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Comment 14 Aug 2019

I can just see Jimmy stooped over his old Royal Typewriter, his tongue slightly sticking out in concentration as he picks the keys one at a time writing his response to Coach Fick's statements. There is probably a half consumed glass of milk on his desk and he has those stupid ass Woody Hayes copy-cat glasses slid down on the end of his nose.

That somehow makes it possible for me to read that.

Comment 08 Jul 2019

I think Cooper has the best overall build and style of any H-Back I have seen under Urban Meyer's Offense. It will be interesting to see what he tops out at and what his composition is like after a year or two in Marotti's dojo.

That's bold when you consider Harvin, Wilson, Samuel, Miller, and Campbell have all featured as H-Back, but I think in terms of being born to play this position, this kid has it.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Does anyone else think Victor's lack of production was related to the piss poor WR Coach we had in place for most of Urban's era? We have had some pretty stellar potential come into the WR Room over the last 8 years and a lot of it never developed the way it should have. You can attribute some of that to Urban's dedication to the QB Run, but even before the whole Domestic Violence stuff broke last year that guy just never developed his players.

I almost wonder if Victor's story would have been a lot different if Hartline were in that room sooner?

Comment 19 Apr 2019

As a fan I hate that we have no depth now at the most critical offensive position (arguably the most critical position overall). 

As a business man I am a fan of the transfer portal to let these guys have a little more freedom to market their services for the best possible return. NCAAFB is the closest thing to indentured servitude that still exists here. Players get dick compared to the Billions in revenues generated by their industry. So good for you Matt Baldwin. Go make that paper if you can.

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Absolutely GLAD for this kid and he is 100% making the smart play here. He would only be back for 1 or 2 games (albeit big games for OSU) and he has to weight the risk of re-aggravating the injury or making it worse vs improving his draft stock which is already going to be top 10 money. It's a no-brainer.

People who are upset by this are living a fairy tale where College Football isn't a Billion dollar form of legalized indentured servitude. Players like Nick Bosa or Chase Young are not coming to OSU for a degree. They have no other practical choice to get their Draft potential in front of NFL teams. OSU is making millions, the NCAA is making millions, the NFL is saving millions by getting a free farm league. The only ones who are not able to benefit are the players. Until this system changes I expect to see this become an ever-increasing trend in P5 CFB.

Good for you Nick Bosa, go get yours man!! Thanks for the standard you set while you were here and God Speed Son!

Comment 11 Jul 2018

3100psi. That thing almost certainly came from Costco because I stare at it every time I run the track at the Easton Costco. If I think that power washer is one of the sexiest things I have seen recently does that mean I am also a middle-aged Suburban dad?

But seriously, $299 @ Costco...hell of a bargain. My only concern is if it only sprays hard for 4-6 seconds A-B??