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Comment 31 Dec 2019

Dude...choke on a fucking 18 inch dildo you fucktard. I will enjoy the dumb faces your coaches and players were making as a fucking train bulldozed their asses for a quarter and a half. They took advantage of officials stepping in to save their reeling asses on more than one occasion. The only motherfucker I have respect for from Clemson was Lawrence. He put the team on his back and carried their bitch asses to the finish line. Etienne greater than Dobbins? Your fucking high. 36 yards at 3.6 a carry to 174 at 9.7 a pop on a bum ankle. You are an absolute fucktard. I hope you have a stroke on your 36 holes you dipshit.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

I fucking agree Cincy. We left too many points out there...but you’re paid to get it right and the replay booth were fucking idiots. Hot fucking garbage. I’m not sure how but an official review of those calls need to be made and as much as it seems like sour grapes, somebody needs to answer for this bullshit. It’s hard to beat a team when the fucking refs hand them a 21 point swing.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Tip of the cap...Lawerence took advantage of all the extra plays those piece of shit, douche bag, crooked fucktard refs gave him. We kicked field goals when we should have punched touchdowns in. They got every bullshit call and if I were Ryan Day. I’d take it on the chin, take the fine and fucking break the booth dickfucks face in half. Olave, love you kid...your first fuck up I can remember, came at a bad time. Maybe Jeff, Shaun and Chase will come back??? Hell of a season!!! Proud of you guys!!! It’s hard to beat elite teams, it’s impossible when the booth clearly predetermined who was gonna win. Targeting? Bullshit. JKs touchdown? Bullshit. Three steps, secured ball, no fumble because he didn’t make a “football move.” Bullshit. Three plays changed that curb stomping fuckface Dabo and strung out Venebals were receiving. That’s not even counting the countless holds, pi’s. Hindsight being what it is, Shaun should have raised up and knocked sunshine the fuck out. Here’s to a pretty damned good season and another fucking year of Clemson owning us. Get em’ Joe!

Comment 28 Dec 2019

If we clobber Clemson, the narrative will be “everybody knew Clemson hadn’t played anybody so technically OSU still hasn’t played anybody. The B1G sucks. Wake Forrest and USC were terrible, so those bowl wins mean nothing. Wait until they clash with LSU’s offense. (which statically OSU is better than, but facts don’t matter) If we bury LSU then they’ll transition to “well, let’s see if OSU can go undefeated like Clemson next year!” Fuck em’ all. Lay the wood boys.

Go Bucks! Destroy the fight-in’ Dabo’s!

Comment 27 Dec 2019

You’ve been calling this for two months. Same score. Every time OSU doesn’t look like the 85’ Bears, you dog them hardcore. Cool, here’s a spot you can check out...  Maybe you would like it better over on that site. Clemson is apparently your team.

Bucks 42 Clemson 28

Go Bucks

Comment 14 Dec 2019

You stay 8 months at a program and then poach anybody from the staff, further destabilizing recruiting and Coach Day is warranted in coming off the top rope and issuing choke slams all around. I more than have faith in our HC, but this is bullshit timing, through and through. You want to improve YOUR life, burn along. Have some fucking foresight, be honest and choose a time when it doesn’t throw a goddamned titanic sized, incredibly destabilizing monkey wrench into the gears of the program that put you there. Loved the dude, but this is ignorant timing...and all the more reason the dudes playing for or committing to coaches should get paid or be able to jump ship when they see fit. 

Comment 14 Dec 2019

Love the dude, but goddamn. Why has Clemson ascended to the top? It’s simple. They don’t turn over yearly. That last inch of the miles we’ve come to be a truly elite dynasty is awful fucking hard to achieve if you can’t keep good/great coaches more than one season. Take care. Might as well fucking hit the road, the damage is done. Thanks for a great year and a turn around.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

To keep four you have to add parity. No FCS opponents. 8 or 9 conference games, pick one, but it needs to be the same across the board. Make it so your out of conference must include 2-3 power five conference opponents depending whether you lock in 8 or 9 conference games and stick with four. Oregon would be in if they played the sisters of the poor and not Auburn for their opener so there has got to be parity. If not and the SEC continues to stack the deck for championships, go to eight.

Comment 12 Dec 2019 mad boys. I’ve really pulled for Joe. He’s from my hometown...hell the kids in Athens School District are even wearing purple and gold to school tomorrow. That said, even Joe has gotten drunk on that SEC koolaid. Delpitt? Olave will expose his ass after CD Lamb gives him all he can handle. JK will run roughshod over everybody now. It sucks but I think the nation is about to watch these young Bucks find a whole new gear. So, let’s deal with Clemson and expose LSU and all these asshat voters for the clown show they are. Fuck it Bucks...Ohio against the world!

Comment 10 Dec 2019

Fuck Dabo. Give him a mustache and BCG’s and that’s a registered SO that manages a local Dollar General that aspires to take over the deli counter at Walmart. His condescending, smug ass and dirty team needs a good old fashioned bitch slap and trench mauling. Fuck being scared of Clemson. I can respect coach o’s approach, have to admit I liked it better than our pandering but I digress. This is our chance to fucking end the bs conception we aren’t in the Clemson and Bama tier. Time to change the narrative and make them work to get to our level. And for good measure...fuck Dabo. It’s da dab gummest hoo,  aw schucks, per diddle, nobody respects us...yeah don’t take roids, cheap shots at quarterbacks and finger fuck opposing players assholes you fake back woods dirty douche nozzle. Fuck Dabo.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Oh, I also threw one atcha. That kid poured his heart and soul out through the toughest competition of the year and OSU rode him hard. He outperformed damned near every back when it mattered...not padding his stats against cupcakes. So it’s more about how you simply jumped in quickly like a stat Nazi to shit on JK, there Martin. Also...when you call people out online like a douche it equates to taking a dump in a bag, lighting it in fire, tossing it on a doorstep, ringing the doorbell and running. It doesn’t win UFC title bouts.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Exactly. OSU is actually 3 in this ESPN writers eyes, and they’ll get the “Tiger/Tiger matchup the Nation deserves in the finals”, say Andrea Adelson. You’ve listened to Reece Davis badger Rob Mullins every chance he got over how OSU is ahead of LSU. Rob’s reply should have been, “they’ve played the same amount of top 25 teams. Texas is ass my dude, you don’t get credit for bullshit preseason rankings. OSU dominated their teams by an average of 25 points, they played 9 conference games, every OOC team they destroyed actually played for their conference championship and two were conference champions. LSU played a high school team and eight conference sack up SEC... OSU just ran a gauntlet leading into a championship.” So yeah, fuck ESPN, fuck the SEC and most of all fuck the flip-flopping fuckery of the committee. That said, it’s motherfucking payback time and Clemson and Forrest Gump got an pantsing comin’. 

Go Bucks!

Fucking Destroy Clemson!

Dismantle LSU!

Take pride in accomplishing something that’s never been done before.

Comment 08 Dec 2019

Conspiracy police. Do you have an algorithm that scans the comment section of every post for the hot word “ESPN”? You comment on damn near every opinion anybody posts about those four letters and most of the time you’re a condescending asshat. Do you get a nickel for every time you defend them and talk down to someone from your high horse or do you simply have nothing better to make yourself feel important? When you’re insulting someone with your tin hat/microwave scenarios, just know you’re actually the douche that looks like you eat too much lead paint, crayons and your own boogers.