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Comment 18 Oct 2019

I love my Bucks, and a pox on the houses of B1G schedulers for making one of the most passionate high school football fan bases in the nation have to choose between the Buckeyes and their local high school program. As for me and mine, it is our school’s Senior Night, I have a teen in our high school’s marching band, and we are chasing down a home playoff spot. I will be out in the elements tonight, and my Buckeyes will be waiting for me on DVR. 

Comment 03 Jul 2019

“Ohio State faces Michigan in Ann Arbor on Nov. 30 at noon.”

Perhaps you guys did this on purpose, but I had to laugh when I saw the above quote, because after reading what was an absolutely incredible speech about what this rivalry is all about, and getting so sucked in that I wanted The Game to be in ten minutes, the above quote was placed there as if you knew everyone who read this speech was jacked and needed to be calmed back down. Well done.

Comment 26 Dec 2018

My lasting memory of the ‘97 Rose Bowl (and no one in my family has ever let me forget it) was after Arizona State scored what looked to be the game-winning touchdown prior to Joe Germaine’s late game heroics, I kicked a folding table that was leaning up against a wall and I put my foot through it. My temper was a lot hotter back in those days.

Comment 28 Nov 2018

(1) It is sad (?) that TTUN is so bereft of accolades that they want a banner for “tying” for the division championship. Not the B1G title, THE DIVISION. Let that sink in.

(2) Re: Drue Chrisman: I no longer care if a Buckeye player or coach wins an award for the conference. I mean, it’s cool if they do, don’t get me wrong, but when you consider no OSU coach has won COTY since EARLE BRUCE IN 1979, for example, it just tells me that we have a bunch of try-hards picking these winners just to prove they’re the smartest ones in the room. Chrisman was robbed.

Comment 20 Apr 2018

Ugh. The head coach during my formative years as a young Buckeye fan. From the white V-neck sweater and the red cap with the arched “Ohio State” on it to the suit-and-fedora Earle, I appreciate so much his dedication and devotion to the football program and university. RIP, Earle.

Comment 08 Jan 2018

I watched it. After having done so, the only question I have is, “why did the producers tell everyone to make a comment about Ohio State?”, because there is no logical reason for any of those fans to be focused on the Buckeyes when their school is playing for all the 2017 marbles tonight. They had to have been prompted.

Next, my reaction to the video is “meh.” The whole thing seemed so contrived that it was hard to get mad.

Lastly, OSU is in *someone’s* head, either the interviewees (if those were legit spontaneous answers) or the producers (which I still don’t get). In either case, I think it’s funny that Ohio State is someone’s constant source of irritation...

Comment 20 Nov 2017

This is awful.

As a fan, I know the particular game I am about to reference wasn’t terribly huge in regards to a conference race or national championship implications, but when someone says “Terry Glenn,” my word association game takes me to Pitt, ‘95. He absolutely took Pitt apart that day, and I will never forget it. RIP, Terry, and prayers for all those you’ve left behind.

Comment 18 Mar 2017

As a coach, we tell our kids not to leave it in the official's hands; that being said, Bo did what he should've done, put pressure on Hall, and was rewarded for his effort only once even though Hall continued to stall beyond the warning.  Very frustrating.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I have said all along that I wanted Warriner to stay on. He's done a great job at developing our o-line talent, and I use Taylor Decker as my microcosm. Dude straight got his lunch taken by Khalil Mack a few years back (yes, I know it was Taylor's first career start), but look at Taylor's career and how he's doing now. Ed Warriner in my estimation was a big part of the Slobs' success, and I am truly sorry to see him go.

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I went partially down that rabbit hole of Tweets until I found myself getting dumber as I read the tweets of the antagonist as he defended himself, and an old adage came back to me: "Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should."  He is certainly and absolutely entitled to feel and think however he likes about things; the problem came when he decided he would take his opinion directly to one of the people directly involved with his controversial opinion.  I don't know what good he thought would come from tweeting what he did, and if he knew no good would come from it, then why bother?  He started a fire that didn't even need to be lit.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

I'm just throwing this out there.  I don't know that this season with all the off-the-field hoopla surrounding Kaepernick is the best gauge of the type of QB coach Day is.  It certainly was not a typical season in that regard.  Just have to trust Urban.

Also, to this same point, I remember when Marshall announced that Bobby Pruett, defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, would take over as head coach for the Herd following Florida's national championship game against Nebraska in January '96.  As a life-long Buckeye fan that attended Marshall, I watched that game to see what Marshall was getting.  If you remember, Nebraska absolutely waxed the Gators that night (these were the Lawrence Phillips-vintage Huskers), and I was left with an uneasy feeling about it all.  Coach Pruett ended up being the winningest coach in Marshall history (no jokes, please - I know that it pales to Woody in Columbus, but it is what it is), so I learned that a snapshot doesn't always tell the whole story like with Kaepernick in SF this year.  Urban has my trust on this.

Comment 03 Jan 2017

I think the problem with "co-s" for the average Joe is that when things go horribly awry, we are confused as to which coordinator deserves our ire.  "Who gets our angst!" /s

Comment 01 Oct 2016

I must, as a wrestling coach and fan of the sport in general, must humbly submit that NJ has given us Jordan Burroughs, the face of USA Wrestling (who, of course, is now having to share that title with one Kyle Snyder).  As for the rest of your feelings, rock on, good sir.

Go Bucks!

Comment 31 Aug 2016

It's funny how that '85 game against Iowa seems to keep coming up in various spots in my life.  My brother and I recorded that game on the timer setting on our VCR because my parents had made plans to be out of town that weekend visiting some college friends, and we were in tow.  We weren't sure we'd be able to watch it at my parents' friends' house (we were able, albeit sporadically, as it turns out), so we wanted to have it in its entirety to watch it at our leisure upon returning home.  Since it was such an epic upset (truthfully, I wasn't sure OSU had what it took without Keith Byars to beat #1 Iowa with Chuck Long and Ronnie Harmon), we ended up NOT recording over the game (a true sign of '80s dedication!) and watched it repeatedly over the years whenever we had a Jones for Ohio State football.  I remember the soaking wet AstroTurf from all the rain, and I remember writing in my English-teacher-required journal in English class two days later that "THE BUCKEYES UPSET #1 IOWA!  THEY HELD RONNIE HARMON TO 122 YARDS!"  That's a quote, by the way - I still have the journal.

I'm ready for the season.  Thanks, Ramzy, for bringing back the eighth-grader in me and the child-like anticipation of another season of college football.

Comment 26 Aug 2016

This season is where my utter disdain for Pat Forde came from.  After the Bucks were beaten by LSU in the NCG, he wrote a scathing (and unfair) column on why the Buckeyes should not be allowed near any national championship game for the foreseeable future.  His argument was two consecutive losses on the big stage.  I think we would all admit that the 2006 team massively underperformed in that title game.  MY beef was his willingness to penalize them for the 2007 squad's performance.  Until reading this recap, I had completely forgotten about all the losses that transpired for Ohio State to move back up to #2.  I remembered only Missouri and West Virginia losing on the last weekend (WVU losing to a forgettable Pitt team that they should have destroyed), forgetting completely that Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU, and Kansas all dropped the ball as well.  My point is, the NCG fell into their laps.  They probably shouldn't have been there.  Forde's column was WAY over the line.  I don't usually reach out to personalities when they publish things, even when they may have published something that I agree with.  I just don't think they care all that much, but I was moved to email Pat Forde and give him a piece of my mind, for all the good it did.  I avoid his stuff like the plague now.

Comment 12 May 2016

This confirms my sickness, but the first thing I think of nowadays whenever I hear a Gloria Estefan song is that d@#! meal she made for Livan 19 years ago. I have a problem, I know.