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Comment 08 Sep 2019

As a Cincy native and someone who transferred from UC, I always wish the best for the Bearcats. But like the author and the post above mentions, it’s nice to silence a few of their fans.

Let the truth be told, my friends and family in Cincinnati never expected them to beat OSU. Cincinnatians are some of the most cynical people around or maybe it’s just my family. 

ps - Sorry Kroger, I’ll always be a Thriftway Man! 

Comment 24 Aug 2018

I graduated from Ohio State in 97 and have been messing around on Ohio State websites since the dawn of the web. I think much of what you claim as "homering" is more generational. 11W is the younger crowd while other sites that have been around a while are not.

Personally, I feel journalism has become all about op-ed pieces, "gotcha" reporting, and driven by social media mob "justice" in order to show your readers that you care and are morally (whatever is defined as "moral" at the given moment) sound. 

Comment 21 Aug 2018

My brain is aching after going through most of the the Twitter back and forth. Since we are discussing 90's "stars" with this story, his replies and brain capacity made me think of these two guys getting philosophical... "It's just funny to me......."

Comment 11 Jul 2018

I know it's a running gag around the country and the SEC in general when Meyer's UF health issues are brought up. Anxiety is no joke and I was always skeptical of it until I started having panic attacks shortly after graduating from OSU. It is beyond scary and when it hits you for the first handful of times you think you are having a heart attack. With experience, you learn to recognize the symptoms and get a handle on it when anxiety hits. 

Great story and it's nice to see the football program support a struggling undergrad.

Comment 10 Jul 2018

I had a six hour delay in Austin, TX a week ago. At one point, someone from the airline got on the intercom and gave a status update. Immediately after the update, a fellow passenger yells out "O-H." It was disturbing.

-1997 OSU graduate 

Comment 24 May 2018

I attended Ohio State from 1992 to 1997, pretty painful in regards to the game. We cannot beat the hell out of them enough times to make up for that era of futility vs. the team up north. It was depressing as hell every year, knowing that the scarlet and gray would find a way to lose. This made the long gray, Central Ohio winters even more shitty and the general attitude in and around campus was sullen. It's a feeling that you will never forget and once a year, it comes flooding back and regardless of the 21st century domination in the series, I want to see the Buckeyes win by 40+ every time. 

Anyone who says they want this to be more of a rivalry and they like seeing Michigan do good because it helps the B1G can suck the hairy root. The Game will always be huge no matter the records and the maize and blue can sink to lower RichRod levels as far as I am concerned. Nothing will ever make up for the 90's vs UM, for those who were around, you know what I am talking about.