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Comment 31 May 2020

In reference to the politics of this discussion, I don't believe the subject itself is the issue. As it pertains to this site, I do believe the conversation should probably be focused on our opinions of Seth's comments and actions. Obviously the subject matter can be included in those opinions, but it seems to me that the poster had a more specific intent in mind. But what do I know.

Comment 29 Sep 2019

My bad. Irritation got the best of me. Thanks for the correction.

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Certainly alot of division on this site regarding this young man's bravado. I'm usually the last person to react positively to that style, but I'm thinking if it was me, I would be a little tired of everyone assuming I'm done if Fields does transfer here. Could he tone it down a bit? Sure. But he's been continually asked about the situation and it seems he's a bit frustrated by the whole ordeal. No doubt he's worked hard and probably doesn't feel his efforts and patience are being properly respected. I don't see any insecurity in his comments and will be anxious to see if he can "walk the walk". As others have said, just my two cents. Go Bucks.

Comment 22 Dec 2018

Absolutely my favorite tweet of 2018. Cryptic (ala Michael Thomas), yet showing confidence, no matter the target. I believe this was the plan. Leave 'em guessing. Classic.

Comment 04 Dec 2018

This was expected, though not this soon, I'm sure. There will be more, but would have been a dick move to announce the retirement AFTER the early signing period. More concerned with a knee-jerk reaction from someone in this year's class. Tough day, but we weren't keeping Urban forever.