. Bring on Dabo so we can wipe the field with his smug ass before we bludgeon LSU or Bama. Hopefully the former, just to see Joey in the championship. He’s from my hometown of Athens.

Comment 29 Oct 2019

Thanks y’all. Guess some people need to bitch. Am I pissed about the what if’s? Absolutely. Will it change a thing? Nope. Just makes us look like the same clowns on that blog up north preaching our last four seasons would have been full of championships if we hadn’t been cheated on J.T.’s first down in 2016. 

Comment 28 Oct 2019

@ryandaytime was handed the keys to a precious LaFerrari but before taking it for a spin, gazed upon its beauty and said...nah. It’s missing something.  He decided to install 1000lbs of nitrous, an 18inch lift kit, titanium tank treads and a cow catcher on the beautiful piece of fine machinery and thought to’s missing something. He Amazon next day’d the finishing touch and gazed at the bumper sticker that just read Merica’ and thought...time to run this mutha through the midwest and on through the heart of the south.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

You can bitch about the nattys we missed. You can bitch about the previous regime. You can bitch about all the inequities...but what does any of that accomplish? Other than suspiciously mirroring MGoBlog, not a lot. Enjoy the ride. This is a special team with a special group of coaches leading them. Thanks to each and every player! Thanks to each and every coach! It’s hard to live up to our ridiculous expectations week in and week out...and somehow they’ve managed to exceed those expectations  with grace, toughness and adaptive leadership. This has been a fun year!

Go Bucks!

Keep grinding!

Comment 04 Oct 2019

52-10 Bucks Roll. Sparty field goal first half, touchdown in garbage time. Lewerke gets his ass planted six times, coughs up one fumble and throws two interceptions. Boom.

Go Bucks!

Smack Sparty!

F#ck #ichigan.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

This is what makes my heart smile...

“According to annual expense forms submitted by both schools to the NCAA, obtained by MLive via a public records request, Michigan has outspent Ohio State by a more than 50 percent margin under Harbaugh when it comes to recruiting expenses. From 2015 to 2018, Michigan spent a total of more than $4.7 million to OSU’s $2.954 million.

The gap was no larger than in 2017, when Michigan spent nearly twice as much as Ohio State on recruiting, $1,559,796 to OSU’s $773,163. Michigan’s recruiting class in 2018 ranked 22nd nationally, compared to Ohio State’s No. 2-ranked class, according to 247Sports.”

God bless Jim Harbaugh with unparalleled mental toughness to stay the course and hold true to his core coaching values.

Go Bucks!

Woodchip Sparty!

Oh, and F#ck Xichigan!