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Comment 14 Oct 2018
If this defense is supposed to be a man to man defense where LBs are matched up with slot WRs TEs and RBs, the best athletes need to start and the coaches need to coach them. There is little to no aggression from the LB corps outside of what I have seen from Hilliard and Browning. Lastly, the LBs and Safeties look like bad outfielders. Their first step is usually in the wrong direction and then they have to beat feet to recover.
Comment 13 Oct 2018
3 Top 10 teams lost to underdogs so far today and most struggled against inferior competition. I will take a 16 point victory but boy that bourbon was going down fast during the 3rd quarter. Sheesh!
Comment 12 Oct 2018
Both are good and have so much room for growth but I think they might both be too rigid. They have the size and explosiveness but they don't look smooth to me. It's kind of like watching a swimmer fighting the water. However, Shaun Wade is fluid and could be a great one.
Comment 22 May 2018
I am going to be the stubborn one and say that if the offensive game plan was reversed, Ohio State has a chance. Clemson had a great DL but follow what Bama did in the run game, take shots down field where they were most susceptible, then you sustain drives and score points. The Buckeye defense was so tired by the end of that game, they just kind of unraveled. I am not saying Ohio State wins but that game is worth a do over. That 0 hurt.
Comment 30 Dec 2017
I think Sheffield improve drastically from Indiana to USC. Hell, he even appeared to be a playmaker last night. CB: Okudah CB: Sheffield S: Fuller S: Pryor N: Arnette/Wade
Comment 12 Dec 2017
Cornell or possibly even Dre'mont Jones if he stays. Both are quick twitch guys with size. DT depth should be great next year if Jackson and Vincent can contribute immediately. I can't believe I am saying that there will be depth at DT...... Haha
Comment 04 Dec 2017
I definitely don't always side with Herbstreit, but even he said he was for The Buckeyes getting in over Bama until he saw that underwhelming performance. Let's keep it real. Lack of execution on offense with all eyes on them, reminded the CFP committee that the Buckeye offense can sputter at times and they didn't want a repeat of last year. Yeah, Iowa, but there was a glimmer of hope going into that game.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
I agree with Pantoni but I think the committee was telling us that they wanted to see Ohio State show the hell out again and leave no doubt. The Buckeyes were at least 4 TDs better than Wisky but squandered that opportunity with TOs and playing conservative down the stretch. + Iowa! Can't blame anyone but themselves for waiting til November to take accountability for their season. This team should be phenomenal next year if Price and Jamarco can be backfilled with studs.
Comment 25 Feb 2017
I would watch Parris at times during the season and I wondered why he didn't get the ball more often. The guy could find separation from a defender and let us not forget how many NFL scouts attended practices over the past 2 seasons. I am confident in his abilities.
Comment 07 Nov 2016
I will be making the short trip from Virginia Beach to DC to watch the Cavs on Friday and the Buckeyes on Saturday. Ready for the weekend!