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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 85 yards through the heart of the south.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Always loved watching Conley.
  • NFL TEAM: The most loserly of the loveable, the Browns.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 28 Mar 2019

A couple of things -

1. Did you really just compare Tuf Borland to Chris Spielman? Really?

2. Chris was more athletic than Tuf ever will be.

It's the same argument people make about Ohio three-star recruits on here - "Wait! AJ Hawk was really freaking good! So we should take more Ohio 3-stars because AJ Hawk was good!" Stop using the extreme case to try and prove points about the typical case.

Tuf Borland seems like a smart, hard-working guy. He also has below average agility and speed. It's fine, he just shouldn't be the starter at MLB at Ohio State. He'll likely do just fine in life.

Comment 28 Mar 2019

This is all well and good, but for a player like Borland, I don't think it'll have a big impact. Sometimes you just don't have the agility or flat-out speed to make it to the hole before the blocker or RB. Sometimes you just don't have the athleticism to stay with a RB, TE, or Slot while covering the middle of the field. You can diagnose instantly, but if you can't get to the spot before the other player or are too slow to force them to the sideline, what does it matter? Borland is a LB built for the 60's.

Comment 27 Mar 2019

Birm has a great write-up on Thomas today:


Comment 24 Mar 2019
Great season by the Bucks. Obviously everyone would love for them to be champs, but they've squarely set themselves as the only team with any kind of shot at Penn St. And as other said above, thank you, Andy! I was never really into wrestling until you and this site started covering OSU's team. I read every article now and catch them on TV when I can. Keep up the good work!
Comment 11 Mar 2019

Just to clear Brutus' name, Rufus got destroyed on his first attempt. Brutus chucked him aside at mid-field. Second attempt was a blind side from behind. Pansy move.

Comment 24 Jan 2019
You're absolutely correct, they do have the right. But you aren't really comparing apples to apples. Jobs and Gates built those businesses. A big part of the reason the companies were/are successful is due to their force of will and intelligence while the company was being built. Haslam bought the Browns, he did not build them. He spent his life running a gas station business, not in football. Gates would likely be nowhere near as successful running the Browns as an in-the-weeds owner as he was with Microsoft. Very different operations and talent.
Comment 13 Jan 2019
Too many people on here take criticism of a player's performance on the field as personally attacking the player. Saying a player has a weak arm or is too slow is not a personal attack. Some day they will need to be able to take criticism of their job performance, football or no. CFB is big business and these guys know what they're getting into when they come to OSU. As I've said previously, these players have no problem accepting all the love that comes with it, they need to be able to accept the criticism, too.
Comment 11 Jan 2019

This is why I never fault a kid for leaving early. Hope he can get healthy again soon.

Sidebar... this is also why I don't blame Bosa one bit.

Comment 11 Jan 2019
Stop it. These guys love the spotlight, love being big man on campus, and love that their Twitter is of national interest. They can't have it both ways. If you want the love and praise, you've also got to be ready to take the criticism, too. Stop excusing a 20 year old nationally running his mouth and then throwing a tantrum and running a week later. He is 20, not 5.
Comment 10 Jan 2019

I hope the kid excels, but I also think he deserves the push back. He very publicly shot his mouth off and looks like he's quietly reversing course a week later. He should learn that if you don't want to be publicly called out, then you shouldn't run your mouth to everyone on Twitter.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

Pretty sure he liked the same time ago. But honestly, it would be hilarious if he just did it recently in response to Tate's mouth. Seriously would have been a great comeback.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

he believes the players should be adequately compensated for what they provide to the university.

This is the part that's always a hang up for me. People say that players should just be paid for the value they are bringing in, but who judges that? If you are truly paying them for their value, wouldn't that mean that not every player would be paid? Because obviously Brady Taylor was not as valuable to OSU as Dwayne Haskins. So at that point we are talking about only some players being paid and in varying amounts. If that happens, it's basically free-agency. Because if you then pay all the players equally, you will always have someone who is not making enough for their value. Fourth string LBs essentially have no value for the athletic department's revenue, but if you start paying them, don't you have to also pay the baseball team and the women's track team? They are bringing in as much value as that fourth string LB.

The poster above who stated that the football team's revenue is paying for the track team, the baseball team, the soccer team, etc. had it exactly right. If you divert that money to paying KJ Hill, where does the soccer team get its funding?

And the argument about how much money coaches make is not a good case for paying players. Urban Meyer brought real, measurable value to OSU. Not only to the athletic department, but to the university as a whole. His legacy at OSU will be far greater than any one player, just as Woody and Tress' are.

Where I think a change should be made is allowing the players to profit off of their likeness. That's something that can be measured. If Gatorade is willing to pay Haskins $100,000 to use his image on a bottle, he should be allowed to do that. That's a situation where the market can dictate what his likeness is worth and has no affect on any other athlete at OSU.

Comment 09 Jan 2019

My take on the CR situation:

Buckeyes have definitely offered and an aggressive offer at that. CR's preference would be to stay in Baton Rouge so he is hoping to leverage the OSU offer into more money and responsibility at LSU. Things are dragging on because LSU has been slow to take it seriously and to counter. CR will not confirm publicly because it would damage recruiting, especially since he prefers to stay at LSU. It seems the only way he comes to OSU is if LSU can't come close to the Buckeye's offer. My guess is he stays put, but would love for him to end up in Columbus.