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MEMBER SINCE   October 13, 2010


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 yards through the heart of the south.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Always loved watching Conley.
  • NFL TEAM: The most loserly of the loveable, the Browns.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 18 Mar 2020

This is 100% accurate. And it's a shame when the family of a recruit decides their future for them. Still, I hope it works out for Bijan. It's sad because he very well could have been OSU's starting RB this year.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Re: the economic impacts of Coronavirus - the market has been inflated for years. We've been due for a correction for a long time, the current reactions to Coronavirus just kicked it off. We never truly corrected from the last recession, instead we propped up the economy by printing money and flushing it into the markets. The corporate and consumer side of the economy have racked up record debt which will only be worsened as those unable to work will go without paychecks and businesses will use credit lines to stay afloat with revenue dropping due to Coronavirus shutdowns. Don't blame the reaction to Coronavirus for the economy getting wrecked, blame ourselves for borrowing money to buy everything under the sun, blame corporations for leveraging themselves to ridiculous levels in order to show unending profit growth, and blame the world's governments for propping up the markets unnaturally instead of bearing more pain ten years ago. We learned nothing from 2008. And for that matter, nothing from the Great Depression either.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

The 40 is a viable football measurement because it is all about explosion and acceleration and less about top speed. A good 40 time is made in the first 10 yards. A RB's acceleration through the hole is the difference between an 8 yard gain and an 80 yard gain. This is also the difference between JK and Teague. Teague likely has a higher top-end speed, but his acceleration and explosion are noticeably slower than JK. He builds up speed and hits people like a freight train. JK makes a cut and explodes through a hole allowing him to get into the secondary before the D can recover.

Comment 20 Feb 2020

An offer costs Alabama basically nothing. But it does force OSU to spend time and resources protecting their backyard, especially when they are slow-playing a kid. Nick Saban will most certainly offer kids just to force OSU, Clemson, and Georgia to react. Obviously, if Saban really wants the kid he'll push hard and we'll all know the difference pretty quickly. But acting like Saban doesn't give out offers for a strategic move like this is shortsighted.

Comment 24 Jan 2020

Regardless of how good Kenny may or may not turn out to be, LJ is irreplaceable. The number one DL coach in America is impossible to fully replace at any school.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I could care less about his biases. He’s just a mediocre, often annoying announcer. His actual football analysis is often lazy and nonsensical. His break downs of plays in-game is usually only impressive to people who know nothing about football. Klatt >>> Herbie. 

Comment 29 Dec 2019

If OSU punches those TDs in and it’s 21-0, the game would’ve been over. When Clemson scored to make it 16-7, I thought we may be toast because they’d absorbed OSU’s best and stayed in the game. The Clemson sideline was amped after that TD because they knew they’d dodged multiple bullets and it was still a game. They believed. I called game when Lawrence scored make it 16-14. Giving an experienced champion confidence like that is lethal. If that game is 21-0, I think Clemson would’ve crumbled. 

Comment 08 Dec 2019

The key take away here is that Wisco legitimately played as well as any of their fans wildest dreams in the first half and they still lost by 13. Think about that.